I'm 18 diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorder ive had 2 cat scans within the past 6 months ive seen an ENT and severe head pressur

Pressure every day from the time I wake up until I go to sleep its absolutely crippling I can not handle it both ct scans came back clear the ENT said there was nothing abnormal ive been on xanax which calms my thoughts so I don't think so much about the head pressure but it doesn't take it away I can not live like this I'm miserable every day of my life ive takin every medicine possible to get rid of it an it wont go away ive tried home rememdies neck excercises hot compresses cold compresses nothing is helping I don't know what to do I need help this is do paralyzing to me when I'm off xanax I don't eat I lay in bed preying to god I get better Im sick to my stomach dizzy light headed and this constant head pressure and dizzyness os making my anciety go craxy they have don't test after test ct scan after another somebody please I'm asking with everything in me to help in anyway possible any suggestions ot advice also my sinuses have been checked they r completely normal but I do have an abcess tooth could that be it? Ive been told it could be tmj I got a bite gaurd and nothings helped please for the love of god someone help me I feel like I'm losing my mind!!!!

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  • The hardest thing to do I realize they are professionals if there was something wrong with you they will do what they have to to treat you :/ I had something like this happen to me but the hardest thing is to realize its all in our minds. I still struggle but getting better with time(: best of luck hun have a nice night try to relax and rmber theyll be good days too !

  • P.s I have a friend that had that same thing happen when he had a tooth problem he couldnt bare and he had anxiety too .

  • Hi Raeybaby I really feel for you. Once in that spiral it can be hard to pull yourself back. Please please try really hard,coming from someone who has just turned 48 and lived with anxiety issues from the age of 9, you have had 2 MRIs and other tests all come back clear this in itself is amazing. You have to find something, no matter how small, that helps you to relax. Have faith in your doctor who has listened to you. Some are not as fortunate to not only be listened to but to even have the tests being done. Take care and good luck.

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Just like you I'm still in the process to understand this which started 2 1/2 months ago. In my case I feel light headed 24/7 and short of breath specially when I eat or walk. Doctors think is anxiety so just 2 days ago I started to take Alprazolam XR 0.5 twice daily (xanax)- I was taking alprazolam 0.5 once daily but the quick release one which only helps for 4-6 hours. the XR last 12 hours. My light headed is better (70-80%) but I'm not sure if it was the Alprazolam or just SUDAFED children ( Yes, I also have recurring sinus) that helped me. Yes, I take the children version because I also have HBP which is under control. ;-) How much xanax are you taking and why are you taking it if is not helping you? btw, my lack of air also gets better (60-70%) with Alprazolam but in this case the short version did a better job than the XR .In my opinion taking the XR last longer but is like taking 0.25 instead of 0.5 because it's distributed in 12 hours and not 6. It is also less addictive because you don't feel the quick boost. I will see my Psychiatrist on Jun 2 and my PCD tomorrow so lets see if they recommend a change. One more comment which I will like feedbacks from our friends here- Yesterday I got in my pool and felt pressure on my chest and lack of air. Not sure is my anxiety going up when I get in the pool (very unlikely) or is a real condition because it did get better once I was out again..

  • I feel EXACTLY like you. It is HORRIFIC.... supposedlly its anxiety... its hard to believe isnt it? we will get through this

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