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How to over come the fear that your not going to die


Hi just wondering watt pepole try to do u get the fear away that your not going to die its on my mind 24/7 sometimes a dont like being around pepole and going out sometimes a walk about and its on my mind no matter watt a try have had diffret kind off medication makes me worse docptors saud it will pass as a done it 2 years ago any help watt to do i have axepted the fear but still there

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Do you really mean a fear that you are going to live forever (not going to die)?

The fear that am going to die any min off the day

I feel the same. But what we need to focus on is being brave and finding peace with our fear of death. I am no one though...I suffer badly. But I do know I want to learn to be brave about it and find peace and acceptance.

Ano we are all going to die but am only 28 have 3 kids doctors said am perfect healthy just hard to belive

Why is hard to believe? It's very rare to die at your age and it sounds like you're in good health.

The things to try are distractions, mindfullness, tasks, working, computer cbt (Google mood gym or living life to the full) and the rubber band on the wrist thing

Ano a dont no thats the symptoms a have scared to sleep in case a die in my sleep so scary

Hi Maggie-cassidy1988, I think everyone has this thought, the fear of death from time to time but when it becomes obsessive 24/7, you need to find ways to replace it. You have the perfect opportunity while being only 28 and having 3 beautiful children. I would suggest you put your energy into your children. Get more involved with their lives. Do things together, don't look at the clock watching time go by. Instead fill your life, each day, with something special to look forward to. Find a hobby that you might enjoy doing during the quiet times. Keep your mind busy and your body active. Know that you are not alone. We are all in this together. The person who's afraid of dying, never learns to live. My best to you. x

Stay_strong85 in reply to Agora1

You said it. Yes, I hear ya. 😧And thats my problem Agora...I am NOT living! Tired of it. I feel like I am wasting my life away on constant fear and worry. I am doing my best to fight it and i am doing wayyyy better than a couple months ago, but it is still there. Lol, some of my family says they think I am highly sensitive or psychic and I am feeling everyone else's energy and feelings. Lol, of course I don't believe it, but man what the heck is going on?? If blood work says I am healthy, why can't my brain take it in??

Agora1 in reply to Stay_strong85

Stay_strong85, one day something will click in your way of thinking. Things will then start to turn around for you as they did for me. After all, how much attention and interest can we give this anxiety bully? I knew at that moment I was no longer going to drift through each day. Again with another book I read called "The Dash". It moves me just thinking about it. On our grave stones there will be 2 dates, the year we were born and the year we died.

The most important part of that is the "Dash" , it's what we did with our lives. I didn't want my dash to mean that I wasted my life worrying and fearing each and every day. I wanted to know that I did my best to live a fulfilling lifetime. Take care.

I am going throught the same it happened when i got my first panic attack i am coping better by just talking to myself positively i suggest you try it, it isn't easy though but you have to try it is all mental and you have to get yourself together, i am 26 about to turn 27 we need to fight through this disorder stay strong man and try to minimize negative thoughts

Thanks for replys just hard but will get there a go in to bed and think watts to morrow going to bring find it hard to try do stuff but am geting there hope yous are ok x

You are welcome, yes just start planting positive thoughts in your head and do the breathing techniques and excercise

Hi, I had my first massive panic attack while driving at the age of 18. I learned to cope and finally a year later I was over it. I lived a happy normal life then BOOM! It hit again in my early 20's, lasted a year or so then gone. I was brave and strong and happy for the next years. I am now 31, at the age of 30, it hit hard, heavy and like no other...been struggling ever since. Worst as it has ever been. I am still fighting the good fight, but man I wish it would just stop. Best of luck to you all on this journey. Let's keep the hope.

That has helped me also pray, go for walks clean and talk positive things am going to start reading books again and working out

Thanks its like am going to die any min off the day scary

Praying helps a ton, and hearing the story of Job in the bible gives me hope.

Thanks a fell a bite better but still panicky just trying to let it be there and get on with life but then am like can i will a be ok will a get back to my self then am like waite a min am just going to die right now

Yeah I know how that goes. Don't worry, it will pass. ☺

Hi, honestly I put my trust in God. I see it this way...wether I die young or old, it isn't in my control. Yes I can eat healthy and exercise to try and stay healthy, but ultimately its not in my hands when I die. I do struggle a lot with fear though and tons of scary physical symptoms, I have panic and anxiety disorder quite badly, but on the worst of days, I simply look to God. I keep calm, fear right at my shoulder of course, but I keep calm and I breathe and I brave it out. I recently watched City of Angels, the movie. It brought me some peace and strangely helped me feel faith in our doctors, our angels, and God. Look I don't know what your beliefs are, I respect anyone's beliefs, but if you can, I say pray and look to God and Jesus. It can't hurt to speak to them. Some things are real wether we believe in them or not...give it a try. Read the book of Job in the bible, it is a great story. I listened to it on youtube, Book of Job NLT Audio Bible. I hope some of what is helping me can help you. 😚😇🤗

You can always just accept it. Easiest way I can think of and more relieving than trying to ignore it. Everyone eventually dies so its like a part of life you have no control of (unless its the year 2112 and scientists have figured a way to cheat death by making us immortal). I don't think its necessarily bad to fear death, but letting the fear control you is another thing in itself. I guess the only real reason to fear death is if you have a lot of regrets that have not been amended. Just stay positive and let death be one less thing to worry about (besides its way to early to think about that when you're so young). Whenever you think about death, just shrug the thought away and move on.

Well said. ☺

Agora1 in reply to Ohitzidris

Beautifully said Ohitzidris....

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