Panic attack as I'm typing

Hi all. I think I'm having a panic attack. I had just drop my daughter off and came back home and set in the (my boyfriend just called as I'm trying to type so I answered so I can talk to him in hopes that will distract me) but I sat in my car I had noticed when dropping her off I felt a tingle in my arms and then slight tingle in my mouth. So I immediately started thinking anxiety /panic. I'm shaky right now as I type. And so I was trying to go ahead and began deep breathing in hopes it would keep me calm but my mind of course is already racing. So as I drive home I felt a little shortness of breath so I still tried to continue deep breath. So as I sat in front of my house in the car I was looking in my phone and I then felt like my chest got heavy and then a rush of a warm sensation hit my brain. AND then shortness of breath again. So I panic of course and my heart started pounding. So I opened my door because I got scared thinking I was about to faint and I immediately dialed 911. So then as I dialed 911 I hung up because I said to myself your having a panic attack that's all this is. Don't call because you already know panic attacks can do this(still very shaky right now as I type this. Chest still kind of tight and barely typing these words without shaking so much) so as I walk towards my house I'm trying to coach my self saying it's just a panic attack you will be fine the 911 called back so as I'm talking to them they asked do I need someone to come and I really wanted to try and get through it without them coming but because I still kept feeling lightheaded and short of breath I said yes send them. So I walk in my house mouth was very dry. Went to drank water. Sat down on my couch and still felt tingling sensation in my finger and legs a little. So they get here and yes I told them first that I think I'm having a panic attack and explained what I was feeling and of course them probably going through this too much they basically took my pressure and was saying yes it's a panic attack. And they were basically saying every thing I already knew they would say. But them being there gave me a little ease so then they left. And i had got on the phone withy boyfriend and was talking to him hoping it would distract me. It did a little. But I still feel the tingle a little. Still shallow breaths. Chest still tightening up a bit and my throat tightening up a bit. Like its coming and going. I keep trying to coach myself by saying I know these symptoms I've had this before I've been through this. Calm dowm. You will be finw. But then I still keep getting moments of shortness of breath. Dizziness. I did drank water but even now I'm still on edge a bit. My face still a bit tingly. But my heart is not pounding I guess my attack has to play itself all the way through and do what all its gonna do and I'm trying not to let it make me panic more. This is so much. Yesterday I had a good day. Not really no bad syptoms but it seems soon as this morning came I felt anxiety had already began to sit on my chest soon as I woke up the nervous feeling was there and I kept getting gas build up in my chest and lightheaded so it's like it already started soon as I woke up. Why so much uo and down days. Yesterday I had a good day but right now I'm scared? Can this happen I just need reassurance from someone. My ears are ringing


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  • My panic attacks used to consist of a fast heart rate, that was about it. 2 years later (I'm 16 now) and my attacks are very intense.

    I get shallow breathing, breathing obsession, tingling, dizziness and of course shaking. It is the worse and puts me off doing daily things in my life. If I can, I lie down and relax. I will also open up YouTube and watch videos, anything to take my mind off it.

    It's good to deep breath through an attack. However, I find it difficult as I sometimes hyperventilate. I take Rescue Remedy (herbal remedy for anxiety), it is very effective. Sometimes when you feel dizzy, it is best to walk around or do simple exercise. It may sound silly but it's proven to have worked.

    I hope you feel better :)

  • Well I do feel better but I still feel lightheaded and moments of nervous rushing over me. It keeps coming and going and I'm wondering how long or will this be all day. I'm trying to kick this feeling and relax. I'm sort of scared to take a nap but that's probably what I need. But it's not as bad as I felt earlier. I just know when I'm feeling nervous like this my day is usually and anticipated wait of what can or might happen and I worry all day. This sucks. But I will lie down and look at videos or something.

  • It'll eventually go away. It seems like it lasts for a lifetime. You'll have days where you get panic attacks and days where you'll be fine :) Anxiety is truly evil but your body and mind will eventually have enough! It'll kick its butt :)

    Stay strong and don't let it get you down.

