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Hello ((:

Hi I'm new and I've been having symptoms and I don't know what is happening. When I was 12 I had an eating disorder and anxiety. I got over the eating disorder but the anxiety got worse and I've been dealing with it for about 2 years now. I used to have panic attacks almost every day and became depressed and missed A LOT of school. This summer I started seeing a new physiologist and things got a lot better in September I was going to school every day and I felt so good! But around the same time that things were getting better I started having headaches every day. I wake up with them in the morning and most of the time they carried on in the day. Also at school I find it really difficult to read and take in anything the teacher says and my hand writing started getting really bad. The school noticed and they had me tested for dyslexia but the educational physiologist said that it can't have happend so quickly. They didn't know what to do and I couldn't do anything in class. The headaches are only on the right side and they started getting worse and I have this squeezing pain behind my right ear I also felt sick and dizzy when it got bad. My mum took me to the GP and she said it was tension headaches from the anxiety. But I didn't understand why it was only on one side of my head and my anxiety has gotten so much better. Then my symptoms started getting worse and my right hand won't stop twitching, my hands and feet fall asleep all the time, my eyes go bleary sometimes, I'm tied all the time, my memory used to be so good and now I can't remember what I had for breakfast most days, I'm very slow and I find it difficult to have a conversation with more then two people. I haven't been to school for almost 5 weeks now because I can't do anything. My mum kept taking me back to the doctors and they did lots of blood tests, an CT scan and a MRI scan and they are all normal. They say it's just anxiety but I just don't understand how... They say I keep denying it but I know that I've still got anxiety I just feel like it's gotten a lot better. Please help.. Are these normal symptoms of anxiety?? Thank you!!! ((((:

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Almost definitely anxiety symptoms yours young don't understand how you have anxiety at such a young age it's horrible don't worry and try to forget about it because it will cause severe anxiety with I have I feel in a different planet things don't seem real I Always feel like I'm falling and sinking I'm weak tired 😴 always have headaches


Yes they are all normal! It will get better!! Anxiety can do terrible things! Please try to go to school being around people takes your mind off of it! I find that whenever I feel an attack coming on I tell myself "this is only anxiety it will go away"! It does suck! I have had extremely sore eyes for the last 5 months! The doctor keeps saying it is anxiety! I am trying to fight it by taking lots of vitamins and seeing a natural path!

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Age hasn't got anything to do with the experience of anxiety, it affects people of all ages. It's not worth worrying about your age with regards to your symptoms. I had anxiety issues from my teenage years and now, looking back, I'm almost pleased it all started when I was young because it gave me the opportunity to learn about myself; to understand my symptoms, potential triggers and how I can manage the anxiety.

Symptom wise, you bodily systems sounds exhausted. That's what anxiety does! You're running on high alert all the time and it will take it's toll. The symptoms you describe are perfectly normal in terms of suffering with an anxiety disorder. Have you been offered any form of counselling? Counselling suits some people and can really help break the cycle of negative or obsessive thoughts. It's can also be very useful to learn about anxiety disorders to gain a better understanding of what's going on in your mind and body and why you feel so rubbish.

It is an increasingly researched fact that the link between psychological and physiological wellbeing are intrinsically interwoven. You may be feeling slightly stressed and this may be manifesting as physical symptoms such as twitching, aches and pains etc. It can be hard to get your head around, but once you can accept that you need to address your health in terms of you as an entire 'being' as opposed to two separate entities of your mind and your body, you can really begin to make progress in looking after yourself and improving your life. If you'd prefer to have someone explain anxiety symptoms to you, rather than reading a book, I would be more than happy to chat to you on here. You sound quite young, so it would be good for your mum to be involved too, so you can learn together about anxiety :-) I had to do that with my mum when I was first very poorly at 17 because she couldn't get her head around just how ill I was and how it was all down to my frame of mind and not an actual physical illness.

I'm assuming you're female and on an aside, and please excuse the personal nature of the question, but some girls (myself included) can identify a link between taking hormonal contraception and the onset of their 'symptoms'. That might be something worth thinking about if you've started taking/using the pill or another contraceptive method.

Anyway. I could go on for ages but as I said, please feel free to get in touch if you want to chat.

Lizzie x


Hi!! Thanks so much for the advice ((: your so nice! And I am seeing a physiologist and I've being seeing one since Christmas 2013 and my anxiety has gotten so much better this year!! But my handwriting is getting worse it's not messy. It's just I forget how to write the letters and numbers and because my hand is constantly twitching.. I get letters and numbers the wrong way round a lot of the time. Also I used to be a very good reader but now I have to read the scentence over and over again to actually understand it and sometimes I just can't understand it at all. My memory had gotten so bad I can hardy remember what day, month or year it is. I loose words all the time and sometimes I just completely forget what I was talking about half way through a sentence. I'm in year ten but I have no idea what the teacher is talking about all the time, I don't know how I'm going to do GCSEs. And my head hurts so bad that it wakes me up In the middle of the night all the time!! I've had anxiety for two years but this has only started since this summer. My physiologist says she doesn't know what is happening and she says it's not anxiety. It just feels like my head isn't working properly!! I can't do anything anymore, I have to think really hard about things like walking and picking things up, opening doors.. I've seen so many phsycologists and therapists and no one knows what happening! )):

Seanna X


Senna01 u have some excellent advice from people especially Lissie. Iwish u well.


Maybe age don't have anything to do with it eew Notts didn't ask for an opinion of you thank-you your no doctor and neither am I I said anxiety at that age is awful


I'm a researcher with a particular interest in the mind-body connection of psychiatric disorders, so no, I'm not a doctor of medicine but I can offer a valid bit of advice the same as anyone else and I believe that as I am fairly knowledgeable in these matters, if I can offer some advice then I should.

Stating that you don't understand how someone so young has anxiety isn't benefitting anyone especially Seanna, who is already experiencing difficulties and doesn't need to be made to feel more isolated or out of the ordinary. Anyone can experience anxiety. It's a horrible experience for everyone.

Telling anyone with any mental health disorder "don't worry and try to forget about it" is absurd. If it were that easy this forum wouldn't even exist.

I apologise if you feel that I misinterpreted your initial response but I made no direct reference to you as an individual as I don't feel that's appropriate when discussing another individual's issues and situation. This forum is for support; I wish you well.


I understand that but yes you did misinterpreted my response as I said anxiety at your age and you said age doesn't matter so that was directly at me am I rite?. And also I'm no doctor either I no anxiety is horrible to deal with as I do myself


And it's easy saying don't worry yes that's the thing what makes you strong do you have anxiety yourself?


Your a researcher wow must be good any advice on how to get over it then


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