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Am I suffering anxiety?

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Hi everyone, looking for some advice if you’d take the time to read my post. I am 22 years old and have suffered from some depression in the past. I had counselling which helped me to move on from this.

In January this year I was sat on my couch and randomly started to feel a burning sensation in my head, I immediately freaked out and thought I was having a stroke or something sinister. I went to the out of hours and they couldn’t see anything physically wrong with me, bloods all clear! They told me I probably have a virus and I had suffered from a panic attack from feeling unwell.

Since January I have had symptoms on and off including; head pressure, lightheaded, feeling sick, shakes, the runs, feeling numb and spaced out, pressure in my eyes, muscle aches, tired constantly, struggle to fall asleep and sometimes jerk out of my sleep. I have been to the doctors so many times had my bloods done 4-5 times and they keep telling me it is anxiety but I never feel anxious it’s more physical symptoms? I don’t really have anything to be anxious about I don’t have a stressful job or life. I was given propanonal and took these for 5 months, I still felt light headed and spaced out on these and couldn’t sleep so came off them. I’m constantly googling trying to find answers to what I’m going through and I’ve now began to feel like I’m getting health anxiety as I’m googling every symptom. It’s now been going on for so long it’s ruining my social life and it’s broke up my relationship!

Can anyone suggest anything I can do? If this does sound like anxiety? My symptoms are pretty much 24/7 and I’m now not really sleeping and I’ve lost nearly a stone in under a month and am struggling to get any medical advice! Thank you in advance.

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I feel exactly the same I always feel sick and detached like I’m not real always spaced out

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Morgjt in reply to Zobro

Do you suffer anxiety ? I don’t know what to believe I’m going through

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yes its anxiety

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i felt the same

same here and its health anxiety that I have and i'll get all these symptomns without being anxious.

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Morgjt in reply to Mpa5524

Really? Are your symptoms constant? I don’t know what to do to help myself. It feels as though since I’ve been told I’ve got anxiety it’s making me have really bad health anxiety and I now worry about every symptom!

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its has been constant for three months it took one thing to happen then just spiraled from there, one day my muscles the next my neck the next i cant feel my arms or legs / pins and needles thoughout my body head you name it, and over and over going to hospitals and drs and blood work i think i just gave up and just deal with it now, also been put on a beta blocker which is helping a little. i try to ignore it its just the muscle tension that gets me and my eyesight, sometimes i feel i cant see straight..

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I have def stopped googling though, didnt help at all

Thank you so much for all this! I honestly feel like I’m going insane 😞. I’m constantly googling things which I need to stop! Think I just crave reassurance off the Doctors haha.

Yes, this is anxiety. Its hard to find any reassurance from anyone other than those who understand, WELCOME!

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Morgjt in reply to Cibolagirl

Thank you! I think I need this reassurance.

Hello Morgit,. I honestly feel that you have anxiety, something triggered this and only you can identify this. You are young and it's now ruining your life. You have had blood tests to rule out various illnesses. I suggest you do deep relaxation. Your mind is playing havoc with you and causing you to be like you are. You need to be positive, say you will conquer this get tapes, do exercise and rest assured you will start to felt better about yourself. The world we live in is depressing especially if you watch the news. Try my suggestion and let me know how you get on, it will take a few weeks 😊😊💐

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Morgjt in reply to lin62-65ze

Thank you so much lin62-65ze! This has really reassured me.. I think everything you have said is right it’s sometimes hard to just deal with the fact it’s anxiety 🙈.. I do exercise a lot I’m a dog walker so I am always out! I do need to try relaxation because it’s got to the point where I’m always so tense. I will keep you updated on how I get on 😊

That's fantastic Morgit, I know you will succeed 👍 Keep me posted I am routing for you 😊😊

Hi Morgjt,

Sorry to hear you’re having these symptoms. It does sound a lot like Anxiety to me. I suffer from it and it often manifests itself as physical symptoms. I sometimes don’t feel like I’m anxious, but the physical symptoms tell me otherwise. With propranolol one of the side effects can be light headedness so it’s sometimes a case of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just try and remember that the symptoms are just anxiety. It’s tough not to panic and think the worst but once you accept the feelings for what they are, they will become easier to deal with. One thing I find helps is by concentrating on singing a song in my head whilst doing deep breathing exercises. I hope you feel better soon and have a happy, anxiety free day 🙂

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Morgjt in reply to Cs131193

Thank you so much for your reassurance! I genuinely feel myself after all these comments it is anxiety 🙈 now just to over come it! I’ll have to give the singing a go!! Thank you again

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Cs131193 in reply to Morgjt

You’re more than welcome 🙂 you will overcome it, all of us on here are stronger than we realise 🙂

Dear Morgit,

I believe all the replies before mine had clearly reassured you that you suffer from anxiety and I totally agree. The symptoms, the doctor's diagnose that there's nothing wrong with your health...

It's a massive thing to assume if you've never had anxiety before but, from my 20+ years of "experience" I can tell you YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE FROM IT, for me, it was the 1st think I had to stick on my mind to overcome a crisis

If you don't have anything special to worry about you may have, like me, general anxiety disorder (GAD). The bad news is that is the worst kind because you can't deal with anything specific. The good news is that, with time, help and maybe medication, you can learn to live with it to the point that doesn't affect your daily life

Please GO OUT TO FIND HELP, a good therapist/therapy is essential at the beginning

I felt like writing to you because your case looks SO like mine but I'm not a doctor an I believe you need one right now

I'll be "here" if you need any help/ hint/ tips

All the best

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Morgjt in reply to gemmapa

Thank you so much gemmapa you have really put my mind at ease! I have spoken to the doctor this morning and I am in next week to speak about medication and therapy! This has really really helped and it’s made my day a lot less stressful!! Can’t thank you all enough!

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gemmapa in reply to Morgjt

Good to hear it and well done!

Keep thinking that now a day, anxiety is a subject so well researched that doctors/ therapists have lots of knowledge and resources to help.

Also helps to think that we are MILLIONS suffering from this evil, you're not an alien

Keep us update

It's all anxiety, I was going through the same exact symptoms, even extra symptoms, the Dr only treat emergency situation when you go to the ER, your mind needs to calm down you can call me at 7733318844 I'm Tony, to me it's better to listen to someone else than to read

You’re not anxious, but you worry so it’s kind of the same thing. I had that before. I maybe the biggest hypochondriac you’ll ever meet.

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