Magnesium and 5-htp for anxiety

So i have been on magnesium for atleast 5 days now and I have already felt the "healing" begin today I am going to ALSO start 5-htp as its supposed to help with ADHD anxiety and all sorts of serotonin type ailments i will keep everyone posted on the road to recovery and how it helps and what not so far the magnesium has kep my anxiety down as I wasnt able to drive an ambulance as it gave me anxiety due to having a panic attakc during an overnight I was on a call when it happened luckily i wasnt needed but i got throgh it but had a fear of going on calls because I was worried ill have an anxiety attack on another call or something worse but i had a pretty decent call yesterday and was perfectly fine no anxiety symptoms i was worried I was gonna have to do CPR but the rush i felt was not ANXIETY but BETTER like a FIGHT for this persons life type of feel like it was AMAZING so i wish to see what else this could get me through :)


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  • Do you take a supplement or use the spray magnesium?

  • Supplement im hoping combining the two wont do me any harm

  • I take it to its good isn't it brilliant for anxiety feel so much calmer.

  • Hi Daisy-17. Could you tell me the form of magnesium that you take ? If you don't mind.

  • Its called doctors best magnesium glicinate off ebay or amazon.

  • Ok, thanks a lot Daisy

  • I didn't know what 5-HTP was so I have just read up on it and its got good reviews with people with anxiety and depression saying its brilliant. 👍

  • I heard about it on thisforum actually tried it day one felt nothing different although i wasnt anxious haha so idk :) will keep testing it and informing on this site

  • Whats t5 htp please??

  • What form of magnesium are you taking, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Pill form 250 mgs by nature promise i believe

  • Ok, thank you.

  • Either nature promise or nature valley

  • Lol. Thanks again

  • Is this the one you take ?

  • No but thats the same bottle just 250 mg and its a little white capsule no gel no quick desolve its a pill

  • Hi,

    Can you get a link from where you bought it from or maybe just any link.


  • I went to a local health store or a cvs they carry it its natures promise or natures valley magnesium i dont buy vitamins online i goto the store for anything i injest as i find it safer just goto a cvs or a riteaid or a pharmacy and ask for magnesium supplemental vitamins and theyll know exactly what to get you here is my brand

  • No it's not for that. I have taken Magnesium for a good while and there is only one brand I trust. The one you gave a link to is a very poor yet expensive one. Just a little help along the way as many magnesium products can be poorly produced and they take your money but do work to certain degree but you can get cheaper. You can get really good ones fairly inexpensive that give huge results, I think a brand has already been mentioned by daisy17.

  • So then what brand is good? And is it harmful? I mean i didnt buy the bottle my mum did lol it helps so idc haha

  • Drs best or KAL. Drs Best being the best but any chelated form. Oxide is the worst. Look at the ingredients before you buy and if it says oxide or buffered don't buy.

  • Macnesium oxide? Or just plain oxide? I only see it say magnesium oxide

    Why is it bad? Either way?

  • It is Magnesium just in a oxide form. It won't hurt you, well it may be rough on your stomach over time or give you the runs but it just is a very poor form of Magnesium and you can get a better type for the same money or less

  • So i knwonyou said the above person mentioend a good bran but im not seing it could you just tell me what the good brand is? You may have already and i may have skipped over it accidentally but id rather have the best of long islands products and i dont think log island had the bran you mentioned is there other alternatives? And i have noticed having the runs since i started this lmao thoght it was the coffee

  • This is best type and best brand. There is nothing wrong with buying from a reputable online source and these are reputable, just look at the reviews.

  • That product is miles maybe coutrys away from me lol ty tho

  • The site is multi national, you just change country at the drop down menu where the flag symbol is.

  • I'm glad your okay , and doing good . when you have a panick attack does it feel like it's possible your gonna die ?

  • My panic attacks always make me feel as if im gonna die ots been on going since 5 years ago -_- but if im not anxious or panicky im fine but im always in my town so im never really anxious in my town unless im over exerting

  • Can you take 5-htp if your on meds do you know I've heard of it but haven't used it. Do you think I should consult my doctor about it?

  • Do not take it on medications especially SSRIs meaning anti depressants ask doctor BEFORE taking ANYTHING make sure it wont couteract poorly or anything harmful side effects

  • That's awesome, im happy for you 😊 i've been taking magnesium 250mg from nature's made since may. It made a whole lot of difference for me. Helped with low moods, anxiety and most of all it made me feel so calm. I experimented and did not take it for almost a month now and my low moods and anxiety is acting up again a little at a time everyday :( so im going to start taking it again.

  • Yeah it helps i suppose haha but there so much more stuff out there that can be good for anxiety :) i wanna make a combo of all the things that help and take it all NATURAL STUFF

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