My first physical panic attack

Last night I had my first ever physical panic attack. I woke up with nausea as I have a stomach bug my heart was pounding and I broke a crazy sweat I dropped to the floor in a fetal position and then my hands had very strong pins and needles, I thought I was dying it only lasted 5 minutes or a little more I think. Since my anxiety started a year ago I have had General physical symptoms of anxiety and I've had panic attacks that were more mental based this was purely physical and now I really know how the people on here with panic attacks feel, it is horrible. I'm scared this is a sign of my disorder getting worse? The funny thing is I've been feeling great the last 3 days.. And from all my readings about anxiety over the last year I know people who get panic attacks fear getting another one and this is where the cycle can start so I am trying to tell myself it's ok if it happens again (but really I'm scared).


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  • At my worst I was having 30 or so panic attacks a day that's when I wanted my life to end I was in an endless state if panic it was awful but to reassure you I'm still alive so if I can go through that many a day the odd one or two certainly won't hurt you

  • 30 a day! I cannot imagine, your better now though?

  • Ah yes hun I was hospitalised for 5 weeks after three months of suffering 30 or more attacks a day it wore me out that much I was bed bound I don't have as many now bit I'm still very poorly

  • I guess it would take a lot of time for your body to recover from that. I hope you feel better soon xx

  • Oh definitely hun it will take me a very long time thank you hun hope you feel better soon also xx

  • It is definitely scary. I had anxiety years ago BUT I never knew physical symptoms/panic until the past few months. I face it, I take deep breaths and tell myself I'm fine, drink some water, I always carry an extra bottle of water in my purse, dried cranberries, gum, a can of mixed nuts this way I have a choice of which to snack on and it does help. :-) I get out more and go for walks. Please know that there's so many of us that experienced the same as you yet it makes us feel so alone and scared! You are stronger than you know, face it and know that you will be fine.

  • Thank you for your advice. I think it passed quick as I took deep breaths and I new it was a panic attack as I've been reading alot about anxiety disorders, but I can't imagine how much scarier and worse it would be for someone who doesn't know it's a panic attack. What a terrible disorder

  • The panic attacks you are having are exactly the same as I have suffered for 41 years. Paper bag and breath in and out to calm your breathing down . These also cause spasms and pins and needles.

    I have been cured at long long last by an antihistamine called Phenergan which can be bought over the counter . If asked why you want it just say it's for travel sickness. It helps you sleep too . I now have a life , can eat out , meet friends , travel . Everything which sent me into a panic has gone. It may or not work for you but well worth a try .

    There have been a few success stories and my g.p doesn't see any reason why not to take it . Believe me , I have tried everything possible and spent a fortune on alternative medicines. Phenergan can be bought online or in Boots . £7.99 for 56 tablets . One per day . I now , don't have to take them every day just now and again if I'm stressed so much that my ibsD flares up . Good luck


  • That is interesting why do you think it works as it's an antihistamine? I'm glad you have found something that helps, thank you for the advice :)

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