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I'm a 21 year old who constantly thinks in going to have a heart attack. I've been feeling this way for the past 3 months. (After my first anxiety attack) Its symptom after symptom. My left arm hurts, sometimes the right. I get lightheaded, I feel palpitations and just recently my chest started to hurt and felt like pressure. I've got 2 ekgs done and they came back normal, as well as blood tests and X-rays. All normal. They said the pressure on my chest was costochonditritis. But why do I keep feeling like something is really wrong?

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It's your anxiety. I went through the same thing about 6 months ago. I kept feeling like it was my heart even though 4 EKG's came back fine and all blood work was fine. Anxiety has a way of making you feel like everything medically wise is wrong with you. I had to go to therapy and was put on 100 mg of Sertraline but it took me longer because I was determined I didn't want to take medicine and didn't take it. Whatever you do!! Do not GOOGLE because it will increase your anxiety.. Breathing techniques helped me as well. Breathe in slowly and count to 5 then exhale slowly and count to 5. Don't take deep fast breaths because then you will hyperventilate and you will panic. I say this because again I did the breathing too fast and started to feel numb and thought for sure I was having a stroke! The paramedics came and told me I was doing the breathing technique incorrect. I hope you start feeling better.

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Thank you for replying. This helped me. I do Google a lot and I've been told not to. It's just scary feeling this way. I will try the breathing techniques.

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Believe me!! Do not Google! When I would google by the end of the night I thought I had heart disease, liver disease, blood clots! You name it I thought I had it. My therapist and Doctor told me that googling was the worst thing to do and I would be at the doctors office about 2-3 times a week because I thought for sure I had a new symptom. I know it's hard to not think about it because your mind is always racing. Stay away from caffeine as well. That triggers anxiety. People would tell me just to calm down and I would look at them and tell them if I could I would so don't tell me that! Lol! I felt scared and didn't know what I was scared about. Just remember that you don't die from anxiety( you might feel like your dying) but your not ( my therapist always told me that)

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Yes! I get the "just calm down" from people a lot! Kind of just makes not want to tell people what's going on with me because that will be one thing they always say. Thank you for this! I will stop googling, it's a habit but it's one thing that makes me feel this way.

I felt like that too a lot i sometimes still do its all part of anxiety, panic attacks and your fear make u feel things that are scary but just try to relax and ignore them take deep breaths and drink plenty of water. Also getting therapy helps too.

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Thank you. I have been trying to stay away from caffeine because I feel like it makes me feel more anxious.

What also helped me was a Hot tea called Flor Tila tea from McCormick( it doesn't have caffeine). My therapist would tell me to make a cup of this tea put whatever sweetener or honey with a little bit of cinnamon before bed and it relaxes you.

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Thank you. I will try this. I've actually been trying to find remedies to help me sleep at night.

If it's any consolation, I've felt like this for a few years now. :/

I think this is one of the commonest post on this site. No one has had any heart problems found, but the symptoms continue.

As such there is loads of good advice from the huge number of people who have this. It is one of the commonest physical symptoms of anxiety.

Hello my sweet Please don't worry if you have had it for a few months then you can't have anything seriously wrong or it would have escalated into something bad by now plus you have been checked out and all fine

Anxiety tricks you into thinking it's something very serious

Please remember you won't die from it it won't harm you in any way

Read as much as possible on anxiety and symptoms Try and do relaxation You Tube had loads of great videos

Just bought a wonderful book Dare Response its really helped me change how I feel about anxiety

Please take care you are lovely and young don't let anxiety spoil your life xx

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Cat33 in reply to Cat33

PS I really did have a heart problem and was rushed into A&E earlier this year and believe me you would know if it was your heart

So be reassured it is anxiety xx

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Sara5 in reply to Cat33

I'm sorry to hear you have a heart problem. I hope everything gets better with you. Thank you for the advice.

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Cat33 in reply to Sara5

Thank you Im not too bad

Just wanted you to know that I was rushed into A&E with a suspected heart attack and honestly it is nothing like anxiety heart feelings which I've had

If they had gone on for 3 months like you said untreated I wouldn't be here You still are so that has to tell you its nothing serious

If you have been checked out had tests and all clear which you say you have then please be reassured that if you had any or slightest sign of a heart problem you would be under a cardiologist and it would be followed up and monitored

One doctor told me the only time you should Google the British Heart Foundation is to look at their furniture website as you can get a bargain!!!!

I'm sure your symptoms are due to adrenaline rushing through your body it can't hurt you If you think about it you see on here lots of people who feel they can't get a breath So their fear is their lungs will stop working your fear is your heart will stop working That's all it is fear nothing more

You can start your recovery from this today tell yourself your heart is fine and its strong Day by day you will lose your fear and be well

I hope that I have made sense and given you some peace of mind You are young fit and healthy so tell that anxiety you don't need it in your life !! Slowly but surely you will get over this I promise

Take care keep reminding yourself you are fine until you believe it 100%

I'd love to hear how you get on or if you need anymore reassurance I'm here x

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Sara5 in reply to Cat33

Thank you so much. Any advice like this helps me a lot right now. Sometimes I just need some reassurance. This anxiety is not a good feeling. I'm working on it and I've seen some improvements. Once again thank you!

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Cat33 in reply to Sara5

You are very welcome I know only too well how hard it is

Glad you have seen some improvements

Sure you will get there

Take lots of care 💕

Wow i have had the same exact experience and symptoms as you. I'm 25. I've had tests.. Ekg..ct scans...chest X-ray.. All that came back fine. I've been to the er multiple times... They all have basically said anxiety. I had one dr tell me a pulled muscle in my chest. Which could be possible bc I have pain in my chest and down my left arm? Idk it's just crazy how if it is just anxiety, how it can make you feel so bad

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I agree. Anxiety is just horrible! Once you get use to a symptom and start ignoring it, a new one comes along.

I don't want to believe I just have anxiety. The pain in my left arm has continued. Sometimes I get it on my right arm. I doubt it has anything to do with my heart bc it has lasted too long but they still can not tell me what it is. And my anxiety makes any pain I get worse.

I'm seeing a new doctor tomorrow and hopefully I can get answers.

Hopefully you start to get better. Anxiety just knows how to get us going. But we have to find a way to overcome it. I'm sure with everything coming back clear you can at least have peace in your mind that you're fine. You just gotta learn to cope with it better.

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