Feeling stupid and embarrassed

I seen two doctors today for the same thing chest pain and for the past 3 days I had been taking naps and waking up with my heart pounding like crazy and the chest pain as well. It felt as if my heart was going to stop and I was going to drop dead. Both Dr's told me I was fine and it was all due to anxiety. I feel so embarrassed and stupid for wasting there time and I feel like I looked like an idiot. ANXIETY SUCKS!!!


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  • Ugh, I know what you mean. But, you know what we have a right to question how our bodies feel and get it checked out. So, don't feel bad about that. It is their job to help and reassure you and maybe since you went, it gave you a little peace of mind which can go a LONG way for people with anxiety (even though I am the 2nd guessing type haha). But anxiety is so annoying, I know. And when my anxiety is heightened, I feel like shutting down. But, it is manageable even if it is a pain in the ass sometimes.

  • How long have you had anxiety?

  • Dont be embarrassed,thats the doctors job,im sure they didnt think anything of it.you had a right to be concerned,anxiety makes you feel all these real symptoms and make you think theres something wrong with you when theres not.anxiety sucks,im having a very hard time with it myself.but dont worry about the doctors,they get people in there everyday,in the same situation we are in.thats what they are there for.

  • Anxiety is just so darn frustrating. It drives me nuts I just want my life back so bad.

  • I've had anxiety longer than I originally realized, haha. But, when I was 17 was the first time I went to the doctor about it.

  • I've had anxiety since I was 17 too and I am 26 now. When I was 17 it was bad I started up on my sertraline for 6 months and it went away and I stopped taking it and I was fine for 7yrs. Just this past April is when it started up again. Ugh it came out of nowhere

  • Wow, so similar to me. I am 26 too. My anxiety definitely comes in waves. Again when I was 19 it got really bad, more kike depression. And then I was great for 7 years until this past January. Haha that is so strange how similar that is. I have kind of learned about myself that I don't really deal with the things that bother me, I just let them weigh on me but I convince myself I have dealt with it. My anxiety also kicks in with like big transitions on my life or when things change a lot. I am never really aware my anxiety is coming on until, BOOM it's back. It can be very consuming and it is challenging to find ways to get out of it. I find that having my family and friends around has really helped me plus counselling and some other lifestyle changes.

  • Wow we are pretty similar lol how crazy is that. Do you take medication at all.

  • Been there alot I remember one day I called the ambulance because I thought I had fractured my penis 😂 so embarrassed and I remembered it was like 2am in the morning and called them again because I thought I was haviing a heart attack and that day I stayed up for 2days

  • I don't take medication, actually. My doctor wanted me to at one point, but counseling has proved really successful for me.

  • Did you see a cardiologist? I was dealing with the same issues and my cardiologist told me my heart was beating to fast and he put me on medication to control it.

  • Hi Jazzy, please don't ever feel stupid or embarrassed. They always say it's better to be safe than sorry and it is so true with chest pain and heart symptoms. Also, the peace of mind though sometimes only short lived, is worth it.

    I hope your symptoms ease soon for you.

  • I feel the same Iv been "fine" for weeks months but a recent heart attack to my uncle has triggered my anxiety and now I feel these supposed pains in my chest usually it's an event that triggers mine and it lasts a while so frustrating can't do basic things like go out with a friend because I'm scared duno what of incase sometime happens to me or I'm sick something dumb like that

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