I can't stop with this thinking!

So when I had my panic attack a week ago.. I started having this fear of growing up (im 18 btw) it never bothered me before, maybe on my birthday but that was it. Why did that fear come out of nowhere. I can't stop it. It's the main reason for my anxiety this week and it's causing me to be depressed. I cant watch shows with kids without getting a hole in my stomach. How do I stop this ridiculous thought because I know I'm still young but my anxiety wants to think that i'm this adult that had responsibilities.


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  • That's a hard one to understand. I have read your post a few times.

    If you are overstressing about it will you make it worse?

  • I used to feel like this a few years ago! im 25 now. its scary! I still feel like im about 18-19. but its just life. remember your still the same person no matter what. I over think just about everything too and makes me feel sick. but sometimes u just have to accept that getting old is apart of life. and its a good thing :) means your alive and living. a lot of ppl don't make it that far in life

  • Thank you! This is great advice. Ill keep these thoughts

  • I'be also had fear for no reason. I started having panic attacks at 12 years of age! A fear of something bad about to happen, or if I'm in danger, sometimes just fear in the pit of my stomach for no reason started at age 14. I've had that ever since. Honestly, just ignore it and recognize what it is. Most of the time I just let it sit there till it goes away.

  • Thanks for the advice 🙏🏼

  • Yeah i used to feel the same....But i did one thing alexis... I used to play video games in my mobile some times got relief and i have prayed to my lord with full of tears and asked him to give me strength shared my problem with god... You know what some times used to watch hot videos that gave really gave stop thinking about this and started to think about some other.. Best thing is leave that place for some time and go to a pleasant place and come again with empty mind enjoy whatever u want... when u feel that that is just your feeling fight with it..kick it away...take a deep breath and release from mouth feel cool..you have nothing alexis.. all the best for your future...

  • Thank you so much!

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