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Introducing myself and what started everything

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Hi i never really took the time to tell my story. my name is julie I'm 29 going to be 30 on March 26 anyways 3 months ago i was pregnant and when i went for my first ultrasound the doc told me my baby had no heartbeat. :-( I was shocked never experienced anything like this so about 2 weeks passed and i wasn't miscarrying on my own so I was scheduled a D&C. Due to my stupid insurance i have i had to wait 2 more weeks to get the procedure done so 1 month with the dead fetus in me. I was worried if it would make me sick the doc said no. I woke up with bad cramps so I went to the ER and i started gushing out blood everywhere t wouldn't stop so they did the D&C and during the time i was bleeding i passed out twice once while I was waiting and the other times at the surgery table. They put me under anesthesia and when i woke up the doc told me i needed blood. They gave me 3 bags and i stayed overnight and was discharged the next day. I got home i was weak,tired,nausea ,sad and dizzy. I thought it was from what I had been through. I got a lil better but the whole time I was worried I might have an allergic reaction to the blood. That's when i started googling all my symptoms and till this day still don't feel well. I had the normal blood test done and the doc says everything is good except for my UTI but since then i feel nervous,unbalanced feeling when i walk, dizzy, my shoulder is so tense even my neck,head pressure i'm always worrying if i have some kind of disease. I was never like this u ntill my traumatic miscarriage happened :-(

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You went through an extremely traumatic event that MAY have pushed you into PTSD. Im not a Dr. Its easy to blame an outside source for the way you feel, like the blood tranfusion. This isnt the 80s, the blood supply is pretty well checked.I opted to use it during surgeries if it was needed. I would suggest finding a counselor specializing in grief and loss, but any one is a good start. My friend went through what you did at 5 months along and had to wait as well, they had to induce labor. Give yourself time to work through this.

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Hi everyone tells me that too. I know my body went through alot and its been 3 months and i just keep thinking i should be better by now which then i start to worry about my health.Earlier i was crying because i thought maybe I had an allergic reaction to the blood they gave me. Then I googled it up and was reading a story how some guy got a transfusion and got hepatitis C i freaked out untill my husband calmed me down I'm just tired of this and feeling these symptoms

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NEVER give yourself time limits. My dad passed in 2000 and I grieve every day.

You have to learn to handle the symptoms and how . You may need some chemical help and it doesnt have to be forever. Just to help you over this bump.

In my 56 years I have learned anything can throw your system out of balance from a cold to a hysterectomy to moving to another house to death of a pet. Your focusing on the blood transfusion and IF you have a clean bill of health from Dr. your good, if not get one. Tell him your fears ask for a Hep test or Aids test or whatever you need to help you feel better.

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Stress can make symptoms of other things linger. So sorry about your miscarriage, that's heart breaking. But since I've experienced all symptoms you listed, I can say you don't have a disease.

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When I went to the ER for a panic attack at the time i didn't know what a panic attack was I thought I was having a heart attack i explained everything to the doc that had happened to me she said maybe I had postpartum depression and stress. Last week my dad suffered his 2nd stroke and I'm just scared he's gonna die. He can't really see well and is developing dementia :-(

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My mom asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital as I was having my first panic attack which made it worse. I don't recommend it.

Hi you poor thing you have had a terrible time of it I can only give advice based on my own experiences and I do not know your medical history I didn't go through anything like your experience but got pregnant very shortly sfter a miscarriage had a complicated and traumatic birth but the baby survived .i developed post traumatic stress and depression and the only things that helped were counselling and anti depressants I was put on hormone therapy first which helped a little.It sounds like you have post traumatic stress and grief and your hormones can make you feel this way too so soon after your trauma I think you need counselling and see your doctor I waited too long for help and wished I had gone earlier there is light at the tunnel x

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Hi thank u for responding. My husband tells me it's my hormones that are making me feel this way but i just can't believe hormones can do all of this. I always think the worst. I still get sad when i see babies or when i see pregnant women. I just start to think of what happened to me and my baby. I cry alot because of it even writing this right now makes me sad because I'm thinking about it. All i wanted was a baby and got nothing but pain :'-(

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I am so sorry. A miscarriage is devastating. You went through so much. Your story is no wonder you have the symptoms you do. Be strong. You will make it through this. Just give yourself time to process it. I miscarried at 29 as well. It messed me up so bad. It is normal. My mind gave me tightening in my chest, arm pain, all symptons of heart problems. Since I lost my mom from heart problems, this worried me sick. After a clean bill of health from my cardiologist my symptons slowly started to go away. It was all stress and anxiety. Our minds are so powerful it's scary. You can do this. You will get through it. I have two beautiful children today. I am 41 and still have anxiety but it will not get the best of me. I am not medicated and choose not to be. I have learned to live with it. I have good days and bad. But God only gives me what I can handle, this I know. Best wishes xo YOU GOT THIS xo

I am so sorry honey. You have been through a severe trauma, physically and emotionally. I lost a child at 5 1/2 months...a little different situation but same results as you. Your body needs time to recover. Your dr says things are ok-then they are. I've seen blood transfusion reactions ...happened to my husband a number of times. You are OK! It is something they deal with often ... He had NO lasting your dr. Give your body time to regain its normal self. The anxiety you are feeling is not surprising at all. Don't let fear get to you. Every day will heal you and in time you will be much better. Hang in there and try not to worry. Rest, move around, eat well and make sure you drink water. Keep posting...get those fears out, then they won't have power over you. Everyone here totally understands. Blessings to you.

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