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Symptoms and anxiety


Hi everyone,

I just joined this site and wanted to write down my experience. I've read a lot of posts and see people suffering from very similar symptoms. My symptoms started about 6 months ago. I was working out at the gym and then for the first time decided to dry the sauna and steam room. long story short, I sweated myself into some pretty severe dehydration and ended up in the ER. My initial symptoms were shaking, dizziness, and cloudy vision. The doctors were at first concerned that it was a stroke, but it turned out to be severe dehydration. Ever since then I've been experiencing a myriad of what I believe to be panic/anxiety related symptoms. Dizziness and loss of equilibrium, tingling limbs, sore neck muscles, faintness, derealization and lack of focus as well as heart palpitations and general panicky feelings. These symptoms get me worried that I'm having a stroke or an aneurysm, or will just generally pass out and slip into a coma or something equally ridiculous.

I've been to a doctor for a general check up and everything checks out fine, but it's still hard to shake the feeling that something will happen out of the blue. I know many of you are going though similar situations, and while this is terrible I do feel encouraged that I'm not alone in these feelings.

Anyway, I just wanted to type out my thoughts here. I feel like just verbalizing it helps me wrap my mind around it. I feel for all of you here and wish you all the best!

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Hi because of the panic attack caused by the sauna you are now experiencing anxiety ,you are getting all the classic symptoms of anxiety and fear of it happening may need some CBT treatment to help you I understand that the thoughts and symptoms you are getting is indeed anxiety. You will learn how to cope with these feelings and you will soon be feeling better.hard I know but do not worry about the symptoms if doctor has checked you out be assured its anxiety/panic attacks.hope you are soon feeling better.

Thanks! I really appreciate your response. I do understand that it's anxiety, but at the same time when those symptoms come up its hard to shake the notion that something bad is going on. I will definitely consider talking with a professional about this, but in the meantime I just keep trying to tell myself that its not life threatening and it'll pass. Thanks again!

Yes just keep telling yourself its just anxiety and it isn't life threatening and you are going to get over it.

Ive seen CBT meantion on here a few time what is it??

Hi. CBT is a form of psychotherapy that aims to recognize and challenge our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The three are interrelated in that changes to one can lead to changes in another. Often it's done on automatic negative thoughts, as feelings are hard to change.

Oh ok i was reading something about the 3 from author that rights about aniexty & depression i cant think of the author name, but thanks for responding

Welcome shcollin, you come to the right place where we all are or have experience some if not all of your symptoms, hope you get to the bottom of your situation & feel free to leave comments or post someone will respond ive been in this community for 3months & ive found more helpful tips here than at my own dr. Office visit lol just humar, 😁 but not saying your dr. Dont know ive learned with aniexty its a rollercoaster ride up & down but finding ways to deal with it without it driving me crazy DEEP BREATHING IS NUMBER 1 hope everything works out for you.

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