  • Its just so easy to keep telling myself to not let it get me down but my mind stay in tug of war. But yes I agree with you and I am very much fed up with going through this. Thanks for your kind words.

  • That's 3 people posting about chest pains this afternoon. It really must be the commonest post on here. All of them sound to be anxiety and panic. What a problem!

  • "What a problem"?!

    I tell you what: Go inform yourself about what an anxiety sufferer goes through and come back with a wiser reply and an apology. What an asshole!

  • I'm sorry you are going through this, as I am as well. I have they same symptoms and some more, and I try to tell myslef its just a panic attack it will go away..... It seems like it tkaes forever to go away. Like you, yesterday I had a good day and today didn't start off well for me either. I did have my first therapy session and I was told that I need to start training my brain "acceptance" accept that I cannot control everything in my life. It is very hard to do this and you will have to do it probably a thousand times a day. Also live in the Here and now..... Do what you can do and not to worry about the future or past. Hope you get to start feeling better. The only way out is through...... This too shall pass!

  • Man I wish I can just easily let things go. I go through my syptoms and it stays on my mind and bothers me and worries me for so long that I can't even focus. I still keep getting nervous and having these adrenaline rushes. It has me so agitated as I'm trying to lie down and get a nap and I can't. And I was told the same thing that I can't control everything and to not worry about what I cant control. But it's so hard when all I keep thinking about is lord I don't want to die I keep anticipating something is gonna happen especially after I go through a panic attack my anticipation is through the roof and it's keeping my from relaxing.

  • I too am the same way...... I hate this feeling! I just want to feel better and be myself again. I am just trying to take it one day at a time and be ok. It gets very frustrating checking my heart rate every 5 minutes or think about any other symptoms that I have. When the panic hits it's like a fire running through my arms and chest and stomach......

  • Yes I get a burning sensation too in my stomach and chest area. I always cry. I pray and cry so much because I just feel not like myself. But it's so crazy how yesterday was such a good day. It wasn't nearly this down and this bad. I'm still not quite over my syptoms yet. Still little things happening

  • How are you feeling now

  • Still feel like I'm going through the motions. Coming and going symptoms. Not as bad as earlier it did ware off but seems like it's not completely over

  • You guys, I can't even begin to describe the hell I went through for five long years and I can tell you that I am now OK. I see that you're making the same mistakes that I did when I couldn't get rid of it, so here're some tips:

    1. Don't look for an easy way out because there isn't one. You have to accept it and stay with it when it happens, because the more you want it out of your life, the more it will linger and the stronger it will be.

    2. It's just a racing heart, not a heart attack and physically there's nothing wrong with you. Panic won't kill you and your heart is made to beat fast, too.

    3. Be honest: what, (besides trying hard to will it out and not to accepting how you feel, which is totally wrong), are you actively doing to feel better? Do you exercise? Be honest. Do you practice yoga or meditate? Do you at least know how to do it? Learn about these practices, they help great deal.

    4. Saint John's Wort. Try it. Don't deny the fact that you're at that stage and say to yourself that you do have some better days and that you're not sure about herbs. Do it. If you are not actively doing something about it, don't complain about it.

    5. Did you know that it's not normal to constantly think about how you feel and why you feel like you feel all the time? So stop being so concerned. It's really hard when you have all these energies inside your body, making your feel so uncomfortable, but let them be and look them straight in the eye. Like, don't try to ignore them, but place your awareness upon them and try to analyze them. They will lose power over you if you do that.

  • As I'm reading this I'm shedding tears because I'm so heartbroken that I'm so consumed by my own terrible thoughts and how I can't even control it some times. I will say I have not done everything I could to channel my energy yet such as exercise or yoga or even meditation. I've become so consumed with thinking that I'm feeling weak and fatigue and when I try to go out to do things I start getting certain symptoms. Either way I have not completely stared this in the eye and have accepted 100 percent. I'm halfway there and I know that's not enough if I want to beat this. So I can really see where you are coming from.

