Hello all

Hope ur all ok? I felt better yesterday as I posted and even took my tablet. I will take it tonight as well :-) it did fill me with fear but after a while I felt so much better for taking it knowing really its helping me with my anxiety.

Today has been nice and relaxing. I cleaned up and cooked dinner with the OH. OH washed and dryed up with my eldest son and then the four of us chilled out and watched the New superman movie. I've missed the peace as last wk was mad. I found it hard to get 5 mins to myself. I had to go out and buy a new Hoover yesterday as my other one broke on me. I get thou that many Hoover's every year I don't know how I brake them lol. Xxx


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  • Hi Donna

    I no how you break them , maybe same as me with washers , they are never of :D

    Well done hun taking the meds , I no how much that takes to do with our fear

    Yea me to , relaxed today , which makes a change , but everything done , its nice isnt it :)




  • Hi Donna

    Glad you have had a good day! Long may it continue for you :-)


  • Ashley sounds like she might have had another good day to :)


  • Today is so so for me whywhy, I've been palpy since I woke up and feeling a bit on edge but that was 3 days I got there feeling good so I'm clinging onto that for dear life hahah!!

    How are you feeling?


  • Clinging on for dear life :D

    When do you get the heart monitor put on ?

    Me , well house is back to normal , all clean , so been teally relaxing today

    Bit stressed go to go to hospital Tuesday , just routine , but means leaving house , going some where what I see as been dirty , that will be fun , even less fun for my mate , the only one that can deal with me :D

    On a positive though , been looking at Will-i-am new car he has made just for him & dreaming about going for a spin with him when he is free ;)


  • So glad we r able yo relax it was mad last wk for is both but all over and done with :-) Ashley I had a day like that yesterday and I felt down to. Hope ur ok xxx

  • Well done for having a restful day my friend. i need a new hoover, mine sounds like a tank and scares the cats. The bands keep breaking and i have to go miles to get new ones, well 1 mile but thats too far. xxx Happy Hoovering mate.

  • Lol my cats clear the room as soon a my Hoover comes out the cupboard cx

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