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Feel weak like my body is going to shut down


Does anyone else get this and how do you deal with it? I feel constantly drained of energy and really struggling to get through the day. It makes my anxiety worse because I have this fear I'll just collapse or shut down completely. It feels very much like I will collapse. I feel like I don't have the energy to stand or to think. When I do try to think (when I work hard at work) I often get very dizzy and the room starts spinning. My muscles are also very weak and they shake when I try to use them. I've been to the docs because a nurse told me to have my thyroid tested. He doesn't think it's thyroid but I had a fasting blood test today because he wanted to check for diabetes. I've been tested for diabetes regularly over the last 12 years because every doctor I see wants to double check! So I very much doubt there's anything wrong with me. Do other people get the weak/collapsing feeling and how do you make it better? It's with me all day long every day and I feel like I don't trust my body to be strong and robust and young anymore (I'm 25), because I feel so frail and I'm scared of 'pushing myself', by exercising or doing much at all....I feel like I might be making it worse by trying to stay safe and just rest all the time though?

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i have felt like this since feb and docs just say its anxiety but its a living nitemare im 30 and feel a 100 lol wat other symptoms do u get?

I know it's so frustrating! I used to be really busy and going out enjoying things, I used to exercise every day because I enjoyed it (not strenuous but I was really active) and now I feel like a complete invalid. It's weird, because when I was busy I was still suffering from a diagnosed anxiety disorder, but I never used to have these feelings of total weakness.

I've had anxiety for years so my symptoms kind of come and go and then return again - I never seem to have the same constellation symptoms, but I get these (usually not all at once!): Rapid heart beat, very slow heart beat, feeling spaced out/confused, shooting pains in arms, aches particularly around hips, feeling drugged or drunk, dizziness, loss of coordination, burning feelings on my skin, extreme thirst, nausea, stomach pains, diarrhoea, difficulty remembering words, tingling/pins and needles particularly on my face, itchy skin, palpitations, hyperventilating, sweaty palms and feet, difficulty speaking (words come out in wrong order), difficulty concentrating (and listening....), hot and cold flashes, exhaustion.....I think that's it....

Oh it's a very stupid disorder, very, very irritating to feel like crap all the time!

hello, when i read about extreme thirst in your condition, it made me think, because if you don't have vitamins B6/B12 in your body it might cause this. anxiety sufferes do get dry mouth but not thirst. so check your vitamins level, jsu to let you know it might take 5 years for your body to show that your vitamins level are down, this got to do with your body storing it somewehre. so the test might pick up and might not. I know that my diet doesnt' give me my vitamins so I am taking supplements from Holland and Barrett called B-complex, take half a tablet and when i go to toilet i can see that my urine colour changed to yellow (normally it is almost tranparent) it is because my liver is using the vitamins that needed and get rid of the extras.

anxiety causes diffitiency in vitamins in your body.

to be honest and touch wood i used to feel extremly tired, like someone beat me up and can't even stand up but this disapeared not long time ago, not sure if since i changed my diet and taking vitamins, i do feel tired every day but not aching. i feel tired because anxiety gives heavy chest and breathing becomes difficult add to that the stress.

i know i feel crap all the time, i find myself waking up these days and saying to myself here we go again, what anxiety has got surprises for me today!!!


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I have had a lot of clear urine recently and thought it was due to drinking too much fluid but I get a lot of dry throat

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Me too!!

I feel the same way, any little exertion feels like you are climbimg a mountain, weak, shaky, and going to pass out and fall down...it is awful. I have a hard time with pressure also, if someone sits next to me it drains me, and again i feelike i will pass out. I am terrified to fly because all the pressures and mvts of the plane will exhaust me and i feel like i would collapse. It is not fun at all.

take care, nancy


Although all of my symptoms were physical, I went on citalopram 20mg and this severe lethargy and weakness went away within a couple a weeks.

Did it work, are you back to exercising? I am in the same position you were in and thinking I am going mad, all I want is to be able to run again! Please respond on your recovery status

I Was on it too but it pushed my symptoms to the maxium , im on klonopin , allergic to xanax . Im pretty nervous if anxiety meds arent helpin when i take em because my body tries to defeat it by itself.

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I take meds not working .y anxity get worst it hard get off couch any more feel so tired weak I can't move

Agora1 in reply to Kljody

kljody, what kind of meds are you on? Do you know why anxiety is getting worse? You are new to the forum, we'd like to help. Need to know more about you..

How are you now?  Is this med prescribed by a physician? 

How long did it take for it to start working, and did it get rid of all your symptoms?

I just started the same meds and hoping for releif

I know this was a few years ago but just read your posts. The weakness is unbelievable, almost scary a walk to the corner shop feels like I’ve run 30 miles, I also get gagging which drains me even more, so avoiding places because of it. The doctor has just given me citalopram only been taken taking it 5 days so far, I’m really hoping it’s going to help.

I hope you’re doing ok now

You are me two summers ago and I just ran 2 miles the night before last. I'm not 100% sure why I am okay now, I never ever expected to survive. I don't have the road map out of here but sometimes people get better.

I used to not even be able to get out of bed to feed myself. It was terrifying.

I still do drain fast around people though. If I can stay away from people situations I can do all sorts of impressive physical feats!

Google "Highly Sensitive Person", it's eye opening.

Hi, what did you do to recover from this. I have been like this for 9 months, and it is very difficult.

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Hi Nancy!

I really know how you feel with the pressure thing. I have this to and it really feels like it is a physical and not psycological thing. I become so tired and worn out and exhausted with pressure on my body. It can be tight clothes, sleeping on a hard bed, sitting on a hard chair or if someone is leaning on me. I feel like it sqeezes me and loads me...drains my power. Some time i can wake in the night and feel squeezed just from the gravity pressure from laying down. When i sitt up i start to shudder / get the shakes and yawn and yawn and then slowly the compressed feeling releases. Like i get a lack of circulation or something.

If im wearing tight clothes i get exhausted and when i take them of i start to recover my energy.

Anybody else recognize this?

I get where you are coming from with the tight clothes. Yesterday I had stretch pants on and around my waste was kinda tight & my breathing started to act up.

This is how I feel most of the time also wondering why I feel that way :( it sucks to hear DR's say you're a 100 percent healthy when you clearly feel like crap

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I feel like my body is jolting

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HI nancy that is exactly how I feel I cant stand it anymore

Totally understand. I have the same feelings. I feel so frustrating and hopeless, I keep thinking if I have serious illness , the more I think the more I have all these symptoms..

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Feel exactly the same thinking something else has to be wrong

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I truly know how you feel. At one point I thought i had a terrible disease so for months I would stress myself out to the that i would headaches and felling numb. I would go to bed and fall asleep. Wake up and start shaking, breathing off balanced, heart pounding, even my genitals feel weak. And all I do is work and go home. I pray often but I fell like I'm being punished for something I dont know about. I take high blood pressure medicine everyday and im tired of feeling this way.

I know half these symptoms , I hate anxiety . I have felt so strong for a while then Tuesday and today is through the roof ! how are you feeling this afternoon

I feel the same.. its like is world coming to an end.. I start walking in room and keep telling my self it's okay it's okay..see its okay..I wit beside my daughter n husband and cry and then pray n pray and pray and sleep. .I live life with a fear of losing my daughter etc.. its awful. .

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It's depersonalization disorder, it goes away, all you can do is relax, stop trying to live up to other people's expectations, cut out people or situations that give you anxiety, try to get excited about something, the only cure is distracting yourself and having goals but if you don't feel like it don't force yourself. You will make it!

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Hi my name is Jessica I have been feeling the same way it's been over a month already I been to the hospital four times and the doctor every week I even had a heart monitor for 24 hours I don't get my results till the day after tomorrow it's driving me crazy I go to bed praying wake up praying I pray in the middle of the day and all I do is cry my husband don't know how I'm feeling I feel weird as soon as my eyes open till the time I go to bed

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I'm praying for you. It's scary and i deal with it everyday

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I'm sorry to hear that I've gone through that prayer helps a lot I hope your feeling better

Doomer in reply to MariSan89

I know I do pray there's nothing that helps out there I pray every day to please get me out of this 24 /7 misery , I'm live in fear to the time I get up tell bed or like the other person said the minute my eyes open ... I'm so list an alone with it...

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Lost I meant ( typo

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I'm so sorry you're having this... i am too. I dread every day to know it will bring misery. Praying and relaxing does help take the edge off but some days nothing seems to work. Hugs to you.

