Did it stupid anxiety

My daughter had her first baby this morning a little girl so happy I suffer from anxiety and don't go very far on my own well I was determined my granddaughter was going have the big balloon and cards and all so I just got up and went into the local village it's not to far from home and bought all those things it then kicked in anxiety so I,got home as quick as I could legs shaking heart pumping felt sick now I'm trying to relax a bit but I done it I,made sure I had those things for her I just so wish I could have enjoyed slowly getting those things instead of panicking but hey I'm proud feel like I've been run over by a steam roller but I did it sorry to ramble on x


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  • Well done :) x

  • That's a great step to take hun and never feel silly or bad, its a good achievement you have made and that is the first step to telling this anxiety it will not beat you no matter what. Keep that in your head and it will never beat you. Good luck with your next attempt to get yourself out to see your baby granddaughter. Tell you what hun its all worth the anxiety seeing your granddaughter. I felt great just holding mine. Congratulations and enjoy every moment with her. x

  • Thankyou you are all so kind xxxx

  • that is brilliant ! you should be proud and pat yourself on the back xx

  • Well done. Keep up the good work and be proud of yourself.

  • FIRST OF ALL congratulations on the birth of your new grand daughter and so well done to you for going out i know exactly how you feel but you have taken a big step in the right direction keep it up x x

  • Well done, i did the same on my a family members birthday, she was turning nine......how can you tell a nine year old you have nothing cos you cant go out! i went to our local village and got cards, ballons but chickened out and got the present another time but still i did it. well done and congrats granma! x

  • Well done - any step is a big step forward!

  • Well done and congratulations! Maybe use this as a platform for more trips out????

  • Meadow, as the ceo of anxiety uk and a sufferer myself of agoraphobia I wanted to say a big well done to you. This is a huge success and hopefully will be the start of your journey towards recovery. If you felt able to, I'd love to have you write a short article about what you have managed to do for the winter edition of anxious times as I believe it would inspire other readers. If you'd be interested in this would you email ms terri torevell who is anxiety uk's editor of anxious times. Her email is media@anxietyuk.org.uk. Very best wishes

  • Thankyou to everyone for your lovely support any yes nicky407 I will email terri Thankyou x

  • brilliant and thank you

  • This is amazing!! I bet your daughter was so pleased too! Its lovely to make an extra effort for others. I also find it helps if I try to muster up that same motivation I would use when doing something for others and instead do something for myself. Maybe next time you do the journey it will be for a treat for you, im certain you deserve it. :)

  • i know wot ur goingtho and it aint nice at all i find it hard going out alone yea it mad and i wish i could be back normal agen like everyone elsewe should relax but its hard too wen u got so much going on and ur anxious all the time u just wanna get back quick i started getting better but since ive moved here i wanna move back t be my my family its sort of all coming bk agen xx

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