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I have been suffering from anxiety for the past 6 months. It came out of nowhere and it has been the worst experience of my life. Through this challenge, I have tried a lot of things to take away my suffering. Some things have helped and some have not. I figured it would be helpful to many people to share what has helped me. If anything has helped you, please comment it on this post (medication, supplements, books, meditation etc.).

1. The book "DARE- The New Way to End Anxiety and Panic Attacks" by, Barry McDonagh. This book gave great strategies, made me feel normal, and really explained anxiety well.

2. Changing my diet. This actually stopped my panic attacks completely but I do still suffer from anxiety. I cook all of my food, I eat a lot of good protein, vegetables, some fruit, rice and quinoa a lot of sea food and salmon! Cutting out gluten and sugar really helped. Do not cheat on this whole food diet for a month and see how you feel.

3. Find a Naturopathic doctor. They will give you blood tests, urine tests and saliva tests and analyze all of the results. I saw one a few weeks ago and will be going in for my results this week. Bssed on what your body is lacking they will provide you with the correct supplements. They can see if your hormones are off or if your brain is not producing Gaba or seratonin etc. I am so excited to get the results and see what she has found. These types of doctors spend a lot of time figuring out EXACTLY the cause of the problem rather than throwing medication at you!!

4. If you have any stomach problems as well (IBS, stomach pain, trouble eating) please do some research on the link between gut health and mental health. It will shock you. I feel that my gut is the root problem. Ever since I started eating kefir and drinking kombutcha (both have probiotics) my stomach problems have healed SO much and I feel it has helped ease my mind.

I hope some of these tips were helpful. Again, if you have any tips or suggestions for anxiety sufferers, PLEASE post below so we can help each other get through this. Lots of love to you all <3.

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How do I find one of these Doctors I'm from the uk?

I would google "Naturopathic doctor in (your city)" and some options should pop up. You can also try searching on Yelp for one near you or try searching for "natural alternative medicine in (your city)". Hope that helps and you're able to find a good one!

Thank you. I also like the book DARE. I went to a naturalistic and she tested my saliva and blood and gave me a zillion vitamins and minerals to take, but so far they haven't helped. She said my progesterone and estrogen were both low (I'm post menopause) and put on those too, but again, no miracle. I think everyone who has anxiety has something missing from the system that we need and that is why diet and exercise help. Helping our bodies through this hell is beneficial to us...however, I really pray they find a cure for this stuff. The "thinking" thing is important, but I think it's a strategy to get us through what we suffer from and not cure us from what we suffer from. It is exhausting, isn't it? I'm so tired of it. But I will continue with a very healthy diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, vitamins, and prayer. I pray for ALL of you each night and pray for peace for us.

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Do you mind letting us know what vitamins and minerals that she have you taking? I am aware that those supplements are based on your needs.

Yes I will follow up with a post after my appointment. I will say before she even looked at my results she said the most common thing people with anxiety lack is Gaba so she gave me kavinace pills which help your body to produce the Gaba. I have not tried them yet but she claims they are amazing! Pretty expensive though:

I am a little disappointed to hear that your naturopath didn't solve the problem because I have a lot of hope riding on that right now. It is so exhausting. I agree with you, I think we all have something that is a bit off that is causing the anxiety and it seems completely impossible to find what it is at this point. I haven't tried yoga or meditation so that is my next thing to try!! Best of luck to you I hope this ends soon for us all : ).

Your naturopath may be way better than mine. So, keep the faith! I have another appt at the end of the month with a regenerative medicine specialist. I will let you know how that goes!

I hope so she does have amazing reviews so I guess only time will tell! I have never heard of one of those. I hope it goes well please let me know if it is helpful to you! Best of luck!

Hi there I am glad you have found some things that helped. I also read dare and it really helped. Just wondering about the kefir are you drinking coconut kefir or yoghurt style kefir?

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I have not tried coconut kefir although I have read good things. I get a yogurt kefir from spouts from the Latta brand. I love it!

The key to beating anxiety is accepting that its there. Accept that its there and stop fighting it. You can't beat your own mind. I decided 6 weeks ago I was going to start walking and exercising every night even if it killed me. It was rough at first but now its nothing. Even if you fee it isn't working keep doing it anyways. Go for a walk every day. No days off no matter what. I went from a mess to 80% functional in a month.

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