Anxiety or??

I have suffered with anxiety waste of my life. I've definitely learned how to control it not had any serious issues until about three months ago. I started getting acupuncture and after my 2nd treatment, I was on my cell phone which was plugged into my car charger and I felt a strange sensation. My head started hurting around my sinuses, felt a fullness in my ears and head & had a serious feeling of anxiety/panic attack. I went to ENT and he said everything was normal. Had CT scan because headaches and pressure have been so bad. 3 months in and still having all symptoms. I'm constantly trying to clear my ears and when I touch my face or head, it almost has a numbing sensation. Has anyone ever had this happen??? Thank you.


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  • Girl my name is nee. nee, I have the Burning sensation, the headaches, and tension muscles tightness and the back of my necklace I get nausea in my stomach

  • NeeNee. I'm sorry you are going through that. As some posted as a response to my post... Have you looked at possible migraines? Hang in there:)

  • Thank you so much this site has really been. Really helpful, but my doctor did TELL me that .I do have migraines. And also tension headaches,and also Anxiety, but I now God and his son Jesus is going to see through,I'm getting stronger and stronger day by day we all are

  • Everything will be alright you have us, as your support to encourage you through this your not alone

  • Thank you for your response. It's nice to know we aren't alone:)

  • Your welcome everything. Is going to be alright

  • Think you for your support and encouraging. Me,this site is really helping me get through,but for most of .all God and his son Jesus Christ,

  • Do the blood tests and EEG, if needed MRI (neurologist will guide you). Anyway, these symptoms you describe can be anxiety for sure. Also, have you been examined for migraine?

  • Hi, thank you for your response. I have actually asked about migrains. He said that the area & pain I am describing are in my sinus region & most likely allergies, I have never suffered from allergies before, especially not this pain. I hear a lot of people complaing that this year has been the worse, so it could be? Possibly with all the stress I'm dealing with, my body is just breaking down and I'm experiencing new symptoms that have been dormant. Thank you for caring enough to respond :)

  • sure no problem, the path is: make sure no pathological cause is causing the symptoms -> if none find the best psychiatrist in your area and step on the therapy full speed ahead. Also, do meditate, it does wonders!!

  • Thank you. Great advice. I am having more blood work done today. Checking thyroid again and Lyme. I really need to start meditating bit more important for me is to start excercising again. I've cotton away from it because of the tremors in my legs which doctors still can't put a diagnosis on. I need to stay focused on the positive and stop worrying about the negatives. My doctor also told me to start using a steroid nasal spray. My daughter has terrible allergies and was told to use nasacort. I started using it a few days ago and has actually helped which leads me to believe it has so much to do with inflammation. I believe anxiety can be exasperated by inflammation & tight muscles in the neck/shoulder region. I find a good massage can help with my anxiety.

  • Hi. I'm going through this now. Have always had anxiety but been able to cope but the last month it's just one extreme symptom after another and right now I'm experiencing the sinus pressure. Went to the dr and my right ear was really clogged and they drained it but now I've been dizzy with headaches. I was so worried last night I could barely sleep. They wouldn't give me a referral for an ent but I'm calling back today to ask for one because I'm going to be traveling soon and just want to rule out all the possibilities. I'm also getting blood work done tomorrow. I'm glad I'm not alone in this! Even though I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone. I broke down yesterday and just cried and cried because of how I've been feeling and how it doesn't seem to be getting better. The dr wanted me to take sudafed to see if that could dry up the fluid going on but the side effects are dizziness and anxiety so I couldn't take it. I am meditating and seeing a therapist but it's still such a struggle. Sorry for the rant lol. But thank you for posting this because knowing I'm not alone makes me feel better and not like I'm going to die. I hope you're doing better!

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