  • I know! Anxiety will act that way. The secret is to let it be, trust me. Instead of trying to control your thoughts, just let them flow freely and only observe them like you're an outside observer. Don't try to block your thoughts, but when worry hits, just ask "So what". E.g: "I'll go outside and my neighbor will say hello to me. So what!" or "I'll go to work and my co-workers will notice that I'm crazy. SO WHAT !!"

    Also, if the thing that worries you won't matter 5 years from now, it's not worth your stressing over. And if it will matter 5 years from now, can you do something to change it? If yes, then do it. If not, then again, don't stress over it.

    You can beat this.

  • I'm just looking at all the replies you have had and apart from Goldfish they are brilliant I echo everything that IsitMe says Im so sorry you are having such an awful time

    Panic/anxiety is to me the worst feeling ever Id actually rather suffer pain anytime

    It is all about losing the fear of the feelings and recognising they can't harm you

    Your user name says it all yes you can beat this

    There are so many people on this forum who care

    Sending you big hugs x

  • Hey lady !! If you normally have panic attacks then just find something to keep you occupied . Throw on the tv or radio, exercise , clean ... Organize photos ... Something that will keep your mind occupied until it plays itself out . I'm not having a full blown panic attack at the moment but I am having a very anxiety ridden evening so remember it's just temporary, everything is okay and your not alone :) hope your feeling better soon !!!!

  • I was trying to lie down and take a much needed nap but that's not successful right now because my mind us racing so much I i keep getting "peek a boo" symptoms. Meaning I get pre symptoms that make me anticipate that something is going to come bigger or stronger as far as an anxiety attack. And it's agitating me and I can't relax. But yes I will try and do something else to help distract me. I believe you that I should be just fine. I just have to believe it and feel it and relax.

  • The last thing I would be able to do when that happens is take a nap or lie down even doing something like taking a shower at that point will make things worse for me . I decided yesterday to make a list of a bunch of things I want and need to do . Some of it are things around the house , I want to make a photo album of my four year old niece from birth to now , I need to groom the cats and trim their nails, I need to clean my nieces fish tank ect . Any time I start to feel panic or anxiety I head to the list and pick something off it to tackle . By the time I get started I'm usually starting to feel better . Even if it's something as simple and knitting a pair of socks or finding a new show to watch on Netflix . That's what helps me , we are all different but I like to share what helps and how I feel in hopes that it will help someone else . i also like to tell myself everything is okay and I am okay and that nothing is wrong life is beautiful ... Definitly not how I feel when anxiety comes on but the more I say it or think it the better I start to feel.

  • That's a great idea about a list to choose from that can help distract you. I will try that. I know lately the first thing I do it call some one if I don't have like an adult around. I'll get on the phone.

  • I used to call people and it did help but I work evening shifts so everyone would be at work during the day and sometimes I would panic more if I couldn't get someone to drop by or go out . I've been trying to fight the urge to call someone as much as possible . Tonight my boyfriend left for kickboxing and I thought I was going to go into a full blown panic attack while he was gone but i was fine and I'm great again now . How are you feeling now ?

  • I'm ok. Its just this anticipation of thinking it's gonna come again. But so far nothing as bad as earlier has happened and I'm so tired. I'm hope I don't end up staying awake due to being afraid of something that may not occur tonight. I really need my rest. But so far it's nothing full blown. Yep I have to now get use to being alone again without being afraid of having a full blown attack. My kids being with me helps me some but it's like I need another adult around to help keep my mind at ease

  • I understand that totally !! I also understand the fear of the next attack. I just woke up and it's the first morning in a while where my spouse has gone to work and I haven't felt doom or panic being here alone.

  • Hi Icanbeathis2016

    I agree with you, that you will beat this! and IsItMe2 that this panic thoughts will loose their power over you and all the steps mentioned, you must just keep going.

    I have coined the term thoughtarrest for myself, because of a technique I have used with panic attacks.

    Basicly I arrest my thoughts and try and write and talk about them in an objective manner and see them for what they are.

    I do not accept them as the truth, because I "arrest" them and "investigate" them first.

    When I think that I cannot breathe or that I'm going to faint I first arrest that thought think about it, and then see that I am breathing and have not fainted at all!

