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Can anxiety be cause bye your hornmones


A lost a baby 9 weeks ago and my anxiety has came back witch a think am going to die all time its like my times up any min off day find it hard to sleep and get out bed next day to do it all over again am walking about and a fell like am in a world off my ouwn body feels suffer cated like being sucked in fell light headed head feels heavy a get cold all way througth my body a shaky yhen get anxcus because a think am just going to die any min off day a had this with my other 2 kids witch one was 8 years ago then 2 years ago tryed medication it makes me worse so teying to help my self any help watt to try do

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So sorry to hear this. Please see a doctor asap for help. I'm also wondering about post natal depression?

Yes a have seen the doctor sending me to anxiety classes


What an awful experience for you to go through and yes hormones can make your anxiety worse as well as dealing with what you have just been through

You really need to be talking with your Doctor , a full blood count to make sure you are not low in iron as well as testing other things would be good to get checked and they can also do the levels of your hormones with the blood test if you ask and you can see if what has happened has thrown them out a little bit just by this blood test and I would be asking to have them all checked if it was me

Medication does not always suite everyone , even though sometimes we do have to persevere but a lot of the time because we are anxious to start with the way the meds can make us feel while we are adapting to them for several weeks even months scares us so much it can put us of but there is therapy you can look at , again I would ask my Doctor to be referred , it would be really helpful :-)

I hope you have a loving supportive family around you and if you have someone you can talk to let them know how you are feeling , they may not understand and that is where you have this Community to post for understanding but they can give you a hug and I think you need a lot of TLC at this moment in your life :-)

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

Yeh am geting my hgc cheeked every week thay are at 85 just now back to morrow to get cheeked again just with the thought off dying would go away wonder if anyone else have this felling our thougth about dying all time

I think you sound like you have health anxiety and with what has just happened to you it has magnified it even more and yes people with HA do feel they are going to die all the time because that is how the anxiety keeps a hold of them by feeding the fear but with some therapy helping to reverse the mind in how it thinks would really help and slowly if you put the work in it would get better :-) x

Thanks just horrible why it makes u think your going to die all time a y min off day a play with the kids and am like watt if this is last time thay see me and play so horrible and scary trying to take my mind off it

I understand , I used to be just the same and wasted so many years with the same fears stopping me enjoying these precious moments watching the kids grow up and back when I was suffering there was no help or support like now so please ask for it because I can reassure you all day and it will help for a short while that nothing bad is going to happen to you but until we learn how to reverse these thoughts they will always keep coming back

Try and distract yourself as much as you can , when the thoughts pop in sing to yourself to drown them out , tell yourself I know you are anxiety tormenting me and nothing else , you may not believe it to start with but the more you give the thoughts rejection then they will slowly get fed up and not be so powerful :-) x

Thank u very mutch will give it a try lol just hope it passes soon

Try not to force it to much to pass quickly this can create more anxiety but accepting it for what it is can be a good way to deal with it ....Small steps at a time , be patient with yourself :-) x

Definitely I was on birth control and since coming off it iv had bad anxiety and crying and depression I'm having a hormone profile and I'm gonna start taking the tablets again I know they aren't healthy but better than tbis

Hello there ! Ive been what youve been threw i lost my baby in may😕 my anxiety was super bad a friend of mine told me to drink ginger tea it really helps ... me a i heard guva too ... keep strong i know how hard it is to loose a bby i still cry about until this day i have 2 beautiful kids ans the 3rd one didnt make it sad i wish it never happend but keep strong tho and im sorry for your lost godbless

Thanks yeh its relky hard

We update my hcg ats 7 well chuffed but still got the fear that am going to die am that tired am scared to sleep hope passes soon dont no how mutch more a can take

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