That's exactly what i just felt.. I didn't know what caused it because its been a while since it has happened to me. I have a lot of anxiety and this now makes sense to me. Sometimes it's right when i get up in the morning. I remember before today the last time i got it was towards the end of October. I got scared because I didn't know what was happening and it was really early in the morning. I went to go feed my cat and once i put her food away I collapsed and couldn't move or get up for a good 5 minutes. I eventually got up and looked for something to eat thinking that that's why i felt so dizzy and weak. Well I felt really sick before i found anything to eat so I sat on the floor, once i felt okay again I found something to eat and made it.. I didn't want to feel dizzy so I slowly crawled to get everything. Food didn't work, it just made me feel worse. So I decided that I would try going to the bathroom.. That's when the over heating happened. I got so hot that i started to sweat. I couldn't take the heat anymore so I striped and laid on the floor. That helped a little. I still didn't know what was happening so I started to cry. I eventually yelled for my grandma and when she came I told her everything while I was still laying on the cool floor and she told me to try and take a hot bath. Well I did that and relaxed and felt okay when I decided to get out. After I grabbed something more to eat but I still was slow and weak and a tiny bit dizzy. I went back to my room once I was done eating and fell back asleep. I felt much better when I woke up for the second time and I didn't think to look up anything on the internet. This makes so much sense to me now, I'm diagnosed with anxiety and depression and i'm on medication for it but its only as needed to help me sleep. Of all things I didn't know that anxiety would be the cause of this. It did happen again today and I finally decided to see if I could find something and I'm so happy now that I found the answer I was looking for and someone who I can relate to (even tho i'm 2 months away of being 16). I have high anxiety on a daily basis and i have some symptoms daily but I get all the symptoms every once in a while. Is there anything that I should do when i'm having the symptoms?

Symptoms decribed perfectly 

I have been feeling like this a long time like 5 years, and with each year it seems to get worse. I.ve been tested for Diabetes, and thyroids I'm not sure why I feel like this, I can't talk to people I know what I want to say sometimes, but when it comes to say it I get lost in my words. I=my whole body aches from fatigue, and I get so tired that my eyes feel like they are going to pop out, but e=when I try to sleep sometimes I feel like I'm going to die, like I just start fading out, sometime my body starts like twitching, or I'll get a sudden jolt that makes me jump. Its driving me crazy because I've been to the Doc a hundred times and they can't find whats wrong with me, and it scares me that I nay have cancer or something and they just haven't found it yet, because there is something majorly wrong, I just don't know what.

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Maybe your neurotransmitters like serotonin or norepinephrine level got low. See a psychiatrist. Maybe it can help.

I feel all that you said mine got so bad I had quit my job active and cleaning make me feel extreme tires weak blurry eyes I tired all time and feel weak I take meds I went to er so many times got high blood presser high clestrol I been work out power lifting over 20 years I was bench 365 squaring 600 20 reps deadlier 380 curl 200 now I do nothing I try bands little make me get tired dissy

did you ever figure this out ?

Man i can tel u the same thing here. I feel like i will shutdown any moment, like really freaking weak. I really struggle to do things. I will always add up extra energy to do normal work at home and ontop of all that, i had diarrhea too. My Doc had me going on some vitamin meds but i can't feel any better. Scares the crap out of me.

Did u find out anything?

Me too, feel like I m getting a heart attack, can't breath always worried about something is happening to me

Are you any better? Every single symptom you described is me. I have just recently become sooooooo tired that idk what to do. I feel like I'm going to fall over and pass out. I hate how tired I am. It seems like I'm very tired if I think about it, once I become busy doing something I forget how tired I am. I hate anxiety! I want to feel better and wonder since we had the same symptoms, what you did to get better.

I have these exact same symptoms and it's quite frightening. I'm now getting tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and adrenal issues with sodium and potassium balance and fluid and salt intake problems.

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Did you find out if you were vitamin and nutrient deficient?

THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!!! Add in jaw pain from clinching my jaws and tension headaches!

I've been feeling those same feelings and they really suck and I have three kids and I love them and they need me and me to be strong but right I feel weak and scared and sad and it's like at any minute I could just pass out!! But I just tell myself they r just thoughts and the more tmi think into it then it gets stronger and the more I fight it it gets stronger well so they say!! I just turned 30 years old and I've had what they call anxiety disorder and depression for 9 months now but I just found out from my mom today that I had as a kid just no as bad as it is now!! I wish she would of told me way before now so that I could of dealt with it then!! I use to be just like u and I know how u feel!! It is really scary to feel these feelings!! But just remember ur strong and u well get through the hard days!!

I feel all of this everything your feeling , I am constantly thinking I am losing my mind . I've had anxiety for years now and I kept feeling like something was wrong with me . But reading what you just put makes me feel like I'm not alone . I've been to doctors and they just say it's IBS and just continue to push drugs on me. I have been sleepwalking for years but now my anxiety and depression is so out of control it's been happening almost everyday . What do you do to help?

Did you ever take Cymbalta? If so, it can cause all these symptoms you are experiencing even long after you stop the medication. Its a very powerful an dangerous drug. I know many people who suffer because they took it in the past.

Did you ever take Cymbalta? It can cause all the horrible , possibly long term or permanent side effects you're describing. It's a dangerous drug although the doctors and drug companies do not inform you of that. I know several people who suffer terribly because they took Cymbalta in the past yet still suffer.

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What is your status now, have you recovered and if so how did you do it? Are you able to exercise like before?

That's how I feel to x

hi this could be me writing this story

i have been getting this muscle weakness for weaks now .my doc has said my thyroid is out of sinc not enough thyroxin i have been on thyroxin for 25 years now since full removal of my thyroid gland seems i havnt been taking enough .. been taking the extra for a week now . the tiredness seems to have settled down but i am still getting tingley face heat surges where i feel like i am going to pass out .. funny thing though my niece is a nurse and .. she said some of my symptoms are from my anxiety .. i have noticed when i get a bit scared my legs go weak and my arms start to go all like jelly then when i sort myself out they go a bit crampy and start to ache .. they are like this constantly but when i have a good day the symptoms disappear for a few days . i am convinced this is my anxiety taking over making me ill she has just given me a book called the power . their is a chapter about health and how we make our own illnesses with our mind and how to stop this been sticking to the instructions on how to stop this .. and felt ok today went shopping by myself without thinking i was going to collapse and really enjoyed it .. your not alone tyring my best to beat this thing

I am going through the same thing 4 /25/2014 my body feeling like its going to shut down feeling like I am going to pass out legs start feeling weak it even mess with my vision my vision started to get confusion and blurry loss of appitite I had to be put on medication starting the year of 2007 I started off takeing mirtaziphine remeron and it worked really well and then I stopped taking it because I was doing better then they started coming back year after year I been put on xnaex valium ativan heart rate gets up to 130to140 pressure go up the doctors tell me nothing is wrong its just my anxiety when I start to cpntrolling my breathing my heartrate goes down

hi, sounds familiar, I felt the same and after 2 years of extensive research discovered I had the syndrome POTS-it has numerous symptoms and at worse involves passing out. Anxiety, and a fast heart rate which is what causes the anxiety are key symptoms.

What can u do for POTS

oh you sound like me will it ever stop


I get the some feelings you get, it's horrible nobody understands what I am talking about, when I try to explain, about the fatique I get , I can hardly get up the stairs. I have been tested for everything including food allergies, because of cronich diarehea every morning, I think it's anxiety and depression, I think it's like a greasy pole you go up and then down, I always find the mornings are worse.

skyriter88 in reply to Hidden

How are you doing now? Have you recovered and if so, how did you do it?

I have gotten most of all the Crap that's going on my doc is getting me to try out anxiety management. I hope it help I and turning 25 and I have been dealing with this for almost 3 years now. I have been to doc that here is a new pill try that it don't work come see m again.

i had a panic attack a month ago and quit smoking at the same time (cold turkey), after that i got constant light headed or pressure like at the back of my head the feeling of fainting especially when i move my head fast or turning around or looking up or down with just the eyes, excessive sweating neck and head (lasted like almost 2 weeks), stomach aches, constipation not even an urge to defecate for 2 weeks, because of that i was afraid eating a lot, i loss weight big time in less than a month, new symptoms come and go each day, one day i thought it's another panic attack but it's different, my arms and body and neck feels like burning from the inside like I'm about to explode, lasted like a few minutes but after that when i touch or rub my ear, neck and arms once it feels like sunburned (lasted 4-5 days), then a few days later crawling feeling random part of my body like a mosquito, bug, dirt or a hair went over my skin, then itching or pins and needles sensation, rarely i thought a drop of water fell on my shoulder (ongoing), later on my left eyelid twitches its gone after a few days but on this week i really get very drowsy when reading text on my phone or focusing too much on my computer screen then when i fall asleep on the spot i jerk and wake up from it, the 1st few days/weeks sleeping was difficult, I read maybe its because of the nicotine withdrawal, insomnia but later on i can sleep with out waking in the middle of the night, it lasted like a week or so but last night, me and my sis was woken up in the middle of the night by a guy with a broken motorbike on the street trying to start his bike and it sounds like guns shots so we rush outside to check it out and go back to bed afterwards but i notice my hand and arms feel weird like... it's hard to explain, it's like slight numbness or burning but i have full control of both hands so its not the same when you slept over your hands, i sleep it off but woken up after an hour and the arm sensation is still there and getting worse then my chest started tightening, light headed or fainting feeling getting worse, ( i guess anxiety kicks in to amplify it), i stand up and walk it out down stairs and gone outside while breathing deep and slowly, manage to calm myself but took me 2 hours to sleep again by the way walking it out works for me, the vertigo feeling, tiredness, weak or crappy etc,, seems to go away when I'm walking or when I'm busy talking to someone or moving a lot, i notice my symptoms feels worst when doing nothing like sitting still or hungry, this are just my physical symptoms, since the attack i lose interest to the stuff i love doing, ex: listening to music, tv/movies, video games, guitar playing, i feel bad about myself though some things i hate before i started to like now like going out, doing house chores, chat, oh and i was able to go to the mall like 5 straight days because my dad came home from states, i can't say no even though I'm terrified i might get an attack in public but luckily i only got 2 close calls that time but completely drained from constant monitoring of myself, since then i notice anxiety have a huge role on my symptoms, I rarely take a bath now because of the fear i might faint, i don't lock the doors either, so that if anything happen my family would easily get to me, I became very picky with foods I eat (before, i eat what i like i don't care) now I'm still trying my best to fight, control or make it through the day, though i read on some site that fighting or controlling it won't help it go away for good, like if you're about to get an attack don't stop it, observe to learn from it to know how your attack works and give it a time limit like welcoming the attack but with a time limit Ex: 20 seconds, the attack should stop beyond that point, I kinda get what he meant but easier said than done, I really don't want to experience that again, I still don't know whats wrong with me i still surf the web for clues and yes there's a lot of medical condition that are related to what I'm feeling right now, i really hate this feeling, always crappy, weak, lightheaded, fainting sensation, new symptoms that comes and go, new ones each and every other day, well I apologize for the long post, it's my first post or shared anyone what I'm going through, even my family don't know about it yet...

