Walking During Panic Attack

Hi all , I had a massive panic attack after 4 days of horse back riding in the mountains with no reception. I woke up feeling not right on our last day which was pack up day to go home . Was just sitting there are my heart was racing up to nearly 130 bpm , felt so sick , kept going to toilet , shaking, my mind just was spinnng I didn't know what to do . I remember reading they said to go walking , I tried this but my legs just wouldn't let me hardly move I really struggled . My heart raced at this speed for an hour . What I'm wanting to know does the walking work ? Do I just try and push through ? Anyone got any ideas please.

I haven't had a panic attack this bad for ages . It took me all day to actually get over it the anxiety was just there. I had the best time and totally relaxed then bang . I hate it and I'm really over it . Yesterday it bought me to tears ๐Ÿ˜ญ


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  • It can be so disheartening when this happens, it's so upsetting too, but you got over it, it finally went away as it always does, yes I know it's still so overwhelming because you haven't had an attack in a while, but you must not dwell on it if you can n treat it as nothing more than an unpleasant episode, I've heard many people who've had the odd set back episode just like yours, this doesn't mean it's back, there was probably a subconscious trigger that set it off, but you just have to tell yourself that it gave you another opportunity to accept those symptoms, kinda like a little test, this has happened to me before so I know how upsetting it feels, but the point is this, it's not about "what if" you get a random attack again, its about how you deal with it, its about telling yourself "so what" it was unpleasant but it didn't harm you n your still safe xxx

  • Thankyou for your support as it all def helps . It was a shocker . Just got home from the Drs and he suggested Sertra !! So now I'm wondering how this will go ? Will it work ?

  • Yes, I have found walking helps. I've had very bad panic attacks in the past and walked by concentrating putting one foot in front of the other while trying as best I could to block out other thoughts. If you can keep that up in spite of how you feel you can walk yourself out of panic.

  • Ok THANKYOU so I will have to push through next time . But just so hard when the legs won't work !!

  • Yes it's hard but your legs do work, they are just wobbly because of the anxiety.

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