Sick of Anxiety

Hi, I'm Ella....

I wanted to ask . Does Everyone take Medication For Anxiety & Depression?

I am Terrified of Meds, so I'm Wondering if

I'm Going to be ok by not Taking them.

It All Started this Past January when my Sister passed away, after barely finding out she had Leukemia. ... Passed away a month Later. I Thought I was going through a Nervous Breakdown! I was in Bad shape.... I stayed home for a month, my family took care of me. Then in March I went to see a Dr. They said Anxiety& Depression. Wanted to put me on Meds... I said No. After doing alot of Research, I began, doing Many different things. I went Running. ....I Got off of Caffeine. ....I ate very light, Did Meditation.I have even seen A Therapist! ....So Yes, I have improved, but my Anxiety is still here! Ugh. I'm sick of it! What else can I do! Now I have Pressure in my head, like everyday... ugh!


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  • I take xanax they seem to work my therapist said its good to take them it helps a lot with anxiety just try and if you don't like them you only wasted a day ....

  • Hi Ella, so very sorry to hear about your sister what an awful shock !!! No wonder your feeling the way you do !!! Ella I believe in medication I'v been on it most my life ( antidressants/ depression ) I'm now also taking beta blockers for the sever anxiety I have since the being of the year, so I know exactly what your going through and how you feel, but I'm telling you noway could I fuction with medication, Iam really struggling with crippling anixtey, but I strongly advise you to go your GP get the right medication for you, give them a try at least ( you have nothing to loose you can always stop taking them ) give them six weeks to kick in propley and I am pretty sure you'll notice a difference, please keep Intouch and let me know how your getting on, your not on your own, many many people suffer with exactly the same as us. I'm here whenever you need me, day/night

  • Hi Ella, so sorry about your lost I can definitely understand why your feeling this way... I would like to try and help since your not on meds why don't you try some Natural pills .. You can google calms forte by Hyland inc or Orchex by standard process. I haven't taking any since I'm on meds but my ex told me about it after I was already medicated are says it works for her try either one also take vitamin supplements like b12 d3 omega 3 oils it should help you out a bit at least take the edge of anxiety ... Im working on getting off my Buspar .. My advise for you is to see a therapist or psychiatrist so they can help you with your emotional lost i almost lost my dad to a heart attack I found him and it really sis me bad since I had to perform CPR and all on him I was in shock he isn't home yet been in a state of coma for the last four months now ... But the way I have since last week start to see a Kinesiologist which with the help of her and my psychiatrist will switch over to natural pills .. First she gave me some pills to heal my gut n liver and for other things in my body .. Let's see how this turns out will keep you posted on my progress and if I can help others by all means I will .. God Bless You take care .. Hope you get better soon

  • Oh, my... Sorry about Your Dad. Geez....I'm Sure it's Difficult. ... Thank you for The Advice. I will Probably try the Natural Pills....

  • Thank you Everyone! I wanted to Add that I see a Therapist. ... She has Really and Truly Helped me.......But I still Struggle with Medication. .........My Anxiety comes in Spells... So I'm ok Right now. I will be ok for Maybe a week. I am Glad that at least I get a break. I will come back... It always Does.....

  • What meds are you on if you don't mind me asking

  • No meds... Ever. Too Scared to take any. :(

  • Much Welcome Ella ... you can message me anytime .

  • I can completely understand you I'm also scared of the Lexapro my psych changed my med last week from Buspar to thie lex and I don't know how to even begin to take it .... Having a hard time on that... And I'm on my last pill and it's for tomorrow God willing ... So not sure what I will be doing after that... So I just got back from Kinesiologist whi is also a chiropractor and acupuncturist and nutritionist and I had a upper back rub by the shoulder blade out of place all this time I thought it was anxiety she is amazing she even notice I was drinking tap water she said have you been drinking tap water this pass days cause your level of chlorine is high and yes I it's true I wasn't feeling to go out and buy spring water so yes she knows her stuff and gave me a total run down on y symptoms....

  • you are doing things right,you can try meds but they do have side effects which are not nice,,,but no to people are the same ,,I am comeing off mine I am so sick of not sleeping with any of the meds I have try ,,,yes they did work for my anxiety but I am going to try 5htp which are a herbal tablet...for anxiety ,,,good luck with what you chose,

  • Oh god tell me about anxiety started after my kids father passed in a car accident last year...I was having really bad panic attacks... I was put on 2 different anti depressants to work for my depression and anxiety.. But they made me feel horrible... I now am dizzy everyday and I feel extreme amount of head pressure.... I want to work out and jog but the dizziness won't allow me...its a tough thing to have to battle everyday... I guess we all have to work together and find some sort of way to fight this ugly thing called anxiety so we can get our lives back

  • Eeeek! You see, that's why I'm afraid to Take anything. And to be Honest, I'm not suffering like I was a few months ago. It's just that when my Menstrual Cycle comes around, My Mood Swings begin, Double time! And I am Anxious for a few days at a time. That's hard. But I make it ..... I wish there was a Magic Pill. Lol

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