Mskimchiii in reply to Howitzer

Hey Howitzer! I was really strung on your comment. I am actually going through the SAME exact thing. I had a panic attack which kinda forced me to quit smoking cigarettes... which I think heightened my anxiety and irritability. Let me know if you feel anything better... because I don't.

saso46 in reply to Mskimchiii

Hey, i know its been a while since this comment was fresh but yeah i just quit smoking 2 days ago because it's got to the point where i'd have a cigarette and then my heart would decide to race like a horse(anxiety or something else? I'm not sure). To be honest i live in a non functioning home with an alcoholic dad, he doesn't communicate with anybody and we don't with him, i don't actually understand how he doesnt feel lonely sitting outside on his own every night drinking but anyway..  I have major fatigue since i stopped smoking like i aint slept for days, lightheaded like ive been on a ride and ocassionaly will start to feel really weak as if my blood sugar has dropped (im not diabetic). I'm on edge all day and night, i grind my teeth at night because i cant relax, i have so much worry. I worry i have a possible medical issue with the heart im a 27 year old male, good bmi, never had serious health concerns. ER says its fine, they did an ECG and told me to see my doc about the racing issue since it wasnt present when they hooked me up to the ECG. Matter of fact, it went away when i called the ambulance. Proof to me it's all anxiety. I've suffered with anxiety for about 5 years on and off now. Mostly off but nontheless bad when it's on. There is always a real symptom i experience, but in the end it goes away. A few years ago i was in even more stress, i worked shifts at the airport, went to work one day and started losing my vision. Everything went white. I got up, walked through the terminal to try "shake it off". Happened again a few months later during a stressful situation, everything when white, and felt like i was gonna pass out, i decided to lay on the ground as i sweated and felt hot. I feel as if It must be anxiety as i write this. What i have been feeling today is a new level of anxiousness. Constantly lightheaded, scared my heart will start racing and worried if it happens when im out somewhere or around other people.

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Hi there, hope all is well pls keep me updated on your condition I too suffer from anxiety and I'm having all this physical symptoms i throne I've gotten around 90% of them like you said everyday is a new symptom ... Pls help thx hope all is well with you God Bless...

jeremy84 in reply to Howitzer

This is me all day

Llia in reply to Howitzer

Yup i leave my doors unlocked as Well, lest they find a rottung body days later.

Lotus4 in reply to Howitzer

That's exactly the way I feel won't take a shower unless someone is with feel weak and tired all the time like I'm going to faint what are we going to do?

Why do we get all these ? I have a totally same symptons, tingling on leg and hand on and off, twitching all over the body, head pressure, feel like on the space, lost of focus, feeling blur sometimes especially when tired, bad memory, legs feeling weak, chest pain, chest feeling tight, fast heartbeat, fear of pass out, fear of getting serious illness because of all these symptoms. Noone understand my feeling and I see doctor almost every 2 weeks because I feel something wrong with me. My blood test is normal, heart test is normal, nervous system test is normal. Why why why? I feel so hopeless and tired of all these. I just wan to live like normal person. Help!

tlsb4 in reply to Liz01

I realize that your post was from a year ago, but it sounds like you have been experiencing many of the symptoms I had for a long time plus I had several more. Even when I didn't feel like I was going to pass out I couldn't keep my balance when walking. My bones and muscles ached. Even my skin hurt if someone touched me. The more time that passed, the more symptoms I ended up with. It affected my thyroid, adrenal glands, my kidneys, nervous system, and my circulatory system to name some of the issues I had. I felt like I was dying. Emotionally I struggled to cope and there were some days that I felt so miserable I stayed in bed. I was always exhausted and anxious. Ultimately with the help of a nutritionalist I ended up being diagnosed with Celiac disease. The small intestine ends up damaged by gluten ( which can be in nearly everything) then your body is no longer able to absorb vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. When that happens your body basically starts shutting down. It affects each person differently so symptoms can be different depending on what is being affected first by the lack of nutrients. Celiac disease is a deadly disease, but is very controllable by a gluten free diet. I hope that you've already figured out what is making you feel I'll, but if not maybe do some research on this subject.

EricSub in reply to Liz01

I totally understand, it makes you want to just start screaming at the doc and tell him find out whats F'n wrong with me, in fact I have and they threatened to put me in a crazy house. I just feel like I'm dying and no one can help me.

Janstu in reply to Liz01

How are you now? What helped u?

I feel the exact same way only the nausea takes place

I feel same thing not everyday. Once in a while I get that feels horrible. Does anyone know if it is anxiety or thyroid cus I got both

I have the same problem

I was weak around the age of 12 and 13 but like an old man with all the muscle ache and lack of energy.

I thought it might of been anxiety related but i learned it was the 2 years being home-taught i started becoming nocturnal and was in bed 75% of the day when i went back to a new school I found i didn't have any stamina i was out of breath constantly and my muscle hurt as though i had done a 4 hr workout but as i grew in confidence i started doing these long walks though i'd start collapsing from the dizziness it's possible like me you burn through food energy quickly due to that staying at home for long periods i grow weaker and have sore muscles this carried on through to college and i had to quit college

but with exercise I kept going and got stronger I tried a health supplement called Complan that helped complan.com/ thats the website it's not a protein shake but it has the health benefits i'd say like a nutrition shake anyway

i used this for about a year and start doing long walked then later started carrying a heavy back to keep my curved spine straight and also build my back muscles equal to my front then as i start improving in stamina and had more energy i moved on to protein shakes to help build muscle

I eventually restarted at college 2 years after the previous try and manage to get stronger i managed 3 years of courses and my health was great i was at my peak i could almost outrun buses(with a shortcut or two) but it wouldn't last...

2013: I was finished with the course and that summer i got rapped up in video games and stopped my long 5 mile daily walks I grew somewhat weaker I didn't realise this till after i restarted on a Maths and English course only 10 mins up the road I felt my legs strength was a little weaker but my stamina had dropped alot as winter was gonna come i got worse i managed to pass it but constantly at home with a lack of energy otherwise i'd tried to diagnose myself but no cause was relevant with the symptoms and all the doctors keep saying is they need more bloodtests which i doubt will help with my dizzyness.

Just last year a few weeks before my birthday I had an electric shock a small amount of voltage it caused my immune system to break down and stop fighting the cold i had the cold easily turned into vomiting and and so on my body couldn't control it's temperature and i was dizzy too

but what was left after 8 weeks of illness was nightmares and a pure anxiety i started having heart palpations and panic attacks I later learned that my body burning up was a symptom of the panic that i was gonna die as i repeatedly vomits couldn't be inside as it was to hot couldn't be outside as it was too cold I steel feel the anxiety now and sometimes start burning up as i remember what's happened

I've somewhat overcome some of the anxiety and decided i won't let it beat me but then i found a old problem that i had to cancel my lv2 english and maths in september (for some reason the electrocution effected my cognitive thinking and short term memory already bad had almost reached an alzheimer level i was forgetting everything so i couldn't get my brain to work properly it would go in one side out the other it's taken time to get back to my smart self) cause i was too ill the months ive spent at home

I found ive ended up back to the same health state as you and though i'm trying to fight it the winter also causes health problems it makes me weaker I feel like an old man when i'm 21ive started going on complan again when the weather gets warmer i'm going to start by a few walks and slowly work my way back into exercising after a year i'll start getting protein shakes again but what ive learned is i might have to take them all my life i was taking protein shakes for 3 years but one lousy summer with no shake and no exercise sent me slowly back down.

try out complan it doesn't do the hole trick but it helps it's classed as a meal but try to eat something with it

when i walked i could walk for miles my legs was like steel and my stamina improved with dedication i plan to get there again but you like me have similar symptoms over time it should also improve your immune system you'll start having energy you once had and be able to free run in the snow(i tried it was fun)

I ish you luck but i reccomend you don't have many breaks with it (though just in case i recommend consulting your gp first as it's generally 4 sachets for £3 or £4 it's best to get it prescribed by your doctor as it will be free but it's only 4 days worth it's probly better to get the original in the tub)

I found everytime i don't have it my energy goes back to it's usual self and i end up feeling dizzy again I have a fast metabolism if your the same try eating more than a guy 3 times your size i found i have to eat constantly as my energy burns superfast

hopefull,y this information will help you if they don't do complan in your country try finding a protein shake store and find which ones best for you i reccomend maximuscle muscle building type as it will build you up while giving you energy it's £30+ a tub but in the long term is cheaper and more effective than the complan sachets as it can last months

i found the muscle definition one just cuts off what little necessary fat i have for extra energy and it eventualy causes stomache problems so don't have that one


Same symptoms here Although i have a thyroid disorder so maybe thats where all of the symptoms come from. I suggest going to an inyegtative medicine facility that deals with the conventional approach along with a holistic herbal and alternative approach.


