Is it all stress and anxiety??

Over Christmas I was suicidal I thought I was dying , I thought I had, hiv, cancer, tumours the lot . I was convinced I was dying, I was peeing blood, vomiting, pains in stomach. I was put in citlapram and started to feel better. Now the past few weeks/months iv started to feel terrible. Blurred vision , head pressure 24/7 , neck pain and sore to touch, upper back pain. I still find myself worryib deep down about my health but didn't think it would affect the me physically. Should I be worried it's something more or could theses symptoms be anxiety.



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  • I have health anxiety and as soon as I focus on any symptoms it just makes them worse. If you have been checked by a doctor and they say it's anxiety and not anything else then you have to try to accept that I know it's not easy I question it every day . Bit apart from a vitamin deficiency and the odd virus they have never found anything to suggest anything other than anxiety.

    Take care be kind to yourself.

  • Did you go see your doctor with all that?

    I started dealing with similar symptoms recently and doctors say it's anxiety. I had head pressure especially when I laid down or looked at PC screen for too long, pain in the back, in neck and many others, those are quite basic anxiety symptoms from what I read here. It might be nothing, but you should ask yout doctor about it anyways.

    Take care!

  • I'm terrified to go doctors. Part of my anxiety is the thought of me going doctors and them telling me I'm dying or something bad is happening.

  • If something bad really is happening it would still be better to know it because the docors might be able to help. At least then you will know for sure and not simply stress over it. It might very well be just a pinned nerve or something of the kind.

    I know going to doctors is scary. But they are there to help.

    Hope you think about it. Be well!

  • I understand your fear. I have many different symptoms and Its hard to believe they're coming from stress and anxiety! But es27 is right, the more you focus on any symptom the worse they get. Avoid the internet for diagnosis as tempting as it is- that can make things so much worse. Its best to see your doctor and explain to them that you do have health anxiety, you're more than likely completely fine. I've been to the doctors countless of times for MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, etc and I come back 100% healthy every time. I hope you start feeling better!

  • Hi kylie. How many times have u had a symtom and it has turned out to b nothing so try 2 get ur positive head on and try 2 lose those negative thoughts. I no its hard I go through the same we deserve a good live so stay positive active

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