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Feel unsteady, like walking on a trampoline or a boat

Hi, I'm on here because I've had trouble the past two years feeling like I'm walking on a boat or trampoline. My symptoms come and go, but now they're back again. It initially stated when I tapered off xanax a little over two years ago. I tapered too fast and went through withdrawals, then took Valium for a year and a half and have almost tapered of it. I'm down to 1mg a day, which is practically nothing. I've been tested for practically everything and docs have found nothing other than anxiety and possible Lyme disease (I was desperate and had them test for Lyme). However, the Lyme tests done are so inconclusive (I tested equivabacle meaning maybe I have it). Walking is primarily my only problem (other than the anxiety I get from the sensation of walking). At times, the room appears to shift too when walking and am thinking this may all be related to anxiety. The ways I have found to relieve this is by closing my eyes and standing on one leg, or jumping on a mini trampoline. Also, diet and exercise. I also go to neuro feedback, which has helped me to deal with the anxiety accompanied with this odd sensation of walking. I think I'll try yoga again. Anything that requires balancing seems to help. I remember one time I decided that nothing was wrong with me and got busy with life and this walking symptom pretty much went away or I'd say at least 80 percent away. Any further thoughts or advice on how to deal with this would b appreciated!

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Hi I have this alot. It's definitely at its worst when I'm feeling overwhelmed and very anxious (which is most of my day). I am trying the acceptance route regarding my anxiety and just try to get on with whatever I need to do but it's easier said than done. It has helped but not got rid of it completely. I still have issues with letting go of my anxiety completely and this is definitely holding me back. Sorry I don't have any helpful advice but just wanted you to know that your not the only one living with it. X


I am convinced we all have some missing vitamin/mineral or an ailment like Lyme disease in our symptoms. It could also be hormonal or endocrinologist in nature. I believe we have flair-ups when are bodies are stressed or run down and whatever is wrong is hard to control because are immune systems become weak through stress. Yes, I think we are all highly energized, sensitive people and that that, coupled with a deficiency or disease, throws us under the bus now and again. It's a battle, meditation, exercise to help our bodies heal. Until they find the cure, we have to make ourselves take care of ourselves so our bodies can work at full capacity to fight whatever ails us.


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