The integrative approach will find the root xause of your problems by addressing what toxins you may be having blocking you from getting over ylur anxiety along with any nutritional deficiencies you may have. Most of them here in the states are not covered by most insurances so you may have to pay a pretty penny but never put a price on your health

Hi guys

So i've been suffering with these symptoms like on/off for about 15 years. I guess everytime it happens i kind of worry that something worse is going to happen to me like i'll just die or something.

I see some people have been speaking about thyroid but i've just had my thyroid tested and all came back normal. I had a sugar fasting test that picked up i have pre-diabetes but i dont actually think its related. My iron is also normal.

I think doctors are baffled because i've been tested for anything from pregnancy to meningitis. My doctor thinks its an acute stress reaction which can cause extreme symptoms!

I find anxiety is like a little child, it'll do everything in its will to get your attention and eventually all you do all day is think about your symptoms and how you're feeling and thats exactly what anxiety is. You have to deal with anxiety because trying to distract yourself from it will only make it worse.

In the last 2 months i got a normal cold whilst writing exams but got an anti biotic that treated it. But i never fully recovered. Felt extremely tired and dizzy! When i lay down, sat or stood i was dizzy and felt like i couldn't keep my head up. I went to the doctor twice who was convinced i was pregnant. After taking about 30 tests they realised it wasnt that. Suddenly i had the onset of headaches, and EXTREME sensitivity to light. I had my sunglasses on at work and could'nt walk around the shops. still dizzy and stiff neck with fever feelings. I went to the doc AGAIn and she said she thinks i have a virus in my body and will treat me symptomatically. This was Friday last week. She gave me an immune booster and stuff to treat pain and nausea. I evern got a Rayzon injection. By Monday i was feeling better and better. Tuesday morning i felt like my old self!!! I had so much energy! Then yesterday i bought Provita with peanut butter to work and within about 1 hour i started feeling dizzy again.

Im now confused, could i have an intolerance to something or an allergy thats causing inflammation somewhere?

Today i feel a bit better again but i'm going to cut out gluten for a while and see if it makes a difference.

To be honest i think its a combination of things. 1. A weak immune system due to all the stuff our doctors give us to fight this! 2. Possible allergies due to the synthetic products in our food? 3. I think stress in our everyday lives causes migraines and anxiety which just intensifies these symptoms.

My plan of action is this and i will follow up on the results:

1. Change diet! I plan to incorporate organic foods and gluten free items for a few weeks and try a detox where i get rid of toxins in my body

2. Stop taking all chemical medicines for a few weeks too to cleanse my body

3. Do more of things i enjoy, spending time with my family, going for walks on the beach, going shopping etc. Dont stop living! Thats when anxiety takes hold of your life! Fight back and dont be scared that something bad will happen, continue to do the things you love and you will see things will get better.

4. Start trying a mindset change. Im not saying these symptoms are non-existent and are in our minds but anxiety IS a sickness in itself. I want to start trying only a positive thinking pattern, everything WILL be ok, and I WILL get over this and face it head on instead of letting it take over my life.

Im also young, 24 so I know that in actual fact i am healthy. I also think doctors jump at the chance to prescribe Xanax and Valium but those drugs actually have side effects of causing paradoxical behaviour which means it may induce MORE anxiety so the meds the doc is giving us to help with anxiety might actually be making it worse.

If you're still not sure, see a physician to check your general wellbeing or even an endocrinologist to check hormonal balances. Again, our food is boosted with hormones and vitamins to make them grow quicker which is being absorbed by us.

I haven't been able to fully change my diet yet (too poor!) but I tried something called the "Whole30" (only for me it was the Whole4, becasue that's how many days I could do it!) and it was pretty great! The site has some inspiring testimonials of people with auto-immunish issues getting better! I am going to try thins for real when I am a bit more organized. It's a strict lifestyle plan but if you are suffering like you are totally worth it right. I managed to download most of their ebook for free to get a sense of the program.

You need to have the Dr check your thyroid it probably is not functioning right my fiance has a bad thyroid and this is how she feels all the time.

Honestly, im 13 in grade 8, and it kind of scares me, when i was 10 and 11 i use to be very active, didnt mind hanging out with friends, and i was always involved with sport activities but now that schools more dificult, i just find it hard moving through the day, in the morning i struggle to stay awake and sometimes i do, other times im passed out in the middle of english or math class missing work i can't even understand, and failing because of it but later on in the day i get more tired, and at lunch i just sit around and wait while i could be outside having fun,playing with friends, or just walking around, and afterschool its just day ruining. I tryed going to bed early'er and it doesnt help, i sleep around 9 or 10 and get up around 7 or 8 but it still happends to me, and for the past few days its like i would look up from my desk, or get out of it and i feel asif im going to colapse my knees get sore and shakey, my arms do the same thing, and if im carrying somthing, even light within secconds it feels like its twice my weight and everything turns white for a split seccond and its gone, and i cannot stand living like this it just desturbs me so much, and i miss being the old me that enjoyed doing things, im 13 and im suppose to be active and enjoy my life before i start going to hay land with bills, jobs, cars, taxes, financal probloms. it just bugs me, and im failing school because of that, my marks are good in my afternoon classes but other than that its just harsh, i cannot stand it.

Get a sleep study. It sounds like Narcolepsy with Cataplexy.

Or maybe even Mono? Or anemia?

Hi there, glad to know im not alone! I've been suffering from severe anxiety(hypochondriac) which was left untreated for 5 years. Symptoms of chest pains, breathlessness, light headed etc. come and go and in fact, I find all these normal. 7 months ago, I was having my holiday and after swimming I went to sleep when I woke up, it seems like my energy's gone from 100 to 30. Felt very heavy to move, sleepy all the time etc. I thought things will go away but it's been with me for 7 months!!! Did blood tests and all was normal. Took b complex and I'm still the same! I want my old body back, someone pls help me!!! :(

Vita28 in reply to AshKetchum

ask your doctor about lupus research lupus

raluca13 in reply to AshKetchum

it;s depersonalization disorder, it goes away, all you can do is relax, stop trying to live up to ther people's expectations, cut out people or situations that give you anxiety, try to get excited about something, the only cure is distracting yourself and having goals but if you don't feel like it don't force yourself. You will make it!

Janstu in reply to AshKetchum

What finally helped you?

hi I just found out about this site but it sounds like lupus I have it. It took Dr about 4 years to find out what it was don't be afraid to ask your doctor about lupus

I totally hear you. This was me. Let me know how your tests come back. Hopefully they check for anemia, also do you have low blood pressure? Does this get better if you have a period of not working? Are there any times when you don't feel like this? Do you feel better when you lie flat for a while. Are you/were you relatively fit before all this? Have you spent a lot of time off your feet (are you deconditioned)? Do you drink enough water?

Sorry for so many questions but they can help to figure out what it could be!

prime example of anxiety/panic at it's fullest,

I feel you man I hate that feeling

Hi all - just happened to read all of your posts and it looks like we're all going through the same nuisance. Is someone also experiencing loss of appetite? I haven't been able to eat anything solid for the past 2 days.

A little background: my name is Victor, I'm 26 years old and I live in NYC. I work for a bank and is very stressful. Last Sunday, June 28th, I was having a haircut and all of the sudden, I'm having difficulty breathing, increased heart rate and felt like I was going to pass out. My barber called 911 and I was taken to ER. Long story short, every test they ran came out clean. Nothing wrong with me (physically at least). I make an appointment with my primary care physician for Thursday July 2nd. The same thing happened at work on Wednesday evening, around 5pm. I see my doctor next morning and he gives me Atenolol 25mg to decrease the heart rate. I'm on my way to the pharmacy walking which is about 8 blocks away from my doctor's office. On the way, I get the same scenario as Sunday and I call 911. They sent an ambulance but the symptoms went away and I decided not to go to the hospital. I take the medicine my doctor prescribed that day and the next. On Friday, I experience loss of appetite during breakfast. Fine. I get to work and around 1030am I eat a sandwich. In the afternoon I ate nachos and at night I went to a bbq and had steak and half of a burger. After that, I have not been able to eat anything. Just water and gatorade. Also, before going to the bbq, I went home to sleep because I was feeling so tired. Yesterday was the same story: tirved all day feeling like I was going to pass out. I went to the hospital last night and they said my blood work and heart vitals and perfect. Glucose as well. Came home and I'm under the same situation: haven't had anything solid to eat and feeling so weak I think I'm going to pass out. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get more tests done and see what they say about it.

