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About 10 months ago I randomly felt dizzy/lightheaded and felt like I was going to pass out at work. I alerted my boss about my symptoms and she told me that it sounded like I was going to faint so she sent me into her office to regain my thoughts. In the office I began to have my first panic attack. I felt the fight or flight mode settle in and was basically stuck there because she would not let me leave in fear that I actually might pass out. It was my first panic attack. its strange because I often hear about people being lightheaded during panic/anxiety attacks but not so much about afterwards. After my first initial attack I was lightheaded for 2 months straight. i was unable to work and basically got anxious doing anything. Luckily I had someone help me by taking me out often and helping me fight my fears and it slowly started to disappear. I was fine for about 6 months until all of a sudden another attack happened but in an unfamiliar setting which caused me to take the flight route. Again after that incident I became lightheaded again for about two months now. I feel as if my physical symptoms of being lightheaded is what's causing this anxiety/panic. I don't really know what's going on anymore. Any help?

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It could be simply just something that happens when you are feeling anxious even though not every time but I would go & see my Doctor let them no and then they can maybe do a few blood tests and take your blood pressure which would give you peace of mind it is nothing sinister , always helps :-)

Take Care x


I'm always lightheaded whether I am anxious or not, it definitely gets a little worse when I am anxious. I have gone to the docs and got blood tests done along with my blood pressure. They said my blood pressure was high and was prescribed some meds to lower it. They also said if it's too low it can cause dizziness so I don't know what to think of that. I've also had a brain scan and it came back negative. I just want to get over this feeling and it seems like it comes and goes. Thank you taking out of your time to reply.



Yes that is true to low BP can make you feel lightheaded to

Do you get your BP done regular with your Doctor to check the meds are keeping your BP stable ?

I would still go back and ask them if they think this is anxiety and how it is making you feel and what they can do to help :-) x


Hey this same thibg happened to me


And what happened? What did you do?


Walk around. i know it feels scary, but see that you dont pass out. Also with anxiety, you hyperventilate/hypoventilate which can cause light headedness as can tiggt neck muscles from tension


Yeah I've been trying to go out more and walk around and kinda provoke an anxiety/panic attack. I was out today and although it was very uncomfortable I lived thru it. How are you now?? Thanks for the reply


I got over it at one point but an annual event triggered it again. Or something like it, the symptoms are never quite the same as they felt before, you know?

But I used to be extremely light headed, head pressures, tight band around head, etc.

One thing that helps is play "moderator." Note how you feel in the morning, and then before you go out, try to notice what changes.

Do you feel more light headed? Hot? Do your hands sweat?

I did this in the mall (THE MALL), and dang. I got super disoriented, my hands were sweating, and my legs turned red from clenching them so much. It was ridiculous how it affected me. And I noticed it got worse the farther from the exit I got and how it decreased by like....25-30% when I was near an exit again.

This really helped me understand, OH it IS anxiety


Dang I'm sorry to hear it got triggered again. The thing is I feel more anxious when I start to get lightheaded. I basically wake up light headed and have been anxious lately once I wake up. How are you now? Are you taking meds?


I used to have episodes where id lie down and I would get dizzy.

It would be worse in public.

And no, Im not on meds.


I also always feel lightheaded and like I'm going to pass out. I have now developed an extreme fear of fainting which has stopped me going out and is having a big impact on my life.

My question to you is have you actually passed out because of these sensations. I haven't but I can't help but think what if I do this time.


I completely understand how you feel about that fear. It got me too after my first panic attack. Ive read that you can't actually pass out from that. I'll provide the link if I can find it. I've had close calls where I felt like I was but I never did. And even so, I'm really not that scared of passing out. I think having that fear will actually make your lightheadedness worse. Reply back with your thoughts!


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