Im so mad this morning really upset for real i swear lsitening to stupid people

So i had a appointment with cardiologist just for a check the same one i saw before today was my appointment and for listening to my family i was so

mad that i started arguing with them they all wre saying your fine dont go dont worry about and i missed the appointment for listening to them and my cousin was going to come with me he didnt want to go all i had was my self and for some reason i dont like to be by myself like that just in case if something happens someone is there with me but they all made me basically not go because they said i was saw him already and did test already im fine but today was justa check up and sense my heart been going a bit slow and been having aches on my left arm just wanted to make sure eveeything was alright so i called and change the appointment for 24th because the dumb people there no help and just say yeah just go with him but no i just started arguing and spazzing out on them i said all ya dont care when until bad really bad happens or someone dies got me upset like right now im upset im i wrong or they are ?


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  • You know Johnnie, we will never get the answer we want from others because they don't understand the intense fear we feel. It is frustrating, we do feel anger because no one seems to care. I know you have been checked over numerous times by doctors but unless you believe that you are okay, you won't find it with the reassurance from others. I am kinda sorry you cancelled today because now you will worry until the 24th. But I also understand you wanting to have someone with you, just in case. It's a fear that we all experience with our anxiety. Although we are capable and strong enough to handle it alone, we just allow our minds to dictate to us that we are weak. Take some deep breathes, I can feel your tenseness. It's not a matter of right or wrong, it's a matter of how you react to this upset. Take it easy Johnnie.

  • yeah so you think i shouldnt worry i was wating for this day for three months or two and the day came and i missed out you know im upset because no one is worried about me the way i im with my self

  • Have you tried medicine for anxiety and depression yet? Have you seen a therapist yet?

  • yeah seen a therapist

  • "Seen" as in past tense?

    My personal opinion is you need to do both. Medicine and therapy.. Work on them together.

    I'm no doctor, but I just don't see you improving and can still tell you're manic with anxiety.

    Stop fighting so hard against it, accept it and get some help. It's nothing to be ashamed of or angry about. You didn't choose to be wired this way. But you can choose to work against it.

  • Yeah your right aswell

  • I've done it myself Johnnie, waited and waited for an appointment only for me to cancel last minute. All that stress we put ourselves under while waiting could have been avoided if we weren't anxious and just took it day by day.

    I know you are upset, as I was with myself. When you feel that no one cares or worries about you like you do about yourself. think about all of us on the forum who feel just as lonely, just as frustrated and just as scared. You are not alone. We all care about each other and that should mean a lot.

  • Yeah your right

  • I would be upset too, it's hard to not have a support system. Hopefully you can find someone to Go with you to your appointments. I don't go to mine alone because like You I feel fear too.

  • I'm 22 lives in a fogein country n married. I have no family here. My kids are below 2 and my only support system my husband isn't doing a great job so I feel for u.

  • yeah i feel like no one understand sometimes i cant explain whats really going on

    with me because it hard

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