I've got answers!!!

I've got answers!!!

If you have been supporting from anxiety please read this whole post. I told myself if I ever found answers I would do everything I could to share them with people who suffer too. I have always believed through my experience with anxiety and through research that anxiety isn't a cause, it is a result of something physically wrong with you in your body. Well after seeing numerous doctors and trying everything, I have finally proven this (at least for myself). That's why anxiety it difficult to sure, because everyone has a different cause.

I saw a naturopath 3 weeks ago best decision I made in my life. I sat with her for an hour, told her all of my symptoms and she gave me 3 tests to take, a blood test (to check blood count, allergies etc), a saliva test( to check genetics), and a urine test (to check my neurotransmitters).

We went over my results yesterday I attached a picture. Basically most docotrs assume that if you're anxious it's because you lack gaba (so they prescribe Xanex) or serotonin (so they prescribe Zoloft). Well...look at my results my GABA and serotonin and flawless so when I took xanex I had a panic attack! So basically what my results show is that my body not only is producing a lot of this but through my genetics test we found I have a double mutated gene that has extreme difficulty breaking the dopamine and norepinephrine down!!!!

So she gave me supplements to take at night which break down the dopamine and norepinephrine ( called calm prt) and she gave me chewable (SeroTrex which is a mix of 5HTP and l-thenine and magnesium) to take during the day which help to balance all of your neurotransmitters.

To top everything off, I just did research cuz I had a hunch and found that my old medication (I was taking before the panic attacks) guess what two things is produces...Yep! Norepinephrine AND dopamine!!! Not good for some one who genetically can't break that down!!!

I feel so good I finally have proof I am not crazy and I have proof that this is something that was out of my control.

I HIGHLY recommend you do some research and find a good naturopathic doctor in your area. Or if your desperate like I was, fly to San Diego and go to Spark health and see Dr.Cicerone. Also the name of the company that I did my lab test through is called neuroscience (www.neroscienceinc.com). You may be able to contact them to have them help you find someone who can go over your results with you.

I hope this helps you guys!!!! Lots of love!


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  • This is great!!!!! I live in LA and I'm going to plan to go to San Diego for this!!! I'm so excited to tell my man!! Please let us know if the supplements she gave you worked!!! And I love that she gave you supplements and not prescription drugs, that sounds really promising!! I'm so happy for you!!

  • That is awesome! I really hope you make an appointment it was so eye opening and amazing. I am happy to keep u updated on the supplements so far so good! I do feel way better about taking supplements than medication! If u want I can message you all the pricing details and how long things take so you can be prepared and know what to expect at Spark! The ONLY negative is that it is not cheap. But to me it's worth every penny.

  • Okay yes!! Please do message me all the pricing and details!! Thank you soooo much!!! I truly appreciate you! Keep on feeling great girl!! 😊🙌🏽

  • Is the treatment helping? How long have you been on it? Thank you.

  • So far only been 2 days. So far I feel great but it could be the placebo effect because I'm feeling so great and positive after my appt. Only time will tell! I'll post an update in a couple weeks!

  • Continue to claim your victory! !!

  • Wow! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted on whether this helps you. I have often wondered if a chemical imbalance or hormones might play a role in my roller coaster of anxiety, depression, fear, and sadness. Due to some other health issues, I am unable to take prescription drugs for my anxiety. So, I battle this on my own with a therapist without any chemical assistance. Right now, I am losing the battle! :-( Look forward to reading your updates. Thanks, again!

  • Yes, I always felt that way as well and I didn't know until recently that there was even a way to test it!! I will absolutely keep you updated on if this cures me or helps at all. I really recommend you look into supplements since you can't take drugs. I found this website that recommends some good ones!


    I wish you the best and hope you recover from this soon : )!!!

  • Thanks for the Web site.

  • As a standard doctor I would query the science and your conclusions although happy you have improved , albeit only 2 days.

    The drugs you mentioned and the biological model of depression relates to the levels of serotonin at the nerve end plates in the brain, not the blood and certainly not the urine levels. The drugs don't change the amount of neurotransmitter in your body, but only the amount at the neural end plate either by reducing reputake (ssri) or enhancing effectiveness (xanax gaba agonist). It is almost impossible to measure these at the neural end plates and all attempts at measuring blood and circulating levels have failed to show any correlation with mental symptoms. Similarly for the genetic tests unless you have some research that shows otherwise!

    These urine tests have been undertaken for many years for serotonin secreting tumours (carcinoid) and gaba (phaeochromocytoma), but the medical view is that there is no good evidence for the use in mental health management.

    Please tell me otherwise and show me some good research to support your comments. I would love to know if there is any.

    The science of psychiatry is a little uncertain. It's long been argued that most of the effect of antidepressants is placebo, but so what if people benefit.

    This sceptical review makes interesting reading!


    Ps . I hope you are on commission for new referrals.

    Just joking.

  • No, I don't have any research that supports any of this. And all I will have to support it is experience. So far, this has been the only doctor that has helped me and I am going to give it a shot by trusting all the tests and supplements. If it doesn't work...then at least I was optimistic and tried.

  • With faith and optimism you're well on the way. I'm very pleased you're doing well

  • Hi. I just wanted to know if you eat meat ? I have read that people who don't eat meat have lower levels of Serotonin, because meat contains an amino acid called tryptophan, and it naturally produce serotonin.

  • Amen !!!

  • From my understanding, 5-HT level is a serotonin test, and blood test done to diagnose carcinoid syndrome, usually have high levels of serotonin. So what I'm trying to say is doesn't this prove there are test to check serotonin levels? I'm not a doctor, I'm just asking ? I've also read that depression and Insomnia are signs of low serotonin levels. Could this be also true ?

  • Wow, you have a lot of knowledge behind this. Do you have any knowledge that may help us in overcoming these struggles of depression and panic attacks?

  • I really thank you for that information. I be telling my husband I need my neurotransmitters checked. I wish I could fly to San Diego to get that check up.

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