Anxiety / strange burning type sensation to lower right teeth


I have been suffering with anxiety and strange burning type feeling to 2 lower teeth ( dentist can't find problem ,although had lots of dentistry over 7 months which dentist was baffled !since then I kept having strange burning type sensation in some of my teeth plus my tongue would not stop thrusting all the work dentist had done .

GP put me on 10mg anatryptiline , it was great , worked quickly ,. Took anxiety and symptoms away , lasted 6weeks and symptoms started to come back , GP up the medication to 20mg , symptoms seem to stop again almost straight away .

This has left me feeling very concerned as I thought when it stopped that was the end of such an horrid time , Felt so happy like my life was almost back to normal .

Can't relax and so worried it will keep returning after few weeks , as stupid as it sounds I was so rock bottom , feeling those horrid symptoms again took away my confidence again ..This medication really gave me back my life and now just feel worried very soon I could be back to where I was !

Has any one taken or on this medicstion where they found it balanced out and symptoms stayed away .

Has any one also had strange feeling in their mouth like the ones I mentioned .

This situation has had such an impact in my life I could hardly cope and thought I had cracked iit .

Would like to know if anyone has had strange sensations in your teeth with little explanation ( like burning , / nerve issues possibly )

This has left a frightening feeling and fear the future incase it keeps raring its ugly head and won't go away ..

I feel in a lonely frightened place at times due to all it has put me through .

Love to hear from anyone that can help or someone that has experienced any thing similar .


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12 Replies

  • Good that you have a medication that helps you. Teeth are a mystery for most of us. You're not alone in that

  • Thank you for your email

    Are you suffering yourself with teeth issues .

    Hate teeth , as you said , can be such a mystery ..

  • I'm seeing dentist next week. Endless molar issues

  • Hope it gets sorted for you .

    Let me know how you get on .

  • I have been having this for 8 weeks. I have burning and pins and needles in my jaw area and feels like my muscles are raw. The dentist said it was Tmj. And fitted me with a mouth guard. It has improved some. They said it is anxiety and stress causing it. It makes me so upset and depressed. They also suggested I take Zoloft which I have been on 4 weeks. I completely understand what you are going thru...

  • Thank you for replying and sharing ,

    It is such an horrid thing .

    Is your medication helping you , how are you coping and dealing with it .

    Do you get very anxious with the issue .

    I hate not knowing what it really is ..

    Do hate teeth , I have tried so hard during my life to care for teeth but due to gum disease , weakness and genetic issues it is like fighting a loosing battle .

  • Do you have it all over or in one area .

    I could see how mine had started with stress and anxiety but on a bad day just think something is wrong with my teeth and if I had two on the lower right out it would go away. Mind plays tricks at times ...

    I find it makes me so miserable and hard to rise above it ...

    The medication is a life line but worry it won't keep it away , that brings on my anxiety .I use to be so strong and confident but now feel like a frightened mouse ..

  • Hi! I can so relate. Yes mine kind of moves around. I went to the dentist because I thought it was my molars they were so sore and burning and tingling. Also my muscles in my jaw burn and my face tingles. It feels like a hair is stuck on my face. If you want to touch base and maybe we can support each other let me know I will send you my email.

  • Hi

    I would like to stay in touch ,

    Your issue seems so much like mine , thought I was alone with the physical symptoms !!

    It could help so much

  • Can you personal message on here or use email ?

  • I m not sure ..

    Do you feel OK with own email

  • Yes my email is

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