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Still feel like im on a boat and weak

If you been following my previous post, heres an update.

Seen the neurologist had 5 test there. He said theres no need for a car scan. All my test were really good. Seen a ENT and she look in my ear with the same tool your primary doctor would use for a visit..said she didnt see any fluid. But im like thats it..theres no further testing? So im going go to a different ENT. Had complete heart work up at the start of this to rule that out..blood work was fine. Its been 13 months!! What is this feeling? Why am i so off balanced? Why do i feel like im moving when im not? Smh should i get 2nd opinions on all those test? Or should i chalk it up to anxiety? Its hard to live like this. I lay down all day now. Scared to walk around..just need help.

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I am the same. Been to ent told I'm fine but my ear feels full and it rings. Dizzy off balance 24/7 pressure in my eyes. Sore neck. Had mri of neck all came bk normal apparently. Just want my life back


Hi. This isn't a symptom I have experienced myself but I have seen it mentioned a lot on this community. Going on that and what Dr's etc have said to you I think I'd be leaning towards anxiety being the cause. I have no clue how you make it go away though I am sorry and I do hope it clears off soon xx


That is vertigo and shouldn't be dismissed as anxiety. I have had the same for many years. Mine was eventually diagnosed as vestibular migraine. . It could also be Menieres syndrome which has a lot of overlap.The fluid builds up in the inner ear. Mine was helped for a long time with betahistine (serc) and later amitriptyline on top as a preventative. I've had to come off the amitrip because of another problem so I'm looking again at food sensitivity issues which are a part of it too.

Hope that gives you something to go at!


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