Anyone experiencing loss of appetite too?


raluca13 in reply to motoloco

As I wrote above, it's depersonalization disorder, it goes away, all you can do is relax, stop trying to live up to other people's expectations, cut out people or situations that give you anxiety, try to get excited about something, the only cure is distracting yourself and having goals but if you don't feel like it don't force yourself. You will make it!

Camogirl80 in reply to motoloco

Have you found anything out?

That's how I feel right now mainly because I'm sick,

I'm just laying down right now, trying to keep myself from freaking out,

Crazy how one negative thought can blow your mind out of proportion

Hey how are you. Hope your ok seen as you are suffering with anxiety. Your symptoms are exactly like mine. I've only started like this since 3 months now and it's really annoying and scary. Is there any chance of me contacting you over the phone so we can chat on how you deal with it as I am really struggling. It would be much appreciated. You can ring me on 07446906192 from Manchester thanks mate

Let us all promise to fight out this anxiety. . Wenevr we get anxiety attack let wake up n walk and talk n do all tht keeps us happy n active.. We can't let it t charge of us this way..get into yoga and it will help. All the best to beat this anxiety.

Hi everybody

I get a lot of emails telling me people are replying to this post so I wanted to come back and tell you how things went. I no longer suffer from these symptoms, or from anxiety (most of the time).

I think I was quite sure while this was going on that it had something to do with my psychological problems. I had been told many years previously by a GP that I appear to translate my emotions into physical symptoms rather than being aware of the emotions themselves.

Indeed, this turned out to be the problem. Like, I assume, many people here, the GPs forced me through a battery of tests to check it wasn't physical, primarily because I did not seem very emotional or nervous/anxious. It's a nuisance, but you can see how they'd fear missing something. You've got to have all that first so they can rule out potential physical causes like parasites, anaemia, thyroid issues, viruses etc.

Once my bloods came back clear, they sent me for a schizophrenia check. I was surprised by this, but I think it was because I was showing so-called "negative symptoms" (blunted affect - overintellectualisation of psychological issues without emotional response) and because my irrational thoughts had convinced me almost to the point of delusion several times and I was getting agitated with people for not being able to see my point of view (over completely irrational things). I was also becoming very cognitively confused and forgetting where I was, not being able to understand basic concepts, etc. I was cleared of psychosis, however, and diagnosed with social anxiety with dissociation. They also thought I was overmedicated, which could contribute to the severe exhaustion and cognitive confusion, so they reduced my meds.

After this, I was sent for schema therapy with mindfulness and DBT. They normally prescribe this for personality disorder but I was reassured this was not my diagnosis and that I had a chronic Axis I disorder.

During my therapy, it was put to me that I never used the words "I feel" or "I felt" and only ever discussed thoughts in a dispassionate, formal way. It was also put to me that I did not feel anything about negative experiences that I had in the past - which was true, it just felt like a list of facts to me and I couldn't comprehend how I was supposed to, for instance, remember how I had felt about something that might have happened 15 years ago, as I simply do not recall emotion.

Over time, I learned through various techniques of focusing inwards that when I felt like I was going to collapse or I was overcome by fatigue, or I had no energy in my body at all, it was largely because I was experiencing an emotion. After I was able to recognise what emotion I was experiencing, I was able to face and deal with the emotion and therefore 'cure' the physical sensations.

Since I have learned to be (more) in touch with my emotional side, I have overcome somatic problems like those detailed in the opening post. I have also massively reduced sensations of anxiety and agitation by realising that often I wasn't actually afraid of anything or legitimately anxious, I was simply feeling another emotion - such as emptiness or anger or shame - and the resulting agitation felt like anxiety. It did occur to me that I was never much of a 'worrier' and that the anxiety diagnosis had seemed odd because I had previously assumed I suffered from depression.

But these were not the only factors that went into my physical exhaustion. Another large factor was simply my personality - I am an extremely driven person and a very hard worker with extremely high (unrelenting, I am told) standards. I did not feel that I wanted to take a break, or that it would be morally acceptable to do so, so I would keep pushing, and even when I was relaxed I was keeping myself tense because breaks seemed immoral to me. I have reduced this now.

The last factor, and I don't know how much this played into it, was medication. The tiredness had lessened significantly when I addressed the other factors above, but I was still sleeping up to 16 hours at a time. I weened off my medication and the debilitating fatigue and fogginess that had plagued me for over 5 years went almost over night.

I am reticient to put too much emphasis on the medication factor as I believe my experience of meds is rare and that it is not normal for them to cause significant drowsiness like they did in me. I would look at other factors first, like I did, and then consider taking a holiday from medication if nothing else works.

I hope this helps someone.

I have had the same feeling for the last two days and its terrifying that something is wrong but I just had a full checkup last week and everything was normal. I wish that they would find something so that I dont feel crazy. Everyone that I tell this to always has the same response of "ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD" and maybe it is but it feels horrible.

Janstu in reply to Truj326

What made it better finally?

Hello everybody, I have been suffering many of the symptoms here and am determined to beat this. I have had the feeling of collapsing for over 4 months now and it is terrifying, I never feel great anyway but it will just intensify at points and ill have a rush through my body beforehand and I have to sit down. I was just wondering if anyone else has the same kind of thing. had many blood tests and ecg and holter monitor all clear. Also last week Id had probably my best week then all of a sudden a burst of strong and fast palpitations that I can feel in my neck, only lasting 15 seconds or so has triggered many other symptoms. again just looking for other similar experiences to put mt mind at rest as sometimes we cant help but wonder its something more sinister.

I have felt like this for years and was told nothing was wrong, I am hypothyroid and take levothyroxine daily, in short I have been made to beleive I have an anxiety disorder. On the 29/07/15 I woke up with my left leg in pain unable to move it and so went to a&e, while there my pulse was taken and the doc done a runner and came back with an ecg machine and after doing the ecg and running off again diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation a heart condition where you experience palpitations at random time's for no apparent reason my average pulse was 140 bpm and I am awaiting an appointment with cardiology, its only sheer luck this was caught as the junior doc couldn't answer all my questions about my leg and my suspected dvt turned out I didn't have a dvt but am away for an mri today on the lower back today as suffer burning sensations on my skin and leg weakness and saddle anaesthesia, it has taken 10 years to be taken seriously because I have suffered anxiety and depression in the past , I now have to take beta blockers to slow my heart rate down and warfarin to prevent stroke, do mot give up and insist you are treated, I was almost sent home again had I not been rude to the junior doc I would not have been seen by someone else and this would never have been caught.

I'm always weak n my head is heavy eyes feel thick n closing doc says I'm anmeric low blood I must go for blood transfusion I went 2years ago I'm still feeling like this why

I've been feeling like that for what seems like forever, I'm just so drained of life now. That's why my view of this thing that has been haunting me for so long has changed, I used to get so scared that I was just going to collapse and die or it would be something much more life threatening, but now I beg for it, i just have no interest in trying to cure it anymore or trying to figure out what's wrong. It's beaten me, it wins. Now it's just a waiting game, waiting for when my bodies ready to give up, my mind already has.

Good luck and best wishes with the fight guys and girls. Martin.

Lovedj in reply to Ready2go

Don't give up the last thing u want do

Hi im new here, but not to anxiety, insomnia, or depression. Im on meds, they sometimes work and sometimes dont at all. And all that drives me up the wall. I've been living in my apartment for twenty months and i sont ever leave the house unless i need to go to grocery store, daughters school.and to see my m.h.m.r doctor and each time i feel like i need to hurry and get home. And when i get there im alone while my daughter is at school or staying with grandma. I have to check all the closets, restroom, under thw beds, behind couches, even the cabinets. Cuz i always think there is some one in my house or attack thats trying to hurt or kill me. Is that a part of my serious anxiety? Can someone help me out here. perezrachel1979@gmail


It is tough! Hang in there. At 25, you CAN DO IT! Test yourself a little bit at a time with physical exercise and see how you feel. The key is to trust yourself first and "experts" second. Easier said than done. It takes a lot of courage and surrender, two paradoxical companions. Also find a way toward self acceptance one step at a time. You are OK! I mean this sincerely. What I mean is the inner your is just fine, is the painful reactions to the outer you which are the culprits. You are not alone.

That same feeling with me. Its been 8 yrs.

Here I was, sure my headaches were a tumor. I hear my earwax squish with my pounding head, that occur mostly while im laying down before or after bed. I even saw a dark spot on my mri that they took because i had servere neck pain, but even though the images were mostly of my neck, they happened to get one top down shot of my brain, where I saw a clearly asymmetrical placed spot. I feel my heartbeat going nuts when im not even exerting myself was some kind of malfunction in my adrenaline gland.

The flushness and numbness in my face is very scary, it feels like something is sucking the life out of me.

The sudden narcoleptic like sleep or passing out in the middle of doing something makes it feel like my body shut down and died for a second and has trouble starting back up.

All Im saying is this better be anxiety, and not something worse that if I catch now will be treatable, later and its too late.

