anxiety leaves me in fear

So this all started about 2 months ago when I got a stomach bug and was sick for just 1 night. The next day I had family come in which just put my anxiety to a high. My daughter ended up being sick for 3 nights in a row which was hectic. Doctors and hospital visits all that week. My company went home and things got better. For a week. My GP had put me on omeprazole for my stomach issues. I went back because they were still bothersome. She said it's my anxiety. She tried Zoloft and buspirone. Both of those made things worse. I started to fear I was having a heart attack. She did an EKG and said it was fine. I worried about that for over 2 weeks. She suggested I see a therapist which I am and I do enjoy going to talk to her. She also prescribed lexapro. I took for 4 days and decided I didn't need meds. I need to overcome this naturally. Well. Now I've gotten over the heart attack worry but I've had a history of cyst on my ovaries and my left side hurts like I've got another. OBGYN says she'll do an ultra sound. I fear of the worse it being cancer. I have two year old. I fear that I'm going to die and she won't have a mother. I just want to feel normal. I can't sleep at night, I wake up all hours of the night. My stomach is upset. If I'm busy I don't think about it. But it's mostly at night when I should be sleeping that I worry. Anyone else have problems sleeping and stomach issues because of anxiety?


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  • Yes ! I'm currently going through the same thing with stomach issues. I have a 4 year old daughter. I'm worried about all the same things you are . I wake up every 2 hours throughout the night. My doctor said me being so worried would kill me faster then anything else. I started talking vitamins to heal my gut and I feel like they are working. My doctor prescribed me lexapro but I feel like it made my stomach more upset and I had a really bad panic attack. Hopefully we can get to feeling better soon .

  • It's amazing how strong our love is for our children that it makes us think about things we didn't normally think about. Which vitamins are you taking for your stomach. I was up all last night sick to my stomach, it was burning and I was vomiting. My doctor prescribed the lexapro. I took it for the 4 days and idk if it was the placebo affect but I was feeling better. Maybe I ought to try taking it again. I just fear if I decided to become pregnant that it will transfer to the baby. I don't plan on becoming pregnant anytime soon but still.

  • Yes the love we have for our children is definitely strong. We can also use that to push through this madness in our heads . Easier said than done . I'm taking Rainbow light . It has full digestive support . Bacillus coagulans 25 million cfu. I honestly think it's helping. I also take fish oil . If you look it up it says it's good for anxiety. You can order them online .

  • Your right. Last night I just kept telling myself that I have to be strong for my daughter which then was followed by crying. ( big old baby I am ) I will look that up! Thank you, we will get thru this.

  • I know we will ! We don't have a choice! Our baby's are watching 😌

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