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Feel like breath taken away

Hi Everyone, I'm new here and an looking for support as I find it hard to speak to family and am an Anxiety sufferer.

I apologise if this is long as also I'm going to try and explain as best as possible.

So I'm not sure if this is just a new anxiety symptom or actually something health related.

I have been experiencing odd breathing symptoms, first it started when breathing out I felt like I could not get a full breath out. As the weeks have gone on I'm now getting the following

Feels like pauses in breath, like my breathing stops for a second, but I can feel it in my throat like it closes for a second.

I'm also get feeling in my chest and up to my throat that my breath is taken away.

I also get these feeling when I'm talking, can be mid sentence and it's like my breath stops and again can feel it in my throat

It's like no air goes in or out for a second

It's really hard to explain

This is happening every day now, sometimes constantly and other times it happens for a bit and goes away.

Like now if I talk it feels like the air is not going in properly to my throat

However I constantly feel that something is wrong with my breathing.

When it's a bad episode I do get a little dizzy and do start to panic, like I need to find the nearest A&E

I'm so scarred 😔

Just a couple more points, I went to the Dr when it first started and he sent me for an ENT, the first one I saw said must be Reflux as I also had other throat symptoms.

I'm taking a course of Omoprozol.

I saw another ENT who said I had Narrowing of my Nasal passage and Mucas in my throat. He prescribed a steroid Nasal Spray but feel made my breathing worse so have stopped that.

I'm going back to him in about a week.

I want to point out I don't feel my breathing problems are coming from my nose. I don't feel I have enough Mucas to effect me that much.

I do have to clear my throat sometimes though.

Just a note about my Anxiety, I have had OCD since I was 15, however have managed that pretty well over the years, I'm now 37

About 5 months ago I started getting thumps in my chest and loads of Palpitations, I have had a heart monitor that said my heart rate was increased but that was all, pretty sure that was anxiety.

I have had a Chest X Ray, blood tests all fine.

I started to have Panic Attacks which are totally rubbish, and loads and loads of other symptoms which actually go eventually. It's never ending plus the constant worry day in day out, some says I just want bed time to come to get some peace.

I have visited the Dr so many times.

However this time I'm totally freaked out and convinced that next time I have an episode of this breathing I'm actually going to stop breathing.

Any help, support, others with same I would love to hear from you.

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Hi Buffywings and Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. I'm glad you have seen your doctors. As an anxiety sufferer myself, it sounds like you may be holding your breath without realizing it. When we do that, we run out of breath as we are talking. When anxious or fearful, we tend to breathe very shallow and fast. It doesn't allow enough oxygen to finish a sentence or blow out a breath. The fact that you get a little dizzy when having a bad episode makes me sense this is what you are doing.

When nervous, we either get dry mouth or extra Phlegm making us have to clear our throat constantly. What I would suggest you do is go into YouTube and type in Deep Breathing Relaxation. Listen to several and pick the one you like best. I suggest Audio. It will retrain you in how to breathe correctly. Nervous tenseness took that away from you. Practice every day for 10 minutes and I think you will see quite a difference in how you feel as well as being more relaxed mentally and physically. Let us know...

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Thank you so much for your reply, and thank you for the advice I will certainly give that a try.

I'm willing to try anything.

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Try yoga I did and it helped with my breathing a lot !!


Thanks Shelbz


Definitely practice breathing exercises and belly breathing , in a highly anxious state we tend to chest breathe and that can cause dizziness . Also tensed muscles can restrict oxygen pumping around . I've had a lot of throats issues in the past due to tensing . Relaxation CDs have really helped me

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Feeling a lump in your throat and feeling unable to take in a deep breath are common symptoms of anxiety. I think you have become hyper aware of your body and are tuning in and reacting to bodily functions such as heart and breathing which in turn causes panic as any deviation from what you perceive as abnormal causes panic. The thump in your heart is most likely ectopic beats which gives sensation your heart has stopped and restarted this is real but harmless and increases with anxiety, lack of sleep, caffeine and alcahol amongst other things. Have your doc do an ecg and try relax when this happens. Most people get these but are not aware of them. They are scary I have them for at least 40 years and have had lots if test concluding my heart is healthy. Try distract your self and remember it's will be OK once your nervous system calms down. Read Dr Claire Weeks ' Self Help For your Nerves' a God send to me. Can get it on Amazon for about £6. I refer to it when I occasionally now get anxious. Wishing you the best . Shamrock

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Thanks, when I'm feeling ok ish I'm pretty sensible and think it's all Anxiety, then any symptom I will go into automatic panic.

I think your right I'm super sensitive to any sensation

Thanks for advice


Hi Buffy- i get these symptoms too and lately it's been worrying me a fair bit because i was thinking it might be heart related. I know logically that it's probably anxiety related but when that feeling of breathlessness happens it can be really scary.

I had a 24 hr heart monitor test which came back the same as yours- clear with a slightly higher pulse. I think we have to try and put our faith in the experts, if they are not too worried then perhaps we shouldn't be either. Easier said than done though.

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Thanks, It's so hard, our minds are strange! We can work ourselves up into a state, which I have done too many times.

I hope for all of us that suffer we get relief somehow

I never really knew that Anxiety can do all this to us, like you say we have to trust the experts


A lot of good information here. I have noticed the exact same thing myself. However, while I do have anxiety, I have recently quit taking any meds at all and I think that has contributed to the increased nervousness. Mine is totally random and seems to happen when I am doing vigorous walking or even sitting doing nothing. I have bad posture, which I think contributes to it as well. Anyways, you aren't alone, hang in there.


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