I have lorazepam, but my work prohibits drowsy medication. I know Im susceptible to drowsiness because when I use Dramamine on airplane flights, I am out like a light, very hard to wake me up.

I keep looking for answers. I sleep near a cell phone tower and wonder if that is safe. My work fridge leaks freon or whatever coolant it uses, so I wonder about that too. I also did welding for a while when younger and maybe the cumilation of fumes are only now taking its toll. I try not to worry about it too much. My main worry is me not seeing my significant other again. If anything im anxious over that. But the symptoms do seem to drive anxiety up, so it could be a viscious cycle.

Peaceandlove100 in reply to Llia

I'm not saying it is Lyme Disease, or co infections, but sometimes these symptoms go hand in hand! possibly look into Lyme. I never thought I was bit by a tick, but turns out I was.hope this helps a little. God Bless

Caramadden4 in reply to Llia

Cell phones/towers and wifi routers apparently put out radiation. Be careful about that.

Reading all

Of these has helped calm my anxiety. Ibe been feeling week and panicky for the past month. All my Drs keep shrugging it off but I finally found one who will listen. Waiting on my blood results. Hoping its h. Polyi or a vitamin deficiency. All of this has made living and enjoying life hard. I just want my old body and mind back. Anxiety can kiss my butt.

Hi guys,

I know this is a fairly old thread but just wanted to share my experience as well esp after reading 'anxiousrecoverer's first post- Glad you're doing better now!

A LOT of what you described had happened to me as well. The feeling that my body was gonna give give up on me but unable to pinpoint why/how. I actually stepped out of a friend's wedding to go lie down and force feed myself some sweets(i thought i had sugar problems but actually i did not) because i was scared i would "shut down" where i was. I know there's a whole spectrum of conditions that can cause fatigue/sudden fear/ foreboding/acute awareness of the body etc. Its important to take help and take medication when required. In my case, the usual suspects were ruled out- thyroid and diabetes, clinical depression, anxiety disorder. I went beyond the scope of modern medicine and read up traditional medicine from India and China, self experimented and slowly over the course of a year and a half came to some conclusions that work for me...Im hoping they inspire you guys as well.

The key change for me was to eat suitable to an agrarian lifestyle. (yes paleo/warrier/atkins etc are popular and ive tried them... but realise that the biggest burst in brain evolution happened when we started eating cooked grain.) My motto was eat correctly and eat on time! Here are the things that helped me:

1. A carb breakfast. Yes i know- its all about the protein these days...but seriously- I eat carbs in the morning. Light protein such as yogurt or miso + wheat/millet porridge/rice and beans. I tried high protein- eggs and bacon, nuts etc but they either made me break out or upset my stomach when i had them on an empty stomach. I started breakfast like a farmer- carb and light protein. And did NOT overeat it. And felt much better. And did not count calories and grams.

2. Changed my time of exercise. This may sound a lil silly but this was one of the single most important things that helped me. I used to exercise early mornings on empty

(and lovvved it- it also made me skinny and hot ill admit :P) but it would leave me so so exhausted by 3 pm that i would burn out early evening and miss out on a lot of social events. Not to mention this period was when i had all my " shut down" experiences, fears("adrenal?lyme's?something worse?") and general fatigue. I tried working out in the evening instead(supposed to be the best time) but nope- i could never sleep on time- was warm, alert and sprightly when everyone else went to bed. So i would land up sleeping at 1/2 am and wake up at 10/11 am. Not good. So is there a " perfect" time to work out? My bet would be post breakfast -like a farmer! I believe the morning to noon hours are meant to be active in the sunlight. This is difficult in today's day and age- with desk jobs etc. This is a luxury i can afford now since im on a break. For those at work- coffee(minus sugar and milk), treadmill desks, being on your feet,not sitting down till lunch and vit d supplementation. Just do what best you can and "earn" your lunch break. Also, for that early morning sluggishness- yoga yoga! Yoga wakes you up and exerts you just enough to get an appetite (which i never had , i used to justhave coffee everymorning to feel cleansed of the sluggishness). And it will not deplete you if done correctly.

3. High protein lunch. Good protein rich in omega 3s like fish is a staple. When i couldnt get fish i would depend on flax seeds and dairy with wheatgerm/flatbread. I started with an omega 3 rich lunch everyday and felt much much better within a week.

4. Did NOT give up on sweets and fruits. I love food. I figured out a way to enjoy them in very limited portions. a piece of cake/cookies with evening tea and piece of fruit before dinner kept me satisfied. I do believe if you cut out one taste entirely, thats the thing thats gonna come back and bite you in the a**. Small is the key.

5. Dont skip dinner and Sleep on time. I can never sleep without dinner. The key is to eat light and go easy on the meat. If i had to pick a mealtime to gorge on it would always be lunch. Not because you " burn it off" easier in the day . Because I can eat a lot and not be uncomfortable. Imagine sleeping tasting your dinner in reflux. Sleeping on time was the most difficult part for me. I had to actually train myself to sleep by lying down at the same time each day in my darkened bedroom even if i was wide awake. And it did work finally.

I know all the above points are pretty much common sense when you think about it but honestly its the small changes that go a long way. The sum of the effects is way way more than the individual effects in this case. So much so that I have managed to extricate myself singlehandedly from my complexes,fears,OCD and psychosomatic problems that couldnt be pinned down to anything in particular in modern medicine. i am now happier, healthier and heavier than i was last year. Now that i can literally think straight, i am working on losing the weight- the key lies in dinner choices and yoga. So its light lentil soup and vegetables for dinner and advanced yoga in the mornings. hope this helps all you guys who are or arent on meds and are trying to get a grip on your health. Please dont give up and remember to eat well and live simple!

I'm going through this at the moment and feel like I'm going to lose my mind with worrying three something else wring with me

Hi everybody - I had loads of notifications about this so just a quick reply.

I've had some further bouts of this more recently which, again, have got better.

One thing that has helped me is realising that in some cases it's just flat-out exhaustion. You may be the same way if you have anxiety, but I am not good at noticing when there is something wrong. My family describe it as my head being disconnected from my body - like, I have no idea what's going on down there ;-) So some times I'm so driven to do whatever it is I'm doing that I don't even notice I'm tired and then all of a sudden I've collapsed with exhaustion.

In other ways, this was what you might call functional symptoms - it's sometimes known as a somatoform disorder I think - where you're essentially feeling the tension/pressure of emotions in your body but you haven't noticed the emotions, so it just feels physical.

So the things that can help/helped me, are:

1) Use mindfulness techniques (try headspace.com) to be more aware of what emotions you are experiencing if - like me - you're a bit disconnected from your emotions. Understanding how you feel makes a big difference to the physical symptoms.

2) Have a PROPER rest. I mean, pretty much stay in bed for a week or two. Seriously. Try it. It worked wonders for me.

3) If you are a "driven" person, that can cause these symptoms. I find that sometimes I will be driven towards a project and at some level I'm exhausted but I'm so driven that I ignore it. I notice this time come when I find myself counting down to when I can rest (like saying to myself: "Come on, you can have a rest on Tuesday..." or whatever...) Or I start daydreaming about rest. I used to ignore these signs and just keep going but I've now literally, physically collapsed a few times (ha!) so if you're a bit Type A, watch out for the drill sergeant in you that keeps you soldiering on. When you start drilling yourself, recognise that you need to take a break IMMEDIATELY, not "when I've finished so-and-so" but RIGHT AWAY. Drop everything and have a break (again: A proper break, a 15 minute lie down is not the same as a weekend....)

Hope this helps anyone who's still coming here looking for advice on this.

I have just had one more bad dream where I fall over and struggle to pull myself up. when I get up I have to hold on to the wall for a while. asleep or awake. it is quite disturbing and scarey as sometimes so lucid I dont know whether I am awake yet or not. I have almost passed out in the shower for past 5 years. I feel like a fruit loop. I eat, am not underweight, but something isnt right. I suffer with anxiety and panic and depression. am desperately tired and written off work

I tremble, shake and have quite often asked people to fill in forms or write my name in as I cant control trembling hands. I just get on with it but in October was asked to take ssp. Desperately want to go back to work, am I mad, fruit loop, or genuinely ill?

