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Hello everyone its me Mostafa a dentist from Egypt, i would like to share my anxiety journey with you, it all starts about three years ago, after some stressful days in my college because of exams, i was eating and suddenly i lost my attention that i overfilled a cup of water and the water flooded over me after that i felt my heart racing so i went immediately to the pharmacy where i checked my blood pressure and found it was 160/90, the day after i went to my GP and also he found my blood preassure high but after he knew that i feel fear and lightheaded he said it is just anxiety and nothing to worry about, then i spent many days experiencing shortness of breathing and palpitation and chest pains, that i went many times to the ER in many different hospitals and they all made me ECG and told me that it is just anxiety, after that i went to a cardiologist and made an exercise ECG and echocardiogram also with normal results, so I decided to go to a psychiatrist she told me that i have typically anxiety disorder and she prescribed me xanax and an antidepressant drug (SSRI) this medications made me better so i realized that iam well physically and my problem is the anxiety, after i have finished the anti depressant course the signs, symptoms and bad feelings came again, so i spent nearly all my time searching the internet for a definetive treatment for anxiety and i found what is so called cognitive behavioral therapy, there are many self help CBT programs free online it really helped me a lot but after the program finished i found my self again with the bad feelings and symptoms so i searched for books about anxiety and i read ( change your brain changes your life) and another one (self help for your nerves) they both helped me but after a while all the bad things come again and again, now, my life can be described as being a dentist and trying to conquer and treat my anxiety by any means, i hope if there was an IV injection that cure this disease, however thanks god for everything, please, if anyone.. anyone have a solution or even something that may decrease the intense of this disorder please tell...

My signs, symptoms and feelings that i have experienced in my anxiety journey are:

Fear, fear of fear, again, intense fear that ruins my life and sometimes it comes without any cause, palpitaions, lightheaded, shortness of breathing (and it is also a trigger for a panic attack i really hate this), neck and back aches, loss of concentration, loss of meaning of life, fogged brain, spacey feeling and fatigue.

These are only the ones i can recall now, there is more... i hope we can really find the way to recover from this disorderand live better and happier life.

Thank you.

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If your anti-depressants worked, why did you stop them? I too am searching for the cure. I do strongly feel we need to have our thyroid, hormones, vitamins, and minerals checked. Also we need to be checked for Lyme disease. Many things can cause anxiety, and if there is a physical cause in a sensitive, highly emotional person then I believe the anxiety aspect is exasperated. I am going to a specialist on the 28th of this month and I will let you know what tests he recommends to rule out physical means of anxiety. Bless you and stay strong.


Thank you for your reply, I stoped my antidepressants because the psychiatrist told me to do so and after some time my bad feelings started again and the antideppressants i think it shouldn't be taken for more than 6 months, i have made a complete blood count and thyroid profile all with normal results, but I didn't check for lyme disease, however, i will be waiting for you to tell me what the specialist told you, many thanks in advance, and you to stay strong..


You can find a doc that will put you on an anti depressant for long term. Millions of people use them long term. If you feel they help you, you need to find a knowledgeable health care pro that can get you the meds you need.

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Now iam on a supplement called HTP (hydroxytryptophan) it is a precursor of seretonin and there is many researches said that it has results as antidepressants, but i think that i was better when i used cipralex ( antidepressant) do you think should i get back to cipralex or what?


Hiya I have had anxiety for years also conscious of my Heart and breathing then the odd time get dizzy even when am not anxious .. but apparently your always on high alert when ur in the myths of it ! I take antipressant aswell but keep forgetting to take them .as I work full time and have 2 children ... just think of it if your on the go 24 7 your tired your body is run down and needs sleep to recuperate... when u get it sit there we ur knees up and say right its anxiety come and get me and let it go through you ! Sit until u feel u can get back up again and keep doing it when it comes on ... it won't kill us ! I need to start taking my own advice as well 😅 I'm totally exhausted with it do use get dizzy spells aswell ?

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You sure have been through bad time ..

I know how horrid anxiety is , I have been struggling most of this year .

It comes for no reason at times .

Thought it had subsided but came back .

Never seems to want to leave you for long !!

It is horrid and hard to explain to anyone who had not experienced it .

Get frightened , the fear often comes when my lower front teeth start to have a strange burning feeling , had root canals done to try and solve problem , X-rays show no problem , then my tongue can start thrusting other areas of my mouth ..

GP gave me amitriptyline which had helped a lot , started on 10 at night and now 10 mg by day also as felt symptoms during day .

This has become a life line

If you need to talk about your situation on going send me a message

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