Just introducing myself

Hello everyone, just introducing myself. I think I have health anxiety, I worry quite a bit if I'm ill or get a pain. Ladt week I had a tummy bug and in that week i convinced myself that I had a) bowel cancer,b) stomach cancer and now a stomach ulcer! Even though I feel much better I still think I have a serious illness. This all started when I started going through the menapause, got through that but it's left me with this horrible anxiety! Haven't been to GP yet about this. Gave up smoking 16 months ago so although that did make things worse in the anxiety I know it was the best thing to do and do not want to go back to that and won't! Find walking, reading, playing games on pc and crochet all help to a point, have some nights where I don't sleep awfully well but i am better then i was, its great to find a board like this to chat with you all...oh and I'm on beta blockers for palpatations which i started getting when i was super stressed looking after mother in law when she had cancer (we lost her 5 years ago) Think thats it any questions juat ask!


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  • I think anxiety makes us feel so physically ill that it is no wonder we worry. It does wreck havoc on our tummies, heads, bodies. Yuck! I always think my sickness (whatever it may be) is making me anxious and not my anxiety is making me sick. I go round and round. Congrats on the not smoking! I still use that as a crutch, which is obviously a bad thing to do. At least I haven't turned to anything stronger! I tried Prozac, but it made my panic so bad and made me sick, so I don't want to take it. Xanax if it gets real bad, but I try to not take it too.

    Let's keep in touch and help each other through this. I think my new life goal is to find a cure for anxiety and all its awful crap. :)

  • Absolutely sunnyg! It is crap the way it makes you feel! Some days it's better then others, and on a bad day, i find myself pulling in my tummy muscles in so hard that I can barely breathe! Keep in touch!

  • Your story sounds farmiliar. My anxiety gives me an upsett stomach and every time I am Convinced something is terribly wrong with me.

    I just introduced myself here. I desperately wish somebody here would tell me something magical that will make this all go away.

  • I know the feeling and I wish there was something magical to make it all go away....I do believe in positive thinking and try to do that most days...some days it works other days it don't! keep in touch as we joined the same day!

  • Hi my ànxiety is mainly worse at night even though i have the accasional panic attack through the day for no apparent reason

  • Hi luckily i don't suffer with panic attacks, as for suffering the most at night yes i do think i do too, maybe its because we are busier in the day, at night we have more time to think....and worry!

  • Me too , I've always been a worrier but since going through menopause it's seemed to have turned into worrying about myself ! health anxiety has took over my life and I get so angry with myself , it's like i worry about symptom after symptom it's so draining just want to be happy ! I do get the odd days I can be positive but not as many as I'd like xx

  • Same here Sharon51, up early for work, hope we are busy then its actually a good day!

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