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Hi All,

So had my ENT examination today- the doc did a back of the nose endoscopy and went as far as the back of the throat and nothing suspect was found.

The ENT specialist said that the intermittent bleeding I experience leaking down at the back of my throat could be do with the unhealed sinus frontal bone?

But at the same time recommended that I do a CT in order to rule out the bone problem but I said no since I had an MRI 4 months ago and knowing how harmful the radiation to the head is.

I ran out of ideas, folks. Do you reckon 2 consecutive CTs may increase the risk of developing some sort of tumor or cancer? I am super hesitant at the idea of having another CT hence why I rejected this.


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  • An MRI doesn't have any radiation, so thought to be safe. A ct has radiation but gives a different image, so will add to the diagnostic

  • I don't think a medical professional would recommend something that was harmful to you. Getting more information may help them to solve the problem but if you aren;t comfortable with it then you shouldn't

  • Hi Okayheck. Medical professionals recommend drugs, however they help us and harm us at the same time. If you don't believe me, look up side effects of different drugs. Then look up what nutrients they deplete our body of. These nutrient deficiency can cause any thing from cataracts, to stomach ulcers, T.I.A's, and a lot more, even more. I could go on and on. I am speaking from experience and research. Even flu shots can cause illness, yes transvers myelitis, if my spelling is correct. Medical professionals prescribe medicines every day to patients that are harmful in one way or another, but also helpful at the same time. Me myself, I prefer supplements, vitamins, and minerals. My body don't like drugs, and neither do I.

  • Seems like last night I spat some blood clots as felt blood taste in my mouth few seconds after experiencing a bit of a burning sensation where the skull fracture was in the frontal sinus area. Could it be than 6 and a half months on, my skull fracture didn't heal? And the blood may be leaking from the frontal bone all the way down at the back of my throat?

  • I feel like this is something worth attention from a doctor. Nobody on this site can correctly diagnose you or tell you what is best, under the guidance of medical professionals and your own judgment I'm sure you can reach a solution and get some peace of mind

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