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Am I being stupid?

Hi, new to this forum, have had pretty bad anxiety for quite some time now.

More recently though, this has got to the point where I am genuinely too scared to take any new medication (e.g. I was put on 20,000 iu of Hux D3 supplements, supposed to take one twice weekly for 7 weeks), and I haven't taken any. They were prescribed back in August because my vitamin d was so low.

I had every intention of talking to my g.p. about it, but lately it has become almost impossible to get an appointment.

Just wondered if anyone else has felt this at any point, and how did you resolve it?

I should also point out that around 5 years ago, I went into anaphylactic shock after taking a pain/antibiotic combination tablet, this had never happened before. Could it be possible that this is subconsciously affecting me now, so long after?

Thank you for your time and any replies or suggestions welcome..

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Yes, for sure. Your past experience with a drug interaction is a trigger for fear. So, you have to talk to you subconscious/unconscious mind and let it know that that was very different from now. Vitamin D is a good thing, just a vitamin, and it is not in anyway a medicine. Low D can cause you to feel anxiety and depression. Think of the vitamin as food. Take it with a meal as part of you meal. Our fears are assholes. They keep us from doing what will help us. Tell your fear to go away. Yell at it. Then take your vitamins.


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