Bad amxiety about dying

Hi a have been suffering anxiey bad get the shakes body feels week feels like its changed sick and eat as being sick after it scared to sleep in case a die ma minds telling me that am going to die any min and a panick a get sore heads hate geting up in moring as a need to do it all over again any help watt to do have been to docs so many times to be told its just my anxiety put me on dirrfent tablest witch are not helping current on mirtazipne 15mg at nyt when a get the feeling about dying it feels rell n its going to happen any min is this normal to fell


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  • Lots of people feel this way.

    Are you doing anything to help yourself?

  • Nope pary from trying not to think about it as bad

  • Do you keep yourself busy during the day?

  • Yeh a run after ma 3 kids but a we all have a viro infection so not feeling to gd

  • You need to try to do things for yourself as well as your kids. Get a hobby or something to take your mind off it all.

  • Thanks am that scared it fells so real that am going to die any min off fay scared to sleep in caae a die is this all anxietu also everything looks weird n a feel werid n starange like am bodys weak n have no anagery to do anything legs feel like jelly is this all anxeity

  • I used to get same feelings and it was anxiety.

  • Thanks a fell ok but scared hard to describle did u get scared geting up next day and scared to face ppl n do stuff

  • I used to but I'm OK now.

  • How do u cope with it if u dont mind me asking

  • Kept myself busy, doing stuff, learning stuff, filled my head with new things, didn't give myself time for anxiety to creep in. I exercised a lot too and changed my diet.

  • Thanks just scary a fell ok but shatterd n scared to sleep mind telling me diffrent

  • It's OK. Chat anytime.

  • I hate you are feeling this way. It is such a horrible feeling. I felt this way too and having kids just makes it worse because you want so badly to be enjoying them but inside you are just trying to survive. If all you can do today is breath. Then that is a victory. I myself am very hard on myself. I needed to give myself the license to be, "just ok" in the moment. It is hard to do and your mind can feel so flooded and overwhelmed with thoughts. Please keep posting. Let us know how you are doing.

  • Thanks a fell bite ok just now shatterd buy scated to sleep is that normal with anxiety

  • Maggie, you are NOT going to die, I tell you, well not until you're an old lady of 95, let me explain why you have these bad feelings that make you think you're going to die any minute. It's quite normal to not want to die but when we suffer from high anxiety everything gets magnified ten times, so the normal wish to avoid dying becomes a huge fear, even an obsession and we stress about it again and again.

    That's what's happened to you, the normal reluctance to die has been magnified into an obsession by your anxiety. But I repeat: you're NOT going to die so cease your worry, accept the strange ideas without fear when they come and I assure you your fears will pass.

  • Thank u very mutch a fell a sleep now a fell worse hope fell better soo

  • Is it normal to be tired all time n whant to sleep still fell spaced out ma head

  • Yes, Maggie, feeling tired all the time is a very common symptom of high anxiety, hardly anyone hasn't felt it. All the stress and worry about dying are exhausting to your nervous system but always remember: this is your nerves playing tricks on you, nothing more, anxiety isn't life threatening and when eventually you overcome the fear that you are bombarding your nervous system with your mind and body will become calm once more.

  • Thanks a just keep panicking the dying seams so ral and scary to me a fell like running ro hospital to just be told that am ok am that scared to die and leve ma family

  • Is it normal to be scared off geti g better our am a just been silly

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