Hello all! I'm new just happened to be searching online about anxiety n stumbled upon this site, I recently started experiencing anxiety about 2 or 3 months it all started at night when my heart just started racing out of my chest I thought I was having a heart attack or something, went to the dr that same morning where they had me wear a heart monitor for 24hrs just to make sure nothing was wrong with my heart n did blood work, everything came back ok so she concluded it was anxiety, nothing caused it nothing out of the ordinary or nothing super stressful, at least not any more than the normal stuff like bills and what not. Recently I started feeling dizzy which is horrible! My biggest fear is that I'll really pass out while I'm with my daughter which is 4 because it happens whenever and where ever, my dr prescribed Zoloft which I told 1/2 a pill and it was horrible! I saw my pupils super dilated and I literally lost it and freaked out! I've never been a sick person I may only get sick once a year and I'm 28 and this is the most I have ever been to the dr in my life! It's horrible! Every time I experience some sort of anxiety I'm convinced there must be something medically wrong with me! I've been reading recently n that seems to help a bit to relax me but I obviously can't read all day everyday as I'm a mom and work 2nd shift, I try and tell myself it's all in my head and try n breath and relax and focus on other things but it's at times easier said than done, it really sucks that I can't enjoy even going out with my husband because of fear of the anxiety happening! I seen a therapist that thinks I'm just having anxiety about anxiety, the anticipation basically, which could be true and knowing me it's likely, I like knowing what's wrong and not wondering, I have a dr appointment tomorrow to discuss my options with my pcp, I don't really know what to do or think but i am certain that I do NOT want to be on medication, that just adds more to the anxiety for me because it's like saying there really is something wrong! I just don't know, I jut want to wake up and feel "normal" again without fear of anxiety and when it will happen again😞


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  • Hi that was like reading about me, I am the same as you I like to know every thing, and that is how I started googling it all, that was the worst thing I ever did, just fed my anxiety, I am now using Batch a Flower Remedy for anxiety and Panic Attcks and that as really helped me, also I read on here about the Dare Response book again I'm half way through and I have noticed a massive difference in me, I'm having more days were I feel like myself, hope you feel better soon, your missing out on so much with this anxiety, Big Hugs xx

  • Ty glad I'm not the only one that feels this way! Is the book you're talking about Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks? I'm trying to find out the exact name and author so I can read it myself and maybe that will help me get through this without medication or therapy

  • Hi navlag

    Yes it's called the dare response, I got mine on kindle form from Amazon , it came with a downloadable app too, that he as taped for you to listen too, it's very good, author is Barry Mcdonagh, it also as a private Facebook page that is also really good, it really is worth a try it's helped me xx

  • Ty I'll have to look into it

  • That's exactly like me, it started out of the blue like that about a year ago and I've never been an ill person either so all these weird and horrible symptoms were really scary. The doc prescribed Prozac but I never took it, I looked into natural solutions. I took a soluble magnesium which helped the heart palpitations, tried St John's wort which helped calm me down but then I read about some horrible side affects, so stopped taking it. Then I started vit D3 which also helped. But now I'm just taking the WellWoman multi Vitamin with the primrose oil capsules. Touch wood I haven't had an attack in about 3 months and am feeling more normal again. Hopefully yours won't last forever and you'll soon be feeling yourself again, it's such an awful thing to go through. Xxx

  • Yes the feeling as if you're about to pass out or automatically think worst case scenario every time you have an episode sucks! My therapist had told me about magnesium, I bought magnesium pills at Walgreen but I wonder if it makes a difference in the form of which you take it, do you know? And where can you find the soluble magnesium?

  • Yep that's me!! Dizzines is my thing! Being scared that it'll happen in public, at school pick up, cinemas, swimming pools! It's terrifying! I also decided to google and now I'm in thin unbreakable circle.. Dizzines, Google, panic attack.. 😞 I'm always worried that I'm dying of something and my brain refuses to look at the things realistically... I have been told that I have vertigo as I only get dizzy when my head is in certain position, but I still don't believe it! You are not alone, I just wanna wake up tomorrow and be a happy healthy women that I once used to be, and be a great mum!

  • Yes wanting to be back to myself is all I want so that I can be the parent I need to be! My daughter is my drive and what keeps me going for sure n at one point what also made me feel worse as I felt as a bad parent because I couldn't leave my house to do anything with her in fear of anxiety! I try n not Google my side effects and try to remember it's my anxiety more than likely but sometimes the need to know takes over and I can't help myself, I know the mind is a powerful thing And rationally I know that when I feel dizzy it's just anxiety but somehow my mind and body don't see it that way and it's really frustrating not knowing why this happened or why it started! I read that just accepting the anxiety as a part of you instead of fighting it is the best way to manage it and get over the anxiety but sometimes the feelings are just simply scary and hard to get over. I hate not being able to enjoy life as I once did, my days are constantly and up n down roller coaster, when I'm good n no anxiety things are great I feel like I can do anything but once I feel it once it's like it ruins my day n I'm constantly trying to boost myself out of this funk/fear of the anxiety😫

  • What cured my anxiety was Meditation please read about it and do the breathing one totally relax your mind and body and just be. Do that for 10 to 20 minutes a day better first thing in morning and I bet you will feel better.

    Good luck.

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