    Then I build a victoryvault (in my mind) with this small victories to show myself that I have done this before, and that I can do it again!

  • Yes one thing you just said that I always try to do is hold on to or think about my small victories over my days. I try to gain momentum from it but then I get set right back as soon as I feel or get another episode. I'm really working towards my thoughts in the moment and try to rationalize. It's a battle but after reviewing everyone's comments and post on here since I joined, I am getting some good pointers and suggestions on how to fight this which I know can be effective. But I still question why and how can I have such a good day one day and the very next day it's like I'm back to square one and having symptoms.

  • I get feeling good one minute then the next back too tension and headache again or dizzy

  • I hope ypu and pray you find all the strength you need for these types of days. I suffer panic attacks severely but I am training myself as well and I am learning to cope better so the attacks are less severe and less often now, not gone but less. Any progress is a relief at this point in my life. You are stronger than you think and i have faith in us all that we will conquer this. My love is with you all.

  • Yes I agree as I can tell I'm learning to cope with it all bit by bit but I just have good and bad days. Like you say it's like I have to retrain myself to even do something as simple as thinking positive. But I feel I have a new family here on this forum. I hope the best for us all

  • I feel your pain. I recently have had a recurrence of anxiety and panic disorder. I don't get short of breath, but I get a funny head, nauseous, shakes, hot rushes, just don't feel "right" and general feeling of losing control. I take xanax .5 two or three times a day for several months now and just started generic Lexapro .5 mg. I wake up every morning with a nervous stomach, anxious and sometimes panic. I am not working right now, but my day consists of trying to ignore anxiety. It is tiring especially when all the things that used to keep me occupied are not bring joy or relief. Very frustrating...I am hoping the Lexapro will kick in soon so I can move forward. You are not alone, but have you seen a doctor regarding your episodes?

  • Yes I agree. It seems like I spend all day trying to ignore anxiety and trying to distract myself and it is very tiring. I get tunnel vision in my thoughts and I feel stuck where I am. I never realized it can be so hard to want to do do the things I use to be able to do or was once interested in doing.

  • And the thing is a doctor never diagnosed me with anxiety I've never seen a doctor for it what happened was a year ago I called the ambulance because I didn't know what I was going through I had a ponding heart, legs gad a numbness sesation, I felt like I was about to faint and got extremely dry mouth and I got so scared so when the ambulance came and I explained what I was feeling they just immediately said I'm having a panic attack and I still went to the er because I wasn't sure and the hospital never did anything but sit me in a room and monitor me and sent me home. They never drew blood they never assessed me;nothing. They just descibred my Symptoms as a panic attack and since Then I would have the same kinda syptoms and call the Ambulance every time it Happens and they kept saying the same. It's frustrating because I feel like the doctors are checking for enough. These can be the same symptoms for so many other things.

  • That's true that these symptoms may be the same for other things. First of all, probably not and secondly, you really need to be checked out by a private physician who would take the time to evaluate your medical history.

    ER is just not the place and I think that's why you feel doubtful. My best x

  • I have been to clinic to do my physicals pap smears and blood work as I usually do and as far as blood work or what my medical history shows there was nothing that warrants extra attention. The only thing that was brought to my attention was that I was pre diabetic. And this was brought to my attention after my first so called panic attack. And even in these past 3 or 4 months I've have blood work after blood work done and it all came back normal. So would say it's definitely anxiety?

  • You should really try to see a doctor to get physically evaluated so you can rest assured it is anxiety that is causing your symptoms. Don't be afraid of medication if prescribed. Good luck :)

  • Would gping to a clinic and getting a physical which includes pap smear and blood work br considered a feasible check up or evaluation because I've done that and everything came back fine as far as that. And plus these past few months after my anxiety came back I've been to urgent cares quite a couple times getting blood work and it all came back fine. But I feel like they are missing something.

  • Hi Mommadee, I can relate. I've been on that combo of meds. Still on Lexapro and for me it has helped. Like you said our days consist of trying to ignore anxiety. Very wearing. Lexapro has allowed me to take steps forward and I have allowed myself to change my negative thoughts to positive. x

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