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Feel like I have a lump in my throat

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering whether people experience a sensation like they have a lump in their throat with anxiety? This feeling comes and goes but of course, I notice it more when I'm nervous.


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yes, this is a symptom of anxiety, when you get anxious your throat becomes tight or you feel like you've got a lump in it. I know its not easy but just try to remember its not life.threatening and nothing is going to happen to you its just tension!!!


Yes I suffer anxiety and this symptom I get when I too am anxious, like pintsize says it is tension but must sat its an awful feeling, best wishes from Lindenlea


I get this too and I noticed that I get small lumps in my neck too which I assume are lymph nodes. I've read that it's all part of the panic reaction.

Lymphatic drainage massage -just massage really, not as scarily medical as it sounds - helped me and also clears your nose too if like me you get blocked nose and sinuses when anxious.

Now I know it's not dangerous the throat thing is just annoying, and doesn't last as long.

Hope this helps.


yes i get this to .. its horrible and screy and makes me fee that i just cant get enough air in in order to breath ,


I have/ had the throat thing,it has a name "globus"about 5years ago I had the camera down my throat ,nothing there,anxiety ,it did leave me but came back.I don't notice it so much as I,ve had it so long


I have this same thing, it feels like when you are trying not to cry and your throat is tight. I've had it constantly for almost 7 years now. Sometimes it feels worse like when I think about it it definitely increases

It feels really scary

Just so you know a lot of other people do get this , if that makes you feel any better


I have that same feeling I notice when I wake up I am fine don't feel anything but once I am awake I start to feel the lump in my throat ich all over burning pain in stomach


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