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My symptoms all started about 5 months ago as trouble breathing and severe headaches. The headaches seemed to get better but then I started getting crazy symptoms such as head rushes and feeling like I was going to pass out. Then within a week after that, I started feeling off balance when walking. It feels as though the floor is soft and I'm walking on a trampoline. It has been constant. I've been to a ENT, Gp, dentist, eye doctor and neurologists. All say it's either migraines or anxiety/stress. Does anyone else feel like this??? It's really affecting my everyday life. I don't know how to get rid of the off balance feeling


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  • Hi, yes I know exactly how you feel!!! I been feeling like that for a very long time! It sucks it also holds me back from so many things in my life!! I been on Zoloft for a while for anxiety and depression,but I still get the dizzy spells not as bad but there still always there, like today was bad!!!! I'm so sick of it and they have done so many test and there all normal, I don't know what or why it happens but I feel your pain. God Bless

  • Hi, I had the off balance feeling so bad I started using a hiking stick wherever I went for 2 months,until one day I saw a disabled person using canes struggling to walk.....this made me feel silly that I needed a stick for my balance (I think it kind of shook me awake that I let anxiety do this to me) so for the past week I go out stickless and am fine, sometimes feel a bit wobbly/dizzy but try and ignore it. I also had all the tests done..all came back clear....I think once our anxiety gets a hold of a symptom it doesnt want to let me the off balance feeling will go away...I just let mine get the better of me for too long:)

  • Same with me robynnicholson, that off balance feeling was the worse. Feeling like I was walking on a trampoline or in a moving boat. Had it for years but it finally went away. Just another sign of extreme anxiety taking hold.

  • ThaNk you. I hope it goes away soon. Some days it seems like it is going away and then in a spilt second it will return.

  • It will eventually go away, like everything else anxiety throws at us.

    It will get bored if we don't give into the fear. Believe>>

  • Wow! I thought this was only happening to me. I get lightheaded, internal tremors, ringing in the ears, and muscle twitches too. The off balance feeling comes and goes, but happens daily. It feels like I am walking through mud.

    Is all this related to anxiety? I am not sure, but I would truly like to resolve all of these things.

  • Yes yes yes and it's so bad some days I hate going any where . Feels like I'm staggering up hill , ground moves/drops , heavy legs , feels like I'm going to faint . Just a part of the Devil inside us . I have had it for years .

  • I'm going through exactly the same process at the moment (just had an MRI scan), been to an audiologist etc. I'm at the point where I might loose my job over it as I can't drive anymore!

    I have a few medical issues and I thought it was down to my auto immune disease, but when I finally accepted that it might be stress and anxiety it started to feel a little tiny bit better each day.

    I hope it gets better for you as I know how constricting it can be.

  • I too have been feeling like this it's. Y second episode in just over 2 months although F this one is much worse 😔 My symptoms are:

    * lightheadedness

    * head pressure

    * slight ringing in the ears

    * after a few days slight nausea/loss of appetite/stomach pains

    * extremely anxious

    I saw my GP yesterday who said it was either a virus or most probably anxiety but I just can't believe it this time I'm convinced it's something else and it's just going to get worse and it has done over the past few days (I started with this Boxing Day evening) my GP gave me propranolol yest to try and deal with the panic but I do believe the panic is a reaction to the dizziness not the other way round but I suppose that's what an anxious person would say! I'm laid here now really scared and upset and not knowing what to do I know the surgeries will be closed after today until Tuesday and that's when I'm back at work, any advice or words of comfort gratefully received. X

  • I feel exactly the same ...I know it's anxiety but then a voice pops up what if it's not.. I'm not feeling anxious.. And so it goes. On... You are fearing the symptoms ( just like me) therefore they'll keep coming.. We need to tell them to go away and keep busy... Oh and it won't just happen overnight.. Keep strong ..

  • Do you feel like the floor is soft or like you are walking on a trampoline?

  • Oh Scaroneal815, I remember that feeling so vividly. Perfectly described as like walking on a trampoline, sometimes even a rocking boat. All a part of anxiety. It will try everything and anything to get your attention. It will pass eventually.

  • How long did yours last for? And did you have days where it felt like it was getting better and the next day it would get bad again?

  • Unfortunately, I had it on and off for years. I would get it when I felt unsure of myself. Walking down a hall at work, in a church, in a store, outside walking to the garage but never in my house. It was full blown severe anxiety. It just disappear on it's own as I learned to accept the symptoms as not harmful. Acceptance plays a big part of getting rid of the games that anxiety plays with our mind.

  • I'm so glad I'm not alive. It's crazy how it just asppears out of nowhere. I've had bad health anxiety but nothing like this. I'm scared to walk sometimes cause I hate the feeling that much

  • Scaroneal815, I wanted to add a P.S. When reading responses to your posts, always keep an open mind to what we say. These are only our personal experiences with anxiety and not a rule of thumb. Each person is different and so reacts differently as to the different ways they perceive anxiety. No matter what our symptoms are, remember one thing and that is Acceptance of the symptoms is going to be the key to your getting better.

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