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Hi! I dont know where to start, and excuse my english and grammar i am not very good. 😅 For the past few months i am having like lightheaded and dizziness shortness of breath chest pain and so many i cannot describe been to hospital so many times ECGs Heart CT scan ENT countless blood works but all came back normal.. but still i am feeling very lightheaded and dizziness and i feel like i am going to die because of very serious illness! The doctor said i might be having anxiety..but i dont believe him because the pain is real.. its not in my head.. help!


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  • oh Poison Ivy....how weird it is that i found you at this time... i actually was looking up how to stop the anxiety of going to the Dentist !! i have an appt. soon and i get myself in a TOTAL uproar !!! May i tell you that your Dr. is probably right? Anxiety sucks soo bad, but listen to me and try this if or when you feel anxious....breathe very deep in from the abdomen, then let it out very slowly thru the mouth. CONCENTRATE on BREATHING... have water w you all the time, as if you take a drink of water, somehow...not sure how, but the water stops the panic in it's tracks !! Honey, i have had anxiety for so many years, i almost cannot remember when i didn't!!! it angers me sooo badly but I pray and I do believe the Drs. Has anything very traumatic happened to you in your life? Think long and hard about that answer !! even if it seems very crazy to speak of, it is NOT!!! if it bothers YOU, it is very IMPORTANT for me to be able to help you...okay, away i go to the Dentist... and yes, i feel like i am going to lose it, but I won't......be back to you soon.......Lace ~ ~

  • i am back from the Dentist, Poison Ivy...yep, had a bit of a panic or anxiety attack there, i always do...i am fine, it is over and i will live !! All of the symptoms you speak of are very real...i TRULY believe that DRS, are not always kind to pple about anxiety and panic... until THEY experience their first one!!! Of course what you feel is REAL...your best bet is to go seek help through a therapist. People who love us do not KNOW what we feel, so of course, it is all in our heads....noper, no it is not! probably the best thing that happened to you is that you did pass out, bringing your heart rate back to normal....yes, arrthymias also seem to attack us @ thee most inopportune times w panic and anxiety. you DO feel this, because it IS happening but you will not die from it...it is just uncomfortable. . . VERY UNCOMFORTABLE !!!

    beta blockers help w this... instead of getting hooked on all sorts of drugs the Psychiatrists will give us to shut us up, ask you General Practioner about a Beta Blocker. (they are used for people who have to speak in front of large groups, etc...) i take it and yes my heart rate is fine.

    if you need to get more out, just get me here !! until then, i will pray for you...you honestly will be fine... you/we cannot allow these maddening symptoms to alter our lives ! ~ ~ Lace

  • Hi Lace! Thank you for the support and your kind words.. really appreciate it.. doctor prescribe me xanax 0.25mg for 2 days only.. took one last night.. the lightheaded and dizziness gone.. but i feel weak today.. but the fear (anxiety) still there.. haunting! I am just here in my bed lying down.. *excuse my english* 😅

  • Hi PoisonIvy16, everyone seems to be sleeping right now. Just want you to know that Xanax will help you. I'm glad the lightheadedness and dizziness is gone. That shows that it was anxiety causing that. You feel weak but it really is a peace and calm you are feeling. The fear that is still there is because you are hanging on to the thought that something is wrong. Let Xanax work for you while in bed and try to relax and let it do it's job. Breathe deeply. You are safe.

    Feel better dear. x

  • Hi Agora.. its 12:55pm here.. but thank You for your kind words and response.. i will try the breathing technic thing.. thank you again.. sweet dreams 🙂

  • ty much for getting to me... apparently the Dr. feels that this is just a short term anxiety case... has something happened to you recently that caused this to begin?? we need to get it stopped ASAP !!! everyone, whether they know it or not has some form of anxiety. let's see how the XANAX works for you ... you are most likely weak because of the XANAX...it is trying to relax you and i am banking you are fighting it !!! please don't... take it easy... get to me when ever you need to..til then, you are in my prayers ... ~ ~ Lace

  • Anxiety makes your feel that you have physical symptoms. It can be sosiomatic feelings I believe is what they call it. However, I am a firm believer in being an advocate for your health. No one else will be, Have they put you on any anxiety medications? I have stomach issues and I had 3 tests done..my pelvic, blood, and CT and both came back normal. My doctor agreed to the CT scan to reassure me. If you feel there is something wrong then tell him and ask for an MRI or CAT SCAN. I am calling a Gastro enthiologist as well as a urologist to double check everything! There is nothing wrong with it!

    However if nothing is found you have to realize it is anxiety and that you will overcome it. The medication has helped me as well as meditating twice a day and walking!

    Good Luck

  • Hi Betha.. i too have stomach problem.. tried ranitidine, omeprazole etc.. nothing seems working..

  • Yeah nothing works for me. I am doing probiotic. Not to sound gross but I noticed that my food is in poop so I know my digestion is not right. It is brown but there are some food particles. I called a stomach doctor yesterday.

  • Today has been the worse for me with my stomach problems I am convinced there is something wrong and the doctors have not found it it is scary

  • yes betha has some good points...it is called PSYCHOSOMATIC symptoms but they are very REAL!!! way to go Betha !!! exercise is great for us !! i have never meditated myself honestly, i can't keep my mind on one thing long enough !!! lol.... but those 2 are wonderful for you !! may i ask you why you are seeing an Endocrinologist for anxiety? They only test your endocrine system, mainly now a days tell you you have hyper or hypo thyroidism !!! if that is what he/she says...get a 2nd opinion, always !!! NEVER TAKE THYROID PILLS W OUT A SECOND OPINION !!! EVER, PLEASE !!!

  • No I am not seeing and endocrinologist I am seeing a gastroenterologist. Well I called them! My thyroid is fine. They tested my blood and it came back fine for thyroid! I have stomach issues!

  • Betha, i apologize.... i thought you said ENDOCRINOLOGIST.....

  • No worries at all

  • I LOST ANANAS !!!!!!!!!! I AM SO VERY SORRY !!!

  • Hi it sounds like anxiety to me with all the symptoms you are getting anxiety can make you feel really ill and the dizziness that happens to me when my anxiety gets bad sometimes I am frightened to move of the chair because I am going to have a dizzy turn I do deep breathing exercise and I feel that can help with it hope you feel better soon all my love

    Janebee x

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