Hi.. i feel you. Last week i was at the airport to come to meet my bf. It was 3hrs flight 2hrs transit and 2more hours flight. At first my baggage was overweight for 10kgs it made me panic i almost cried because i was so sure i wouldnt make it. I was so scared i could feel my body became weaker and weaker but i eventually made it. I forgot i had anxiety so whole flight i idnt feel anything and i was so relaxed. When i did check in for the next flight i even forgot i had so eventho it was long queuing i didnt feel anything. I then entered the waiting room which it reminded me i must had this weird things sensation on my head, palm and feet sweating, panic everything you name it! I became anxious again but i tried to control as i knew if i passed out by that time i wouldnt go to my bf place. My flight was at 6 and i reached my bf place at 2. I then went out with my friends, had dinner, chilled out beside the lake, driving and i came back to my bf place at 1am. Everything was pretty fine i didnt feel anything. After that i spent whole days at my bf place again alone and pretty much read everything that reminded me of anxiety. I was confused i could make it last week, didnt sleep entire night, hung out with friends, went to airport with high heels but why couldnt i feel better when i was literally just at home. I constantly had my anxiety attack, palm and feet became wet, vertigo, anxious, felt dying. I made me go mad. I even cut myself as i couldnt do anything. Today i went to shopping mall with my bf to get a lunch. At first everything was pretty much fine and after ate we decided to go to cinema but there was no good movies so he wanted to feed the fishes (theres pool besides the shopping mall). I said i dont wanna go to grocery because there are so many ppl. I noticed ech time someone force me to do something i dont like it makes me feel worse. He forced me to go there so we went there and i was carrying my purse, he asked me why did i bring my purse its useless. That "useless" word made me feel dizzy af. And he said it again "useless". I dont know if he said that for the 3rd times i think id punch his face. I dont know what happen with me. I feel weak, crazy, weird idk. Does anyone feel me?

am 12 yes old I am in dedepression and the same thing happens to me


Nothing fatigues a person more than anxiety. Overcome the root of your anxiety, raise your energy levels, become the person you once more but better. Be gentle to yourself because your body is trying to keep you safe, when in fact there's no real danger surrounding you.

I recently been feeling SOO EXTREMLEY WEAK its Bad it makes me sleep for a hour than as i wake my body feels like a train ranover me and my chest feels weak after eating a full meal Any Advise i do hv low blood pressure.Jess fr Dallas


Sounds like another of the many faces of anxiety.

I get the weak collapsing feeling too ! When I'm at work as a cashier I feel very drained of energy like I don't feel refreshed when j sleep and I think it affects my concentration . I feel like I can't think of concentrate and I get headaches ur right it's a very frustrating feeling . I do think you need to push yourself ! I started the same way and would not push myself but that's worse . I'm reading a book about anxiety and it says don't let the anxiety upset you but challenge the sensations accept it and change your attitude towards it but it's easier said than done I know , because I'm going through the same thing

I feel the same way , but my doctor cannot find a cure for my condition,

Hi, I'm really sorry your dealing with this. I can 100% relate to you. I'm 46 and my health problems started 10yrs. ago. I was very active, jogging, swimming, worked like a busy bee around the house/ spotless. Now, I go a week sometimes without the energy to get up and shower. It's awful. My feet were diagnosed with plantar faciitis extremely painful, after everything the foot doctor tried and three surgeries cutting the plantar tendon under my feet which made things worse, the doctor said you have to give up your profession, nursing, you can't be on your feet anymore. Years went on, I found a job from home on the computer 12/14 hrs. a day, I developed carpal tunnel in both wrist along with tarsal tunnel in my ankles...so after 7yrs. I had to give up that job. My health declined from there. Speeding up to where you are, I went for a heart stress test last year because every little thing I tried to do, I was shaky, out of breath, oxygen starvation. During this test things went horribly wrong and I almost died. I couldn't do the exercises walking etc...so my test was an injection "nuclear" to cause the same stress on my heart but chemically. I immediately lost my control of my left side, feeling in my face, my eyesight and finally unconsciousness. This whole time they were shooting me with shot after shot to save my life. I was transported from the clinic to Atlanta Trauma Center placed in ICU where it took three days to be aware and my blood pressure to get above 100. They admitted me as a stroke victim, but then said it wasn't. I was ultimately diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency "Addison's disease"...I read a lot that doctors do not generally check the adrenals until its too late. They either are or they're not and in my case it almost killed me. This is a critical disease, and I urge you to be tested and to read as much as possible about it. I have to be extremely careful to prevent my body from going into Adrenal Crisis/ life threatening condition. I don't know if this is what is happening to you, but its something I would demand the doctors to test on me. It's a simple cortisol test, and if you have it, you will have to be on steroids to replace that cortisol the rest of your life or you could die. I'm not trying to scare you, but I'd never wish anyone to live like this. I've still not recovered from what happened to me Sept. 2015. I get very little activity, I've fallen into severe clinical depression. I wish you well completely!!!! Never give up. Harleyshar

Hi !Yes i feel almost the same a bit different !Really struggle to maintain my sugar level i started to eat four time in the morning as i feel that iam going to collapse at work my legs go all jelly and shaken !Iam so sacred as i can put my job at risk and dont know how to control it i had so manny test done and they couldn't find anything wrong with me just very low on iron !I am constantly need to eat but it so hard as where i work i cant always go to grab something to eat !Please if any of you have a solution let me know !Manny thanks !x

I'm guessing you dance too. I'm struggling with much of the same. I am frustrated and afraid to dance:(

I'm being tested once again for m.s. I have the exact symptoms as several posts, especially the 1st and following few. I have tested with electrodes and do have neuropathy. It's been 12 years since my last test. They can miss MS with CT scans. My diagnosis , fms/cfs, plus chronic depressive disorder /panicked disorder. I am absolutely certain it's stress related, that's shutting my body down.

Even if it's a disease, stress is causing it to be in a crisis of some sort. I'm a dancer. I lose control of my legs, I drop things. Even embarrassing with a bladder lift I recently had urine run down my leg in a long line at college. I hardly felt an urge to go.

My body feels like it's half dead. I'm very active, or I was. I'm beyond frustrated. My home life is miserable I've sacrificed for my 2 adult daughters. Yet they won't help me. One has chaos of her things everywhere. I let her move back and I am making her a mini apartment, but even outside(front, garage, side of house, backyard. I have to walk around her things.) It's CHAOS everywhere! My 18 year old does nothing around the home! My 30 year old does do dishes and cook some.

I gave up my dance/photo studio to make my oldest an apartment. Gave up my peaceful room I loved to give my 18 tear old a fresh start. Its a new disaster. They left me with a storage room. I have nowhere to try to build my strength, stretch, hopefully dance nor my personal place of oeace. I HATE my home. I am deciding on leaving and letting them keep my home. Including my husband whom is living off on me financially 95%. If he helps he only does part's here and there leaving everything unfinished. Regardless of what I may or may not have disease wise. STRESS IS KILLING ME, LITERALLY!

I was a dancer and backpacker. Now I can hardly stand, hold anything (even my fork). I feel like I'm living in a nearly dead body. I just want to sleep. It's all I can do, yet I fear sleep, because I have insane nightmares.

I'm trying to look for a small apartment. Give my 18 year old $ I get to support her. And leave my home. Yet pay for my thing's to stay in my 'storage room'. They could all 3 afford it then.

I have to do what I must to save my life. I don't feel I can survive otherwise. Often I just don't care anymore what happens to me. I'm losing hope :(

I forgot the bran fog, the memory loss. It scares me it gets so bad.

Hi your story really touched me and I have some very similar issues. do you happen to be anywhere near Dallas, TX? if yes, please reply to me as i can share with you a possible solution to your dilemma. i just signed up for this site/group so not sure yet how it all works, but private msg me here if you can . God bless

Can anyone please tell me how to get rid of this filling that I am dieing every time I get in my car or sit down I get this filling that I'm going to die if I sit there any longer it fills like my hole body is shouting down its so scarier the only way its go away if I walk around what the hell is this filling can anyone tell me please sometimes I just fill like I want it to take me because I'm over this filling .

I know how your all feeling - I've got a blood disorder and also had anxiety - I think it's a mix of both. I am currently off treatment because I thought it was making me feel worse. I've been not feeling quite well for a couple of weeks. It's almost like I don't feel like I'm in control of my body. I get on with most things day to day but it's always there in the background. I just try and ignore it and it's really hard! I don't feel real and a bit robotised and have weakness in mostly my hands. It's like I'm going to collapse but I don't.

I found this when i googled "can anxiety make you feel weak?" and just joined, i guess it's a support forum? it's so scary to have this horrible anxiety and all these crazy symptoms and i'm so touched by everyone's experiences and just want to say i'm praying for all of you. i am on disability for my depression / anxiety and sometimes "regular people" really judge me for this- i hope this wouldn't be the case here. When i read of all your struggles, it confirms to me how real it truly is, what i have and what you all have. There is no way I could work with my severe insomnia, dizziness , weakness ,etc etc. this is a sickness as real as any other. God bless all of you

Fatima76 in reply to reinagrace

So Is It Just A Feeling Like Your Nervous

I feel tires and weak I had quit my job I can't work out anymore it makes me weak real tired eyes get blurry I been told it anxity I get chest pain arm leg pain so scared feel like pass out


I have been suffering with anxiety for a few years now. It comes and goes and I've been able to deal with it.

However, last week I had an awful episode where I was driving and all of a sudden my body felt as if it was going to shut down. My legs started shaking tremendously whilst driving. I had to turn back and go home. I was so scared I even ran a red light so I could get home.

Since then I have been terrified of having the same episode. I started a new job today and whilst being trained I felt as if I was going to faint. I started shaking again and my concentration had completely gone. I had to take an early lunch break to calm myself.

I am so scared this is going to keep happening. I can't live like this. I'm afraid to leave my house.

I'm not stressed about anything so I don't know what the cause is? Can it be alcohol? As I have been drinking quite a lot recently. I am a 24 year old female.

If anyone has any advice on how to cope at work and whilst driving, I will be extremely grateful.

M x

Last 2 days I have felt that way it's scary what causes this?

@the historical present ..Highly sensitive person.

