Panic Attack

I'm just chilling out in the living room and I start to have a panic attack. I didn't have tight chest or anything, just thoughts running through my head and it's freaking me out. I don't know if it's because I didn't sleep much last night but I'm just really anxious. I fell asleep about 12midnight, I've been up since 3am and it's now 430 pm. Not sure what'sgoing on. I don't feel sleepy. I woke up out of my sleep because I was dreaming of a humming bird flying over me.


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  • I hate the feeling of a panic attack starting.....IF I can stop it before it goes full blown I am lucky. I can always tell the point of no return as I call it as the hair on the back of my neck feels like it is bristling. Lately I have been living with just constant anxiety and a feeling of panic. I know what you mean when you say it just hit without warning and for no reason. I truly hope it doesn't last long

  • Same here, it's constant and annoying. I was trying not to get up here as much so I can maybe forget about anxiety but I find it soothing when I post what I'm feeling.

  • I understand. People say to try to keep busy to keep your mind off it but the mind is a strong organ. I think I have done and tried just about everything out there to get a grip on it but so far nothing has helped. I even went to Congnitive Behavioural Classes.....a lot of great suggestion but none that truly helped me. There are several videos on youtube I have tried even......when they say mind over matter it sure is!

  • Have you tried doing nothing about the symptoms of anxiety? If you don't understand what I mean by this, read my posts or visit a website called Anxiety No More. You can recover from anxiety if you learn to accept the symptoms and not get involved with them. Trying things to get rid of anxiety is the very reason it doesn't go. Give up trying, think and feel everything anxiety has to offer and do absolutely nothing about them. Be an observer and learn not to react to the thoughts and feelings and accept what is happening, instead of fighting. The website will tell you all you need to know to get on the road to recovery naturally and applies the same basic principles to those published in books written by the late Dr Claire Weekes. In fact, anyone who advocates acceptance to bring about cure is worth listening to. Doing nothing works.

  • Thank You. I will take a look. I am always trying to fight it, maybe that's my problem.

  • I can say with confidence that it is the very reason people stay stuck and don't move towards recovery. They think the only way to recover is to fight their way out but that is the last thing they should be doing with any anxiety based disorder. Doing the opposite by letting go and doing nothing is the way to recovery. Basically, you are fighting a completely normal bodily function (fight or flight mechanism) that is doing its job in protecting you from danger. It's just got a bit trigger happy, that is all and needs time to calm itself down to normal levels so that you only feel anxious at an appropriate level under the circumstances. Unfortunately, a sufferer doesn't allow time for their sensitised nerves to heal because all that fighting to rid themselves of anxiety just keeps the nerves sensitised and topping up the anxiety levels.

  • Hmmm well that makes perfect sense. I'm going to try to let it run its course. It won't hurt to try.


    I bought the book the worry trick.. it will help you out a lot! it helped me!

  • Thank You! I'm going to look in to it. How long did it take for you to notice a change?

  • You're welcome ! It took about a day!

  • That's amazing lol.

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