Anxiety here I am again.

The time is 12. 20 am Saturday 24th of August 2012. I have been out tonight for my 1 night out a week. Drank 5 pints of lager. Great chill out get rid of the anxiety and depression. (not). I am not coping at all. feel worse for drinking. Dont know what to do next. Sick of feeling like crap. Cant wait for my appointment to see this psychiatrist. I need help badly. Sad Sad Sad.


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  • Hello Carol

    I understand how you feel and im sorry you feel like this. If you want to talk i am here.

  • Your very welcome carol, and like I said I am only an email away if you want to have a stress out and relieve a bit of tension.

  • Thanks Woody, I will keep in touch. You can email me if you would like a chat. Do you have anxiety as well?

  • I have suffered from depression and anxiety for about 15 years and it has its bad times like at the moment and thats why I looked for this kind of site so I can speak to people who have the same issues as me.

  • Sorry you having a bad time at the moment Woody. Are you having any treatment for your depression?

  • Yes I take citroplam but at the moment my anxiety is so strong the tablets are fighting it but not so good

  • Is there anything that triggers the bouts of anxiety or are you anxious all of the time. I am edgy all of the time especially when I go out.

  • Anything can trigger it but it's usually when I fear there is something wrong with me but I do still get little attacks when I'm out but I can control them my biggest issue is I convince myself of things.

  • Carol, I used to be the same I couldn't go into any shop with out feeling really bad and feeling like I was going to pass out. The way I controlled that was when I felt an attack coming on I used to say to myself ok come on then give me your worst and as time went on I actually controlled it and you should give it a go because at the end of the day nothing bad will actually happen. I also suffer from the o my god I have an illness is it serious am I going to die and it's horrible but when you feel like that you have to break things down into small portions. Ask yourself ok what's the worst thing wrong with me and is it actually going to kill me? Answer would be I doubt it. I know it's easy to say but you really do have to take control and accept you have anxiety and then say o well bring it on! In time your mind will get stronger. I also believe your death thoughts may be related to your parents sad passing as I spent months with my cousin while he was Ill and when he passed away I seem to relate any illness I have with his and think I am going to get the same. Sadly it's because we convince ourselves of these things and that's another joy of anxiety.

  • The main thing is carol you just have to keep reminding yourself that anxiety will not hurt you when you have your attacks and I bet as soon as you start saying things like ok bring it on when you feel an attack coming on soon enough the attack passes. Also when your out and about and you feel an attack coming on look around you and say to yourself ok well I'm not trapped anyway so I can leave when I want and I can do what I want. A lot of people worry about passing out well let's be honest the chances are you won't but again say to yourself ok if I do pass out so what people will sort me out and look after me, I know it sounds strange but it worked for me.

  • I am pleased that you have found out what works for you Woody. I will have to try what you suggest. Thanks.

  • hi there, i wish all the luck with pshycotherapy and i thought this might help you. I have had fear of performance and public speaking all my life. i did this technique called paradoxal intention and it took away the stress of it all, which is known as anticipotary i 9 forgive my spelling] i am so much better now and getting better by the day at speaking in public, also i used to dread going out, paradoxal intention will.diminish all your fear.imagine insomnia for example. if you are an insomniacyou usually go to bed and try too hard to sleep, the result being that you cannot sleep. with paradoxical intention you try to do the opposite. that is you go to bed and you try ' not to sleep' you maybe amazed ashow hard it then is to stay awake.

    another example is during a hiccup attack, instead of trying to stop them, try to make your self hiccup again. this paradoxal intention makes them just stop... try to feel the far bring it to mind just try and imagine it at its worst. So with not being able to go out etc imagine the worst case scenario, the worst that could happen to you. I usually do it with my eyes shut. I hope it works for you as im sure it can! let me know!

    Good luck


  • Hello Persophone, Thank you for replying to my post. I will try what you suggest. This is the first time I have heard about paradoxal intention. I will try anything that will uplift my anxiety. Thank you so much Carol x

  • all the best and let me know how its going! P

  • Thank you persophone. I will keep in touch thank you. Take care. Carol.

  • I hope you are still sleeping - possibly one advantage of the lager.

    If you have today free get yourself out for a walk... the fresh air will do you good and the August rain will freshen you up.

    How long until your appointment? Occupy the time with the smallest of tasks - cleaning has been high up on my agenda of smallest tasks and some 5 minutes jobs took me a day but I felt better for getting them done.

    You don't have to be at your lowest for the appointment, I felt like a fraud at mine because I felt 100 times better than I did when it was made but we're working together and I'm determined to tackle it so it doesn't reoccur.

    Take care.

  • Know how you feel, I have to give up the booze from next Monday. Bit nervous!

  • Thanks Thesme. The drink doesnt help. It isnt the answer. I dont know what is.

  • The only help that i can give you is to stay possitive in all situations, and remember 'this to will

    past'. I found that alcohol makes deprresion very much worse when the effects has gone.

    I realy do feel for you as i had many years battleing with this decease

    God bless you for now

  • Hello regntcy. Thank you for your reply. It is much appreciated. I know that alcohol makes depression worse. I hope you are well yourself and I have also suffered from depression and anxiety on and off for all of my life. I have been on anti depression medication also and I do not want to start taking it again as I am also on lots of other medication. I am waiting to see a psychiatrist soon and hopefully they will be able to help. However I know its up to me to help myself. Thank you once again and God Bless you too. Carol.

  • Regntcy I am guessing you have God in your life? Carol how about you? If you don't I just want to say that having God in my life is really working for me in helping to manage my social anxiety and panic attacks. I appreciate that not everyone has God in there life, and that some may feel that talking about God is too controversial for them. But I don't want to deny the support God has been giving me. I find that prayer, bible study, worship, surrounding myself with good Christian friends and calling on and trusting God to help beat my panics and anxieties. It has taken time, trust and I know that I will always suffer with panic and anxiety, but God has calmed my worst fears and allowed me to do things I could not do without his Grace. Carol I would be happy to talk to you about how God may help you calm your fears, please get in touch. God Bless for now, Simon.

  • Hello Simon, Thank you replying to my post. Yes I have God in my life. There isnt a day goes without me asking for his help to get through the day and night. Unfortunately I dont go to church but it doesnt mean that I dont believe. God bless you Simon and take care. Carol.

  • Bless you Simon for speaking out. I am a Christian as well. Carol I can identify with your problems. I have Scoliosis, arthritis, diverticulitis and God knows what else! Anxiety and depression combined with constant pain means I am on an awful lot of medication. It is an awful struggle every day.Good days and bad. Recently I am feeling well and I am making the most of it. I know I will go down again. I really hope you get somewhere with your treatment Carol, and can start living again and going into shops and things. Trying so hard to do things that others take for granted is hard. Good Luck Carol xx

  • Hello Ellabella, Thank you for taking the time to repy to my post. I am sorry that you also have lots of problems. I am pleased you are feeling well at the moment and hope it continues. Good Luck to you. Take care Carol xx

  • Thank you ellabella, glad you have God in your life. Hope you stay strong. God Bless, Simon.

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