Yes, it's true that some may do better when their not around too many people due to less distraction, etc.

But, the problem with that is you don't want to tell yourself that, or put some "label" on yourself either, and put yourself in some box.

You can become less and less sensitive by going around it if you so choose.

I've felt like that for years I'm 47 healthy well doctors say I am but my body and mind feel different it's awful it's a struggle everyday you look at people enjoying the day and try to act like you are

Yeah, I feel like this too. I noticed especially when laying in bed my body feels like it weighs a 1000lbs and when I try doing one hand tasks on my phone, my thumb is super fidgety and I accidentally press on keys I didn't want to press. Even now when I'm typing this I consciously feel the heaviness and discoordination of my hands/fingers. It's the worst at night and is the calmest in the morning/afternoon. I always fear it's something serious because I've had anxiety for a long time but have never felt these symptoms. I have cried so much and I'm just trying to stay cool, calm and collected and hope that in a couple weeks like everyone says ill be good to go. But atm it seems to feel worse and worse at night, but interestingly enough is feeling better and better during the day. Wish me luck guys!

I am 75 now, but usually look and feel much younger. However, like my mum when she was alive, I have had awful "nerve" symptoms of fatigue, tingling etc. every few years. This time, it is because 3 stressful things happened in a week, and it was just as if somebody had sapped all my blood out and I have no energy at all. However, in the past, it has gone by positive thinking - however bad you feel, pretend you feel great and do as much physical movement as you are able. This does work eventually.but you have to be patient! Do not be tempted to go on tranquillisers which I was addicted to while my children were young, and ultimately do no good at all. I feel in my case, it is probably hereditary, as both my parents got stressed easily. Console yourself that if you can ignore the symptoms as much as you can, you will start to feel better. Warm regards to you all suffering this rotten illness!

Hi Tupsie, As they say "better late then never". It may have taken years to find the answers to anxiety but you are a wiser person for it. We can't go back in time but we can go forward and spread the word to other young people that there is a way to stop this disorder from going to yet another generation. Thanks for sharing x

Oh can so relate to most of the previous posts. Have been having dreadful symptoms of legs and sometimes arms feeling weird and weak. I took myself off to the doctor's today and my legs almost felt as though they wanted to fly away from under me as I tried to step out of my front door. They could have been made out of sponge. I persevered and made it to the surgery but was a gibbering wreck by the time I got there - shaking and almost crying whilst trying to explain my symptoms Having blood tests tomorrow to check a few things out. Apart from elevated BP he said I was basically a healthy person. I am scared of MS - probably a common fear when suffering from health anxiety. I have always been a trifle highly strung but one way or another mostly managed to keep it to myself. I asked the doctor if anxiety could possibly bring about such awful symptoms and he assured me that it could indeed. I am just glad that he is being thorough enough to carry through with other tests just in case. I have always considered myself to be physically strong and able to lift and carry, no trouble at all. Am afraid to even try now.

JoMarie5 in reply to Nora-B

I completely understand I am currently going through the same thing . I'm seeing a neurologist tomorrow. I hope we feel better soon .

Agora1 in reply to JoMarie5

Hi JoMarie5, good luck with the neurologist appointment tomorrow. Hope it goes well. Keep us updated. xx

JoMarie5 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much . I definitely will keep you all updated ❤️

Yes good luck with your appointment JoMarie5. Will be interesting to know how you get on. X

I felt the same way for about 2 years. I did collapsed twice, the first wasn't that bad I felt weak for no apparent reason and I spent the whole day in bed and everyone around me said I had an anxiety attak . The second time about 4 month later I was not that lucky, about 8am I felt as the life was draining out of my body and I called for an ambulance. I had just enough time to lay down onto my bed before I got totally paralyzed. I had the weirdest feeling that I will never forget, all my body felt disconnected from my head and I could not move at all or feel my body. When the paramedics arrived, they asked me lot of questions trying to find out what's wrong with me. I was able to open my eyes and mouth a little bit and sometimes understood and answered to questions. When they touched my body sometimes I felt it and sometimes I did not. Soon as they sat me up inside the ambulance I throw up and felt extremely dizzy. I was in this state about 5-6 hrs, then the doctor at the hospital come up to me with a big smile on his face and said that I just had a condition called beningual vertigo and he'll see me next year. I could not believe ! I was sure I have some very serious problems and I was dying! Unfortunately, none of the Drs. I went to took seriously my condition. None of them did any kind of exams, nor try to help me. One of them try to sent me to a phycologist for evaluation, but I refused. That time I was always dizzy, weak, unorganized, felt sick all the time. I did a resource on vertigo and find out I could go on a special diet and get better. I also had to do the epley maneuver exercise. I started to detox my body with smoothies and started to take nervous system repairing supplements such as vit. B12, 6, Magnesium, and omega3. The result of that, in about a 3 days I started to feel better and a year later almost all of my symptoms were gone. Sometimes, I still feel a tini bit dizzy and get tired out but I am OK. I fixed myself! If I would of listen to my medical Dr. I would be on Prozac and some other SSI medication by now. Yes, I was not depressed I just had a beningual vertigo. My advice is know your body, do your resource and fix the problem if you can. SSI drugs are killers do not take them. Good luck!

Get checked for MG which can shut your body down.

Get checked for MG which an make you really tried.

I feel the same. My body is burning as well. I am a kid, so I don't get how school can make me stressed. Maybe it's my anti-social thing and depression.

I started with anxiety 4 or so years ago. I felt like I was going to die no matter what I did. They tried several meds that sent me into hallucinations and knocked me right out. So I had to find a different way. I don't know about you, but I pray a lot. And I have a blood pressure monitor. This is my greatest tool to measure if I am in trouble physically or not. If I cannot shake the feelings of imminent death, then I take my blood pressure which also measures my pulse. Once I see it is relatively normal, I can begin to calm down.

My anxiety is mostly at night. I was routinely attacked by my father at night and they think it is all coming out now that my husband has dementia and it pretty nasty all the time. So the kids are very careful not to wake me once I am in deep sleep. But if I do wake, I know this is probably going to happen. And I have the above routine in place to combat it.

If you can get there, having a routine to check yourself once the frightful attacks begin, it will help.

I was hopeless and angry. I made it worse by fighting it so hard. I am also a veteran who has always been strong and healthy. How embarrassed I was when I had to have my daughter drive me to the ER (an hour away) in the middle of the night? Their answer was always meds. I don't take them, don't like them, but I will in small doses to get me on the mend. They wound up giving me a very low dose of Trazadone to help me stay asleep at night. It worked for the two weeks I took it. I have since gone off it and take a cup of chamomile tea along with 3mg of melatonin at night before I sleep. It is helping better than the drugs. But finding what the root of the anxiety is helps a great deal. If you can, try to figure out your triggers and deal with them. The helps are different for each person, but I hope this can aide someone.

This post is very old, but perhaps it will help someone in a similar boat. For one, anxiety takes a toll on the adrenals, as does heavy exercise and poor sleep - that happened to me. So get that checked if you haven't already. I spent a year recovering from severe adrenal fatigue--I had all those symptoms. And then I found out, after going to doctors for years complaining of the weakness, shakiness, migraines, fatigue ... that I had mild sleep apnea. So if you keep getting checked and nothing is wrong, a sleep disorder is often the culprit!

I have felt like this off and on for many years. It started in high school and I am 69 now. My bp was high when I went to a new doc recently. She thinks it is my blood pressure so I am on lisinopril and another med for my tinnitus. I didn't mention the anxiety issues then, trying to find out if I did indeed have physical problems. After taking the bp med for two weeks, I still feel stressed to do anything and from much of the time feel like I might fall out upon any exertion at all. I once was on Cymbalta and did ask her about getting back on that so she does know that I have anxiety and depression issues, I guess, but she wants to find out about getting the bp issue taken care of first. I have found that whenever I really get light headed and unable to function properly, I have bad lower back pain too. Anxiety is an awful thing and a vicious circle. You don't know if the anxiety is causing the physical problems or if feeling bad makes the anxiety worse. Guess it is both things. Feel bad for all who have this prob..

Since about maybe 5ish months ago I started freaking out

Well to be clear

I wouldn’t really ever have these “episodes “ or whatever they were that often I jut had one once and then a few months later again and then a few weeks later

Then it got to the point where I feel like this every second of every day

It never goes away

I feel like I’m dying every day

I feel sad like there’s no hope

Like all we’re doing is living to die

But it’s not depression I don’t think at least because even when I’m having the most amazing time out I’ll randomly get a pit in my stomach or it will be like my vision changes and I get disoriented and I start to panick because I think I’m dying

I’ve been to the er several times they told me it’s anxiety but they’ve never actually done any tests on me to tell me what it is

They seemed more aggrevated that I was there

I really don’t know what’s going on with me and feel like I’m gonna collapse any day now and I pray for tomorrow every day

I have this too. I constantly feel like imma pass out during class and not wake up. I feel faint, my ribs hurt as if bruised, Migraines, dizzy, nauseous, and anxiety attacks. I have to constantly stop what I’m doing to sit down and try to drink water but I feel nauseous when trying to eat or drink anything. I’m only 13 and idk what to do

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