Anxiety plays the same mind game time after time..

Hi all,

Just a thought to ponder.... My anxiety seems to come in spurts... While I feel at least some Degree of anxiety most days, my major flare ups occur in random spurts. I might be fine for a week and then BAM, it's back. Last month, I even went through a period of 3-4 weeks anxiety free.. I thought maybe it was gone for good, but glad I didn't get my hopes up to high..... Anyways, this week, I've been in a really bad spurt of it, perhaps the worst since it all started years ago. Just feels like I'm constantly fighting off a panic attack. I've had to resort to medication to get me through for the first time ever. However, for some reason when I'm in the midst of a really bad time, I can't see it ever getting better. But, rationally, I know deep down that it always eases off and it WILL get better again. But for some reason, it's really hard to convince myself of this, this time around. Anyone else get like this?


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  • Hi AnxiousAmy, maybe you can consider yourself lucky in that your anxiety comes in spurts. I have always had it on a daily basis called "free floating anxiety" with horrific panic attacks every now and then. I've heard others on the forum say that they can go days/months at a time with no sign of anxiety symptoms and then all of a sudden BAM it's back. I'm guessing that most of us have had the daily, continuing anxiety issue going from one symptom to another. I know it doesn't make it any easier for you. My hope is that the next time it takes a hiatus, enjoy those moments of relief. You may actually be in more control of your anxiety than you think as well as it being on it's way out. The longer time between symptoms the closer you are probably getting to ridding yourself of these disorder. (or at least being in control) Take care x

  • Thank you for responding! :)

    Trust me, any moment that my anxiety is gone, I seriously cry happy tears and make every moment count. If anything, I know that having an anxiety disorder has made me truly appreciate the non-anxious moments. I guess I just get scared that I'll stop having breaks from my anxiety.. Those breaks are when my life happens. ❤️

  • Beautifully said Amy. xx

  • Yes I always feel like I will never get better from my anxiety. One day I'm fine then I get my panick attacks back it sucks I wish it was a cure to this

  • Yes I get like this, I am trying to learn how to cope when I get these bouts, I do find relaxation cds help if you google mood juice you will find some really good ones to download. Hope this helps for you. x

  • This is the nature of THE BEAST. Some people experience daily attacks but the common thread with all of us is the attacks hit head-on, from no where - and yes they hurt. I happen to have a pattern - a stressful event happens - I get through it anxiety free and the following week or maybe 2 - as we say "BAM" my chest hurts really bad, I hyperventilate - I suddenly feel a terrible weakness all over - and I take Advil (which will definitely tear up your stomach, kidneys and liver - TRUST ME) .

    The hard part is - I have to keep functioning - family, work, keeping the house clean - and you are alone with your coping strategies. I haven't found 1 effective treatment for the pain or the ability to AHUT SIWN the attacks. I am praying the medical industry will come up with a drug similar to Lyrica for nerve pain - that shuts down the anxiety nerve attacks that we get. Hey - this "disease" is an epidemic - I am not ashamed of it - this disease is growing and claiming folks like us - everyday functioning people. Hurry hurry drug companies - we are suffering. Meditation and exercise doesn't make a huge difference -- and who can plop down on the floor to meditate during your work shift? Or cooking a meal? Or in the middle of the grocery store?

  • Wow! I am so relieved to read your post. I kept wondering where this horrible bad spurt is coming from, but two weeks ago we had a family emergency.. Which is now resolved, but I was extreme panic stricken when it happened of course. But at the time, after the initial panic, I dealt with it well. Actually now that I'm thinking, I always amaze myself how well I can cope during these emergencies. For example, My dad suffered a sudden heart attack in February and my 'anxiety' left. Of course I was freaking out and upset like anyone else, but it was somewhat of a normal response... I was surprised that I got through it without my Anxiety disorder acting up. Well when dad was back home and all was well again.. About three weeks after, my anxiety hit me so hard. Perhaps that's what is happening now!! I can also think of a time when I got appendicitis while away for school and ended up having surgery. My anxiety disorder wasn't affecting me, until weeks after. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern... Perhaps this is exactly what is happening to me.

  • It is amazing AnxiousAmy, that we are able to perform in a true emergency. It's just the anxiety of each new day trying to anticipate what will happen next, that gets us each and every time. Take care

  • I hope the pattern awareness allows you enough time to load up on your supply of medicine - and prepare for the upcoming attack. I hate saying this - but we all know the inevitable physical attack will occur.

    Like I mentioned - a drug like Lyrica - to cut the panic pain could absolutely not arrive on the market fast enough for me!

  • Yes! I lost my mother suddenly when I was 14 & dealt with it well or as well as I could have at that age but 3/4 years later horrible anxiety appeared totally out of the blew! I had my first & worst panic attack of all time, I literally thought I was dying!! I phoned an ambulance & everything and when I think back now I feel like such an idiot but at the time I truly didn't have a clue what was happening to me. The doctor said it was the trauma from my mum dying & it was basically delayed anxiety because I kind of just got on with life when it happened if that makes sense. Cut a long story short I was anxiety & panic attack free for over 4 years but a few months ago it returned, again totally out of the blew! I still don't know why it has returned 😩

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