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What is this feeling that i am feeling?


Every once and a while I will get this over whelming feeling in my head where I feel really out of it, and freaked out. I will feel like I haven’t slept in a bit, I don’t feel like me. I’m anxious but also tired and I wanna just go take a nap. But my inner self tells me that I am going to have a seizure. I don’t have seizures or anything and I am completely healthy. But my anxiety goes off and I usually get a panic attack when I feel like this. It scares me cause I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t feel like me, I feel almost out of body but still in my body type of thing. Like I feel like my body is going to shut down while I am still awake. Any ideas?

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Obviously nobody on here can replace medical advice and I would recommend seeing a doctor if this continues/is happening a lot.

What I can say is this sounds like a really unpleasant experience for you and I can imagine causes extreme anxiety. I suffer from quite severe health anxiety and would say there definitely sounds like an element of health anxiety with this. If you have never had a seizure before and have no medical conditions which would cause one, it is VERY unlikely that you are going to experience a seizure because of this feeling. Sounds like this has happened quite a few times, if it were a symptom of a seizure, would you not have had a seizure on the other occassions when you’ve felt like this?

To me, it sounds like you are exhausted which could be a contributing factor and also like a symptom of your anxiety.

I know what you mean i feel like this at the moment and yes it is scary ! I suffer with health aniexty so freaking me out .

Serenity, you are going to be okay!

I cant switch off i think about it all the time i know this dont help but i cant help it ! One minmy head tingles then i get pressure then it goes like this through out the day drives me mad ! I hope its just the aniexty

Hi Serenity2014,

I too suffer from health anxiety and am struggling with it a bit at the moment too. It is horrible when you can think about nothing else. Try and keep busy and talk to those around you or on these forums for support. You will be ok.

Thankyou do you get a any physical symptoms with your aniexty ?

I do and have done over the years. Headaches, tingly sensations, forgetfulness, heart racing, difficulty swallowing and countless others!

Horrible isn't it crazy what it does to you ! I just hope these symptoms will pass soon .

Really horrible, these symptoms will pass though.

smicy91 in reply to Serenity2014

I'd say you're best bet is to stop trying to get better. Because it won't happen for you. Let this anxortu thing do as it wants to you. Just observe how it makes you feel and it will pass. I 100% promise you this.

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