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Can anxiety really have such a physical affect


I'm a 25 year old male suffered a brain haemorrhage about 2 years back after the physical recover I was fine back to my old self but then slowly I started feeling worse and worse dizzy spaced out started off coming and going went back to the hospital had scan after scan told me all was fine but I started getting it more and more and having regular panic attacks now it's at the point in I'm an almost constant state of fight or flight feel like I'm living my life with a gun to my head and any second I'm about to die a painful death I think constantly about heart attacks apendasitis kidney stones cancer all the things no one want she to happen doctors said I'm suffering with anxiety but they are not doing anything to help just keep telling me to see the wellbeing service for some support but they are impossible to get an appointment with I just want to know can anxiety really have such a physical affect on your body actual pain blurred vision ringing ears loosing sooo much weight

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Yes anxiety can make you feel very unwell. It makes you worry about the slightest thing and it can make feel very ill.

It's not an easy thing to control but it can be done and lots of people on here will try to help and give you advice.

Are you saying your symptoms started with your brain problem... Or after it was taking care of.... If after I've dealt with the dizzy feeling your speaking of and it's anxiety believe it or not, I've dealt for years w it... It can't harm you but it feels like it

Started after I'd feel a little dizzy then my brain would run away with it self before I know it I'd be rushing to hospital in a panic

Hey there :)

I have been suffering with anxiety including health related anxiety for around 3 years now. I recently found my self light headed and was convinced I had a brain tumour..I found out later It was just an ear infection. But any little pain I had I was convinced it was the worst case scenario.

If I get aches around my chest which has been identified by doctors as indegestion, I suddenly am convinced I'm about to have a heart attack and I get a panic attack.

Anxiety it's self can cause physical symptoms as your body is going into a state of fight or flight and is preparing for what it thinks is going to be a dangerous battle (even though the danger is not real and is a false alarm) Your heart will pump faster and many other things will happen.

On top of that the anxiety can make your hyper aware of your body and it can make what would useally be a minor issue feel as though it is a major problem. I would highly recommend reading and reasurching into the physical effects of anxiety. It can give you a greater understanding and help you understand yourself better and what is physicaly happening during panic attacks and moments of anxiety and how to break the adrenaline response.

I completely understand where your comming from and it is very often the case for me personally that regardless of how much I've been reassured and how much I've reasurched in moments of panic I can't see past the thought that I'm going to die but once it's over I can see how it was very dramatic of me to have believed I was dying. And it's annoying because when I went to A and E with chest pain they said that they "think I'm having a wobble". And I get that but what if it was not anxiety and was a heart issue. AGGGRRR.

However if all of your test results have come back good then take comfort in that.

Have a look at this link all about health anxiety this website also has a tone of info and guidance:

This website touches Base on adrenaline and the flight or fight response and physical symptoms during anxiety:

Check them out and keep in contact with us all.

Connortyu7 in reply to frayer

It's nice to hear I'm not alone in this thank you I can't believe anxiety can havbe such a huge affect

9 Videos To Watch To Calm An Anxiety Attack

Many of these people suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, which can be scary, frightening and debilitating. I am not a medical doctor. These videos are not medicine or therapy or magic solutions.

If you need more support, having a psychologist iwith a particular interest in anxiety/panic attacks, work through the attack from start to finish is a good thing (I was impressed by how easy it was to bring on an attack and what to do while it was happening - a scary good experience)

Hi Connortyu7, I'm truly sorry you suffered a brain hemorrhage at 23 years old. For whatever reason, whether an accident or a physical issue it was a traumatic event that has left it's imprint on your mind. It is common for anxiety to take the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder long after the event. Even though you have healed physically, your mind has not. I believe what happens is that we then tend to worry about every bodily pain and symptom that we never even gave a second thought to at one time.

All the symptoms and thoughts you are experiencing are coming from severe Health Anxiety. You basically don't even trust your own body any more.. It failed you once, the what if comes into play in that "what if" it throws another traumatic event your way.

You need more than "some" support. You need professional therapy with someone who handles PTSD/Anxiety. It could make a big difference for you to lay out your fears to someone who will work in reducing the constant fight or flight feeling and worries and get your life back on track.

I wish you well Connortyu7, you've been through a lot but you made it. Now it's time to address the emotional issues you are experiencing. x

Connortyu7 in reply to Agora1

You hit the nail right on the head I don't trust my body at all Iv lost all my confidence in my self Iv been trying to get help but my go keeps telling me to speak to the wellbeing service but there impossible to get threw to

So sorry, I have the dizzy/off balance feeling as well, it's the main part of my anxiety I struggle with (health anxiety) and I'm sorry you're struggling as well.

Anxiety does have a strong physical affect.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you have a brain hemorrhage so young?

Connortyu7 in reply to Leopard45

I did a lot of boxing and Muay Thai I was training for a fight and really over did it took one to many big hits

Hi I'm sorry to hear that. You have been through a lot. Anxiety is a horrible thing to suffer from. It can really take a hold on your life. I'm a social anxiety sufferer myself.

Connortyu7 in reply to Lucyf97

Hiya I'm sorry to hear that I'm not normally to bad with social situations I'm just convinced I'm dying all the time I hope you feel better

Thankyou. Yeh it's been something I've suffered with all my life. That must be really hard to deal with. You have been through a lot. Having a brain haemorrhage must have been really scary. I guess it would be expected to have such an impact on you like that

My anxiety is so bad like literally it has affected my throat to post nasal drip to eczema (thank god that has gone away) but i have has out the blue a lot and sometimes i will eat for a few days like i normally do and then will be so worked up i will feel the nervous feeling or butterfly feeling and boom i get goosebumps and can’t eat and start worrying i will literally be sitting in a room full of people and in my own head say....STOP OVERTHINKING STOP OVERTHINKING HAVE A GOOD TIME lol it’s terrible any one else ?!!!! And constipation every now and then and head pressure like crazy to the point i will take benedryl just to soothe or Advil does anyone understand if not that’s gonna make me freak out even more ugh !!

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