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I need Help ASAP with anxiety


Ok, im really struggling to keep it together, i suffer from Health Anxiety and about 3 weeks ago my doctor said I had IBS, because i was having trapped wind at night on and off for 4/5 weeks.

It then started to go into the day, so I cut out Milk and cheese, seemed to work, but still odd feeling at night.

I then started thinking, its cancer, 2 doctors have felt my stomach and said it feels fine, normal, but my syptoms arent going away (im on Lanspozale) also I am now waking up at about 11.30pm with weird stomach issues, no pain or anything but feeling of butterflies or shock, or sudden droping, this is keeping me up all night, might get 2/3 hrs sleep.

I have been stressing so much and now today im getting little pains in my belly button, so again thinking its Stomach Cancer.

So far i've had no pain, no blood in stools, no weight loss, but feel this is coming any day.

As said during the day im fine, a few toliet runs in the morning, but then absoultly fine, until bedtime.

Am i just stressing so much that its affecting my stomach to the point of this belly button issue?

or am i right to think there is something more sinister going on?

My Dr has given me some tablets to try for anxiety (getting them today) and wants me to see somebody, but im so worried they wont work.

i feel so scared 24/7 and alone and my wife has had enough.

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I have severe heath anxiety too so I know how you feel.

I'm NOT a doctor but my opinion would be -

IBS is horrible and can give you all manner of uncomfortable symptoms. My wife has severe IBS and you wouldn't believe the pain and toilet rushes she has to deal with every day.

If the doctors have said not to worry try and believe them - I know it's hard but they are professional people and it wouldn't be worth their job to let something go by that needed further examination.

Also if you're in your 40's or younger it's very unlikely you have bowel cancer as it only really shows up in the over 50's.

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Im 33yrs old, and i only seem to get issues at night and didnt think IBS was a night thing?

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Hi I started with IBS younger than you are , it can be an all day thing , night thing , morning even !

Also have you noticed certain foods make it worse

Over the years & it took me a while but I know now what foods to try & avoid , like greasy , or spicy make mine worse , maybe you could take note of that as well to try & help you


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only been 8 weeks in total, last 3 its got worse, just so scare its early signs on Cancer and doctors are missing it when feeling my stomach.

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I understand your fear & how unpleasant this is but it is not the early signs of cancer , I had the same fear when mine first started but as I have now had it quite a few years I have realized it is not & it couldn't go on as long as this !

The more you worry the worse the IBS will be , I no it isn't easy but try & trust your GP


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i hate feeling this way, im so unhappy and even my 2 young kids can see it, its so upsetting, and having this odd proding feeling in my belly button doesnt help!



Please try not to worry , I have IBS & it is anxiety related for most of us & sure this is the case for you

Please don't google your symptoms but trust your doctor , if they thought for one minute it was anything serious they would have you in there , would be more than their job was worth not to , but they have examined you & confident to say it is IBS & all the symptoms you describe are the same as I have had & still get from time to time & to be honest they are not symptoms of cancer even though I am not a doctor

The more we are anxious are stomach muscles tense & this makes the symptoms worse as well

I used to take the meds you are taking but now I find manuka honey 10+ settles my stomach , 3 teaspoons a day & when my stomach is feeling ok just one teaspoon a day

You can get i from Tesco & it is natural it could help along side your meds you are taking ,maybe worth a go

I would accept the help your GP is offering you & keep talking on here as you will see you are not alone & it helps knowing people understand

Let us no how you go on




Hi there,

Whywhy is correct in what she is saying:) your fear is also my fear.

I'm having some cbt sessions to help me through this. I'm only on my second session but they are really helpful.

Cancer is just a word in your negative mind. When you think in this way ask yourself this, what facts do you have that it's cancer? The answer will be you don't it's just an opinion.

What I'm trying to say is when your anxious and start thinking in negative way just say to your self is it fact or is it opinion?

Hope this help, hugs xx

I too suffer from IBS and yes as Why why says any time of day , night etc and yes anxiety worrying does make it worse. tHE OTHER THING i MIGHT SUGGEST is cutting out wheat especially in the afternoon as this can bloat you and some people are allergic. it's a bit of a bind but you'll learn to love salads, vegetable and fruit. What also might be helpful is looking up some relaxation tips either on the internet or in a book. THEY MAY HAVE SOMETHING IN THE LOCAL LIBRARY or you could try calming tea or drinks but I think others on the site have more experience of this than me.



Hi McKean,

I to have IBS and it can come and go, day or night, it usually settles down, but anxiety brings the symptoms on.

Try not to be to worried about cancer, if you have had no blood in stools etc.

I hope the anxiety tablets work, but if you are still concerned you can ask your G.P. for further tests, which I am sure aren't needed.


Ok so 11 days on and now during the day im fine, no stomach issues at all (Touch wood)

The tablets im on for Anxiety have made me feel a little nausea at night but nothing else.

I keep telling myself that if it was cancer id be getting worse not better (in a way) although i do have this weird prodding feeling in the right side of my belly yet when i press around i cant feel anything, so this does play on my mind.

They’ll work. You’ll be amazed. They are addictive, but I don’t have ANY quality of life without them. Take care.....

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