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Why am i like this :(


I just want to be normal why do i have to have anxiety and depression and so much more it takes a toll on me i hate panicking for literally everything my health anxiety is at it’s worst right now :( and it all started when i got my ear infection last week, that triggered everything again 😓 i was good for a couple years i had little episodes but not too horrible right now it is so horrible I don’t know what to do i feel like im in a dark hole I don’t wanna do anything and just be in bed and let my thoughts take over me 💔 i always convince myself that something is wrong with me when there isn’t 😩

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You need to t

I’m feeling the exact same rn 😭😭😭😭 all the advice I can give to you is don’t make it any worse, my anxiety has taken over my life . LITERAALLLY. And I convinced it’s going to kill me. It’s a disgusting feeling, i feel you pain

nicky602279 in reply to Tttt66

Yes it’s so horrible i hate it so much :( i just want to be happy but it all takes a toll on me and i think the worst EVER and my mind thinks the worst, i try to stay calm but everytime i do i find myself thinking about it again and it’s just so horrible 😓💔

You need to take control of your thoughts, this is were your anxiety etc is coming from. It doesn't just happen to you. 🤗

nicky602279 in reply to gerrerd

I know and it’s so hard for me to do. That and i have no clue why everytime i try to forget and focus on the positive something in my mind ruins it and I’m back at square 1 :/

gerrerd in reply to nicky602279

Read my profile,. Have a look at my posts, if you start to do what I say in them. This time next year you will be in control of your thoughts. 💥

nicky602279 in reply to gerrerd

I will thank you so much 🙏🏻

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I’m the same so I know it’s hard but with mindfulness you need to just recognise it as a thought and thoughts aren’t true; it’s just the anxiety trying to trick you.

It’s not easy as whilst I was showering last night all my worrying thoughts kept popping up, as much as I was trying to think of other stuff.

nicky602279 in reply to Hidden

Yes that is SO TRUE it’s crazy how the mind works and can trick you 😓 it happens to me alot i have horrible health anxiety 😩

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Me too but it’s normally when I get a certain fear in my head, of a particular disease; this fear can then last months.

We took my daughter to an outside concert in Sept 2017 and we had ear protection on. But I had some very feint ringing in my ears after as the bass was stupid...literally rattled my skull and bones! I had a massive obsession with tinnitus for at least 6 months or more afterwards.

It’s probably still there if I really listen, and I get it with congestion/colds but I’ve gotten over it now.

HI Nicky,

I just responded to Fablegirl as she essentially had the same question/concern :) Here's her post and my response is the first one: healthunlocked.com/anxietys...

Also, take a look at my profile where I have some excellent anxiety resources. Hugs to you 🤗

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