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I've found some relief!


Hi guys! So I can relate to many of your symptoms.. my anxiety was totally on fleek this summer (NOT GOOD).. I was suffering from a fast beating heart, weakness, extreme fatigue, fuzzy brain/ a "drunk" sensation, tingling on my scalp, thighs, tingling on my left part of my neck with no pain, hot flashes, dizziness, light sensitivity, chest pain, ear pressure, tight neck, jaw, clenching teeth at times, and a lot of fear of being ill and constantly checking on google for my symptoms.

After countless blood work my doctor checked for horrible illnesses, CT of the brain, I saw an ENT and I got checked for vertigo or any hearing impairment , cardiologist did a stress echo, I had a chest X-ray, saw an eye specialist .. every single test came back NORMAL. The only thing that was low was my iron saturation, normal is 13-15.. I was at an 8! I ended up getting 5 iron infusions and that helped a lot! But I was still having other symptoms linger which were not related to having a low iron saturation. Like foggy brain/ the "drunk" feeling, neck pain.. etc

I was so confused, if every test came back normal then why did I feel horrible and so sick?

So in one of these anxiety chat rooms someone mentioned they were magnesium deficient! They listed all their symptoms and it was pretty much most of my symptoms too!! On my labs my magnesium level is as not high now low.. I went and bout some Natures Way magnesium vitamins 250 gm and I've been taking 1 per day. The first few days were tough.. I had a slight headache, tired, and a little diarrhea! But after the days went by those symptoms slowly faded. It's been about two weeks and my anxiety has gotten better, and I've noticed a significant change in that foggy brain/ "drunk" feeling. I still notice that foggy brain feeling mostly when I'm in a crowded place like a mall or market or when there are many bright colors in a room..I've been searching for answers online since doctors don't know what's wrong with me.

I refuse to take any antidepressants or anxiety pills! They screw u even more. I'm also trying acupuncture and Dottera oils to help with the anxiety. I'm also thinking of seeing an alternative doctor, homeopathy doctor.. they're into holistic treatments.

A few nights ago in the anxiety chat room a woman said she was diagnosed with Binocular vision Dysfunction.. it's when your eyes are not aligned properly and the symptoms are basically everything I've listed!!! This also causes anxiety because this dysfunction makes you feel dizzy.. yiu guys need to read up on it.. The only doctor that can test to see if you might have it is a neuro vision specialist! I'm gonna see my doctor this Monday and see if he can refer me to one.. I'll keep y'all posted and we'll hope this helped someone out there!!

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Hello! I hope you feel better soon! If your still taking magnesium tablets I just wanted to tell you that using magnesium oil is a lot better as your body absorbs it much better then the tablets and doesn't cause you to have diarrhea an such....I think the only think it does cause is a bit of a stinging/itching sensation if your really depleted/skin isn't used to it yet and will go away once you get used to it

Thank u very much! How do u use the oil? I'm not really deficient but I decided to just try it out and it's been helping a significant amount:)


You can just rub however much you want in your skin 😊

Thank u! I will try it out!!

I have went and still going through the same thing. Anxiety makes you feel so bad.

Vava8686 in reply to User4567

Yes it does.. everyone thinks you're crazy but the symptoms feel sooo real and scary.. there are soooo many ways to aleaviate anxiety.. lately it hasn't even too bad..

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