Swollen throat? Anxiety or real??

For a while now i've felt like the soft palate at the back of my throat is swollen and 'uncomfortable'. The gp had a look and said all looks fine but my health anxiety is playing havoc with it!! I know someone who had throat cancer so of course thats what i must have!!! (in my anxious mind!)

The evil googling that i've done actually suggests that it could be a symptom of anxiety and that there's not much i can do about it....but its really annoying and makes me feel like i have a lump in my throat or that i cant breath. Does anyone else experience this??? xx


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  • I did felt lump feelings in my throat when I'm feeling anxious but it goes when I'm not so try don't worry and drink lots of cuppa then you will know its nothing serious! It's def anxiety x

  • Thanks Minnie....it's one of those things where you know deep down its pesky anxiety, but you just want others reassurance, so thank you xx

  • Your welcome and other thing it could be a cold if so drink hot water with fresh lemon it will help and rid the sore throat! :-) xx

  • Hi. Matildea. There IS something you can do about it. Stop looking at Dr. Google for a start. He will put the frighteners on you and increase your anxiety. Medicine is an art. Unless you are a doctor diagnosis is bad. Even worse is self diagnosis. We do not know what we talking about. Doctors spend many years in training and 99.9 percent of the time get it right. What to do? Try and accept that in health anxiety every little twinge will leap at you and turn itself into a monster. You have to accept how you feel at the moment. BELIEVE what your GP tells you. I know, I had every disease known to man, but began to realise that I hadn't died from any of them, so the fear left me with the symptoms. The throat problem is so common it comes to be expected in nervous illness. You cant 'snap out' of this, it takes time. But you can andWILLrecover, rest assured. Keep posting. jonathan

  • Hello, I feel the exact same symptoms as this and like you said I have literally diagnosed myself with every I'llness in the book. Reading this has give me peace of mind and I can only hope this goes away soon! Thank you for taking the time to comment that much. I will sleep better tonight 

  • Throat (muscle) tension is a common thing when uptight or stressed......my voice used to up an octave...and I would talk quicker.............

    Your "normal".....................love.xx

  • I have the exact same thing! My throat feels like it is about to close up &is the size of a pea. I really fell as if i am being strangled or something which makes it hard to eat. I haven't found anything that helps this particular symptom, just take a sip of water and convince yourself as best as possible it is anxiety! Remember you aren't alone, best wishes x

  • Thank you so much everyone!! Louisa...you've hit the nail on the head...it's like my throat is closing up or i'm being strangled. If i REALLY concentrate and relax i can just about make it feel normal....other than that, it's really annoying :-(

    I think i just felt that the doc quickly looked and said, oh, it's nothing to worry about because he knows i have health anxiety. It's just hard not to get scared and worry that they'll miss something because of that. It's not helping that the last 2 days i've had to keep clearing my throat and that was the other throat cancer symptom i read about :-( Will stop googling from now on!!

    Thanks for all your replies xxxx

  • Does anyone have phlegm with these throat feelings I have had it for two years

  • My doctor told me the phlegm is caused by stomach acid reflux which also causes my burning pain in the oesophagus & the lump in the throat too. Horrible. just started on Nexium to try to get rid of it. Anxiety not helping either - vicious circle anyone?

  • Yes! I have been dealing with it for 2 years now too 😣😔 with not much relief from 2 ear nose throat doctors allergy specialist and my normal doc all say allergies and acid reflux

  • Please know you are not alone. I have felt this before as well. I think it's worse after a big meal but not sure. Also, at night, it helps to prop up on pillows when trying to sleep. I have suffered from panic attacks for years but this is kind of new. As with any anxiety, the more you think about it, the worse it gets. UGH!

  • I am having the same symptoms. This is a new thing for me. I was in the hospital about 5 weeks ago for a severe internal bleed and while there I had a scope done on my throat and stomach. I figured maybe my throat was just sore. Yet, it hasn't gone away. I notice it doesn't really affect my swallowing when eating, but it is so uncomfortable. I don't have a cold or sinus draining at the moment. My doctor suggested anxiety, as my bleed was very traumatic and caused me to not be able to breath temporarily due to such low blood volume. I keep waiting for it to go away. Then, I noticed remarks on here about acid reflux. It could be that, even though I don't have any burning sensation. I have been on a daily dose of prescription omerprazole and famotidine so I don't have high acid levels. I do still have liquid that comes to the top of my throat due to a small haital hernia. I've had that for years so I'm still not sure what is causing this new symptom of my throat constricting. I guess I will make an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor. best to be sure instead of diagnosing myself.

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