Got a surprise today!

Got a surprise in the letter today. It was my mental health test result to confirm I have anxiety.

I have now been 'officially' diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and severe depression?!!

Now I do not have a clue where that came from but the only questions that I 'passed' on the test were the ones about harming myself, harming others and committing suicide.

I do not think I am depressed personally but according to them I am.

I feel lack of motivation, lack of energy, lack of appetite (improving), I stay in bed most days and I won't do anything unless its a must.

I put this down to anxiety and to the fact I'm signed off work long term, I have been told by my employer and my doctor not to return till I am 100%... god knows how long that'll be...

I guess my question is, does that sound like depression to you?


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  • Did you have problems before your crash. It all seems very extreme for an accident.

  • No mate none at all, thats whats confusing me.

  • It's weird !. I can understand anxiety and PTSD, maybe they're triggering depression. It's all very extreme and​ it seems it's snow balling.

  • It very much seems like its snow balling. Thats the weird thing I can go from feeling great, having a great day then in an instant feel awful!

  • You need to push yourself because if I let myself do what I was feeling I wouldn't do anything. I push myself ever day.

  • Yeah a lot of people have told me that! Some days its overwhelming though as you probably know! I used to be a big gym goer, now I struggle to walk down the road!

  • It's hard I know but you've got to do it !!

    Smile, though your heart is breaking !.

  • Cheers fella! I appreciate the advice. I hope things are all good your end as well :)

  • Cheers bud


  • Hi TheInjuredBiker, I know what you are saying regarding depression. I've always felt that I'm not depressed. I love life. It's the anxiety that will get us each and every time we give into it. Anxiety can be overwhelming enough to make us want to just take to our bed and hide. We are not depressed, we're anxious. Quite a difference. A lot of the symptoms of depression can spill over into anxiety. They may look the same but aren't the same animal. I think if you work on your anxiety, you will see a turn around. As for you question :) I too don't believe it's true depression.

  • Thank you for your response Agora1! I completely agree with you, it seems the same but definitely is not. The thing that makes me laugh is they managed to determine I have severe depression from one single test? Doesn't seem enough to warrant 'severe' in my eyes.

  • It sounds a lot likd depression but ptsd anxiety and depression can go together. I know cos I have all three and ADHD and OCD on top! (More ADHD than OCD now though). I get exactly the same symptoms as you sometimes. So I think it's hard to say which is which. I do know that trauma can cause depression and anxiety coo I had alot of both for months this year after a horrific experience.

  • Hi to answer ur question I don't think it's depression, I hate it get mixed up with anxiety I think ur going through a shitty time in ur life right now, like most of us have but we are at a low point but I promise u will get out of it try set a target everyday to do something and read Claire weekes its very old but it has helped my panic and anxiety it's all about just letting our symptoms pass over us and not let them beat us. I still get them but I feel I can control them more

  • Good for you Blondiful. One of the best books ever to be written.....if not THE best! It's my Bible. Self Help For Your Nerves. Dr.Claire Weekes.

  • My therapist told me to think of anxiety and depression add best friends. Where you find one you'll oftentimes find the other. It's always a battle. Some days I can't stop smiling and enjoying life and others I can spend upwards of 18 hours in bed not eating, drinking it doing anything but laying there listless. Do you take an antidepressant medication? I take Lexapro and it helps more with the anxiety for me than the depression, but it has taken a bit of the edge off of it. I'm not sure about the details of your accident but many times when we're injured and can't do the things that we're used to on a daily basis, it will easily lead to depression. I highly recommend cognitive behavioral therapy especially to help in coping with the PTSD.

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