citalopram and side effects

Ok so Im 2 weeks into 10 mg of Citalopram, last week i had few nights of Nausea but it passed.

Now my stomach seems odd, its had to put a finger on whats wrong, i sometimes get a very light wave effect go over my stomach with a light crampy feel.

I did post on here bout 2 weeks ago saying I had been given Lansoparzol as well as my Anxiety was so bad it was playing up my stomach.

I also was adamant it was Cancer of some sort, again this seemed to pass and didnt think it was that for around a week.

Now all of a sudden with my stomach feeling odd I'm finding myself thinking its Colon or stomach cancer again! but im not stressing nearly half as much as i was 2/3 weeks ago.

Touch wood, ive had no sickness, not lost weight, no blood in stools, no bad pains, like crippling pains, my wife pointed out i had 1/3 of one symptom out of like 13. but as my stomach is feeling odd, im telling myself this is the begining of the bad pains and blood and sickness!!

surely after 2 weeks these tablets should either be 1. Working or 2. not causing side effects?

In general i feel great, a lot happier and lively but still have doubts.

also I find myself waking up a night 3/4 times every few days, thinking i can feel my stomach ache or rumble but go back to sleep within a few mins.



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  • Hi mckean.

    It usually takes 4 - 6 weeks for any medication to have a long lasting effect, the side effects should start to subside after 2-3 weeks, I know your finding it hard but stick with it anxiety has so many worrying symptoms that are so real but you will start to feel better.

    Keep it up Kenny

  • Hi, my experience with citralopram is feeling sick when I started it and when I came off it. I could still eat but, felt nauseous all the time. Nothing helped to take it away, it will go off it takes a month probably. I hope that helps

    Take care x

  • Hi

    I take citalopram and also suffer from waking regularly at night, I also struggle to get to sleep and feel constantly tired. I know I'd feel worse if I wasn't taking them though

    Jules x

  • Hi Mckean I too am on citropram 10mg one of the side effects is upset stomach which I have had for the last couple of weeks I couldn't sleep but to make things worse I was suffering with jet lag from my time in Hong Kong over Christmas. I spoke to my doctor about the upset tummy and tummy not feeling right she said it would pass. I've been on them 5 weeks. Take care. Xx

  • Hi

    I take 40mg a day and I have been doing so for 2 months .... however I can't get over the weird feeling in my stomach - I feel sick but also unwell as soon as I take the tablets and it hasn't eased off yet


  • Hi steve, when do you take your meds? My doc suggested morning but after food. I take them after breakfast so as not to upset my stomach.


  • Yes I do take them after breakfast ... but I am on a lot of pain meds and others so maybe it is some sort of reaction?

  • Could be then, sorry, that's the limit of my experience with citalopram lol. Maybe a word with your gp is needed.

    Hope you find something that helps :)


  • Hi, I get similar. I thought it was a stomach ulcer at first but as time went on and it didn't worsen, I assumed it was just one of them random pains I tend to get a lot. I also really struggle to sleep when taking the tablets. I ran out of them about a week ago and am still undecided as to whether to go back and get more. They do reduce my anger a bit, and my anxiety and depression, but i'm not sure I can carry on either getting no sleep or getting nothing done in the day because i'm too tired.

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