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Hi Everyone,

I have been having head and inner ears pressure for about a year which was also making feeling unsteady when walking .

Ive had a CT scan, and it came back showing a polyp in my left Maxillary Sinus, IE, just under my Left Eye.

Then i was sent for a ENT Examination, the guy looked up my Nose & Throat all clear,

Ears needed Syringing of Wax.

Anyway I asked about the Polyp which is 27mm long under my left Eye, thinking he would book me in to have it removed, or if i could have the tablets to Shrink the Polyp.

He seemed to be getting a little Abrupt telling me the Polyp is nothing to be concerned about, just live with it, it wont be of any Harm to me.

i said the the symptoms that i had pressure Head and Ears made my feel balance unsteady.

He replied Ears have got nothing to do with Balance, which a i feel is not True, because Ears control Balance.

Please advise me on, whether i can Insist on the polyp being removed or at least Shrunk.?

Thank you all rob,

if you don't mind you can Email me also.

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We can reply to you on here :-)

The Doctor did seem a bit dismissive , if it was me I would go & talk to my own GP usually they have more time to sit and explain more to us the reasons why they may have said this is not necessary and so on and also if you tell your own Doctor you would like it removed they again can advise you , I think I would be feeling I would want it removed myself as long as it is not dangerous to do so or would make matters worse , don't forget you can always ask for a second opinion if you are not happy :-)

Hope you get it sorted :-)

Take Care x


HI Bounce, Thank you so much, your reply as lifted me.

i have made appoint to see my doctor, next week.

and your words have given me confidence.

The ENT Guy even told me that imbalance, has nothing to do with Ears.

which i know for a fact that our Ears play a vital part in our Balance.

I will be Explaining all this to my Doctor, and insisting i have the Polyp Removed.

Thanking you very much



Hi Rob

I have always been led to believe that anything wrong with our ears can make us have balance problems so you are not on your own thinking that :-)

If you want it removed because it will make you feel better then go for it , maybe write down the points you want to put across in case when you are in there you forget

Let us know how you get on and unless they have a valid reason why not then don't take no for an answer even if you have to ask to be referred for a second opinion

Good Luck x


Hi Bounce thank you once again.

when i had the ENT appointment it was with a Mrs Saw.

but when i turned up i was seen by a guy.

anyway i phoned the hospital today for his name, and i asked, was he a ENT Surgeon. The lady told me his Name and said he wasn't a ENT Surgeon he was a sort of Stand in put in Elaborate Words. Yes i will write all this down for my Doctor, as i always do.

I now believe the guy who seen me wasn't particularly Qualified.

Thank you Again Bounce

I will let you know how i get on.



This could be a valid point here you have come across the Doc just been a stand in , sounding even more like you are doing the right thing pursuing it ...will keep my fingers crossed for you :-) x


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